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  • Address: 203 South Jefferson St., Robinson, 62454 IL
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Phone: 618-546-1515
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Crawford County Sheriff's Office is located at 203 South Jefferson St., Robinson, 62454 IL. The Crawford County Sheriff's Office phone number is 618-546-1515.

Crawford County Sheriff's Office News

"THIS SUPERINTENDENT BECAME A COP SO SHE COULD CARRY A GUN AT SCHOOL" is what reads in Time Magazine today. Crawford County's Julie Kraemer, Superintendent at Hutsonville Schools, made the Time Magazine online edition for her concern and willingness to step up and do her part to ensure student safety at Hutsonville Schools. Not all communities have the resources to place police officers in the schools. We want to acknowledge that Ms Kraemer is doing her part for which we are thankful. We hope that she is an example for other communities and schools to be even more proactive in school safety. The schools, law enforcement, parents, and all parties involved need to "think outside the box" like this in order to tackle this serious issue.

The Sheriff's Office sends our sympathy to the family of Deputy Lucas Wallace. Friday, Lucas lost his beloved father, Richard Wallace to cancer. Richard Wallace served over three decades as a police officer and Sergeant with the Terre Haute Police Department, until his retirement a few years ago. He touched many lives during his time in this world. Please remember and pray for the Wallace family during this time of grieving.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office congratulates TAKODA WHEELER on being awarded the 2018 Illinois Sheriff’s Association Scholarship! We wish you all the best, Takoda!

The White House honors fallen Law Enforcement Officers tonight. Please join in remembrance of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The Crawford County Sheriff's Office thoughts and prayers go out to the Terre Haute Police Department who have lost a police officer today in the line of duty. If you would, please pray for the family of the officer and the department during this time. This officer gave the ultimate sacrifice. "There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." John 15:13 NLT

Thank you for your many years of service Eric!

We want to give kudos to these three dispatchers, each who have been serving at the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office for 25 years. Their sometimes-thankless job has way more to it than people realize, and they continue to push on. These are the important people behind the scenes who keep things running smooth. Their dedication and experience is valued and much appreciated. Congratulations Lesia Lewis, Todd Seaney, and Tyler Lowrance and thank you for your service.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office would like to set the record straight concerning the recent erroneous reports of taxpayer money being used to buy tablets, internet, cable TV, and E-Cigarettes for the inmates. We stress that these programs DO NOT USE TAX DOLLARS and are paid for by the inmates. Sadly, because this is not something we would normally do, the CCSO feels compelled to respond publicly to the misinformation being locally broadcast. In the interest of complete transparency concerning taxpayer funds, we feel the public needs all the facts, not just the "sound bites". If you would, please take the time to read the following facts. Issue 1: Computer Tablets and inmate access to the internet. The decision to implement this into our facility was carefully decided after research and consultations with other corrections facilities where it is already in place. The pros and cons were considered, and we felt that they would benefit the operation at the jail. The use of tablets brings the jail into the twenty-first century in meeting the requirements and mandates of State of Illinois and Federal Government. By utilizing the tablets, we are able to: - Provide access to a law library for the inmates as required by state law. The law library must be constantly updated to keep up with new statutes and court ruling for the inmates. - The tablets also go towards the federal requirement to become a PREA (prison Rape Elimination Act) complaint facility. The inmates are able to view information on the tablets regarding PREA and even report PREA violations; to protect the inmates from abuse. - The tablets also provide the Illinois Jail Standards as well as a digital copy of the Crawford County Jail and Inmate policy handbook. This not only eliminates the need to provide a paper copy of the handbook to the inmates but also other paper forms and documents. This reduces cost of printing, paper, and ink… for instance it is estimated that our annual paper copy of handbooks issued to inmates were between 45,000 and 50,000 pages. - The tablets provide a grievance process for the inmates as required, one that is more efficient than a paper process, so it can be better tracked and recorded, allowing both sides of the grieving process to be more transparent and accountable. This is often an issue in lawsuits and better protects Crawford County in a frivolous lawsuit. - Finally, the tablets and their use are provided at NO COST to the county. They were provided in an agreement with the vendor to supply 24 tablets to the Crawford County Jail. In return, the inmates may purchase a 24-hour pass for $4.99 or 1 hour for .99. The pass gives the inmates access to some games, digital books, and email that is monitored by the jail. There is NO OUTSIDE access to the internet such as social media or google searches. However, the inmates are allowed to utilize the tablets for the law library, PREA, and other jail documents for free. Essentially, the tablets are paid for by the inmate’s commissary. ISSUE 2: CABLE TV Historically, the jail has had Cable TV for the inmates for many years in a cell called the “recreation room”. The “rec room” was later restructured for additional cells/bedding, to include two isolation and padded cell that were needed. Since then, specially designed TVs were placed into each cellblock providing cable TV. The TVs were purchased by profits from the inmate commissary and so no money was used out of county taxes. The cable programming was provided by an agreement with Mediacom at NO EXTRA COST included with the phone service provided to the jail. ISSUE 3: E-Cigarettes Again, Historically the Crawford County Jail allowed smoking by the inmates for many decades. Eventually the jail became smoke free due to change in the state laws. The previous administration at the Sheriff’s Office implemented the sale of E-Cigs in 2014 to inmates. This was done through the jail commissary for the inmates so that it can be controlled. The profits from E-Cigs were used for purchases at the facility for education, recreation, and other purposes in the jail deemed beneficial to the inmates. The misinformation has implied that the inmates at Crawford County have it too good, or the county is “too accommodating”, that it is an unnecessary burden on the Crawford County tax payer. The truth is the Crawford County Jail is a small facility, with a capacity of almost 50 beds. By some standards, the jail is nearly a maximum-security containment facility. At times the jail is full, with up to four inmates per cell. As you can imagine this can create a stressful environment for the inmates and staff alike. Sometimes the stress can lead to hostility and violence to the inmates and the staff. It does not have a yard for exercise, a library, or even an indoor recreation room. It bodes well for all to provide some amenities to the inmates. By doing so, these can be used to reward good behavior as well as discipline by restricting access. Treating the inmates humanely is best for all involved. These “extras” have been done with MINIMAL cost to Crawford County. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Rutan, and the jail staff are dedicated to operating a facility that exceeds constitutional requirements, Illinois Jail Standards, and houses inmates in a humane, secure, and efficient manner.

In reflection to yesterday's school shooting tragedy in Florida, one which opens up the angry politics regarding the second amendment, a debate that has both sides intensely at odds. Today, WE ARE ALL EQUALLY sickened by this horrible tragedy. The Crawford County Sheriff's Office sends it's thoughts and prayers to the people of Parkland Florida and Broward County. We ask you to pray with us for those affected and for our political leaders to find a solution and the courage to solve this problem.

The Crawford County Sheriff's Office still has some cookbooks left for $15.00. These cookbooks are from the Illinois Sheriff's Association. All the money raised will go toward the Illinois Sheriff's Association Scholarship Fund. Come on by the Sheriff's Office and get a copy before they run out!!

Sgt. Cravens celebrating 20 years with the Crawford County Sheriff's office. It's a wonderful thing when someone dedicates this much time serving the citizens of this community.

Effective today 09/15/2017 there is a county burn ban