Steger Police Department

  • Agency: Steger Police Department
  • Address: 35 W 34th St, Steger, 60475 IL
  • Chief: Richard L Stultz (Chief of Police)
Phone: 708-672-1564
Fax: 708-755-4977

Steger Police Department is located at 35 W 34th St, Steger, 60475 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Richard L Stultz. The Steger Police Department phone number is 708-672-1564.

Steger Police Department News

From the Illinois State Police

The Steger Police Department would like to express our deepest sorrow over this mornings horrific traffic crash in Rochester, IN. This would have been avoided by following traffic laws. Three children from the same family were killed and a fourth child was seriously injured Tuesday morning when they were struck by a pickup truck as they were about to board a school bus, police said. Identical twin 6-year-old brothers and their 9-year-old sister were killed in the incident on a rural road in Indiana, said Sgt. Tony Slocum, the public information officer for the Indiana State Police. An 11-year-old boy also suffered multiple broken bones, said Slocum. It is imperative to reiterate School Bus Safety. Remember to always use caution near a school bus, and NEVER pass a school bus with its stop arm activated. Source: Illinois State Board of Education

The Steger Police Department often receives questions about Sex Offenders and the rules they must follow. We refer anyone to the IL State Police Sex Offender Website and their Frequently Asked Questions Section.

Halloween is just days away, which means children will be going door to door asking for candy. But do you really know who the stranger is behind the door your child is knocking on? Although many law enforcement agencies encourage registered sex offenders to leave their lights off and not decorate for the popular holiday, no certainties that they will listen. Illinois and Steger specifically has a number of registered sex offenders and sex predators who were convicted of sex crimes in its statewide database. Sex offenders are required to register their permanent address with law enforcement. You can access this data base by clicking on this link; All parents should be aware of where any registered sex offenders might be in their neighborhood, or where their children plan on trick-or-treating. The Steger Police Department encourages a safe and happy Halloween, please follow the below safety tips.

Another Officer Brian Smith Video. Officers were recently recognized for assistance in a Home Invasion. Great work by all the officers.

Come on out to St. Liborius this Thursday for Trunk or Treat.

The south suburbs have seen an increase in car thefts. With the cold weather arriving you may wish to start your car to warm it. You may want to leave the car running while you run into the 7-11 or gas station for "just a second." Both of these are bad ideas. Leaving your vehicle running while unattended is an invitation for a thief to take your vehicle. If your vehicle is not equiped with a remote start do not start your car and leave the keys in the vehicle. Also, if your vehicle has a keyless fob (push button start) your vehicle can be driven away if you leave it running and take the fob into the store. Your car will be operatable until it gets shut off.

Steger PD Active Shooter Training Video by Officer Brian Smith.

Here is a video of the new building created by Officer Brian Smith. Hope everyone enjoys it.

In regards to the incident on 10/15/2018 in the area of Park and McKinley: On 10/15/2018 the Steger Police Department responded to a disturbance, near a school bus stop, at Park Ave. and McKinley Ave. The disturbance was between several high school age students. Reports were received saying shots were fired. Officers investigated the incident and found no evidence in the area showing shots were fired. No independent witnesses approached the officers to give statements or information regarding shots fired. The Steger Police Department notified the proper schools of the incident. Officers will continue to provide extra watches in the area.

***COMMUNITY ALERT*** On 10/09/2018 at approximately 3:00 PM, Steger Police responded to the 3000 block of Wallace Avenue for a theft of money. Upon arrival, Officers learned a male Hispanic approximately 5’09” with a slim build and no facial hair posed as a lawn maintenance worker advising a homeowner he was there to replace the gutters on the residence. The male Hispanic identified himself as a worker for the lawn maintenance company, which the homeowner currently uses. After letting the male Hispanic into the residence he requested a bucket of water to begin cleaning the area around the gutters. Once the homeowner walked into a different room, the male Hispanic searched multiple rooms of the residence and subsequently stole a large amount of cash from the residence. It is unknown what make and model vehicle was used to transport the male Hispanic. This is a reminder to please be cautious of who you allow into your home, as well as, who any elderly family members have maintenance contracts with or are allowing into their homes. We understand some living situations are difficult and we can help by providing extra patrol if a family member or individual needs assistance. For more information, please visit the Steger Police Department at 35 W 34th Street. Any solicitor in the Village of Steger is required to obtain a solicitors permit from the Steger Police Department. The solicitor permit must be worn around the neck and visible to homeowners. If anyone solicits any services to your door and is not properly wearing a solicitor’s permit please contact the police department.

Regarding the Shots Fired Incident on 9/25/2018 PRESS RELEASE On Tuesday September 25, 2018 at approximately 8:45 pm the Steger Police Department responded to a report of shots fired in the area of the 3700 block of Emerald Avenue. Responding Officers discovered several shell casings in the roadway and on one of the lawns in the area. While investigating the scene Officers learned, from the Chicago Heights Police Department, a vehicle occupied by two male subjects at Chicago Road and Route 30 in the Chicago Heights Park District parking lot stated they had been shot and it occurred in Steger. The two male victims were transported to St. James Franciscan Hospital in Olympia Fields with non-life threatening gunshot wounds. The initial investigation indicates the two victims were at a gas station in Steger when they were approached by a male black subject, asking if they wanted to buy drugs. The two victims agreed to purchase the drugs and followed the subject to the 3700 block of Emerald Avenue where the male black subject pulled a gun on them and shot them as they fled the location. This incident appears to be targeted at a specific target and there is no immediate threat to the community as the suspect is in police custody. This incident is being actively investigated. Anyone with information can contact the Steger Police Department at 708-755-0223.

Press Release 9/21/2018. To clarify: The home was not broken into. The homeowner was inside as Sgt. Ruff approached. The homeowner opened the screen door, from the inside, and the dog ran out.

Quick message from the Addison Police Department.

On 08/24/2018 at approximately 0235 hours, Steger Police Department observed a male subject in the area of Craig Court and Ashland Avenue with large bulges in the pockets of his pants. The male was stopped and subsequently arrested for burglary from motor vehicle. A search of the subject’s person yielded several items. Can you positively identify any of these items as yours?

Attention Motorists!!! Crossing Guards need your help to keep kids safe! School District 194 kids start school Friday, August 24th! There are many kids in Steger School District, please be mindful that a number of these kids will be walking to school or using crosswalks. Not all areas have sidewalks, so kids may be walking along the side of the road. Therefore it is critically important that motorists are alert and driving cautiously. Driver's must obey the posted speed limits (School Zones 20 MPH), making complete stops at stop signs and yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks. The School Zones in Steger are: - Steger Road (34th Street) between Green Street and Emerald Avenue - Steger Road (34th Street) between Butler Avenue and Loverock Avenue - Richton Road between Sangamon Street and Emerald Avenue - Chicago Road between 30th and the 3300 block of Chicago Road in South Chicago Heights. ALSO it is illegal to use your cell phone in any capacity (hands free or any other way) while driving in a School Zone. Steger and South Chicago Heights Officers will be closely monitoring School Zones for speeders and distracted driving. Officers are taking a Zero Tolerance approach to enforcement for the protection of all kids who will be making their way to and from school. So let's work together with the crossing guards and police departments to ensure a safe school year.

Steger Police Association will have the dunk tank on Saturday 8/11/18. Come on out and join us.

Due to the weather the National Night Out is cancelled tonight. We will reschedule the activities to Saturday August 11th, 2018 after the parade. We will include the activities during the First Responder Fest at Veteran’s Park. Also come out and try your hand at dunking some of Steger’s Officers, who will be working the dunk tank. We will be there from 4pm to 8pm.

We oftentimes get asked about Registered Sex Offenders living in the area. Many want to know where to look to find who is in their area. We refer people to go onto the Illinois State Police Sex Offender Registration website to check. The State Police are charged with maintaining the lists and updating the website. If a new Sex Offender registers with Department, we notify the State Police Sex Offender Unit and send them the paperwork. Please feel free to check the website. You may enter a zip code in the search to see all Sex Offenders registered to that area.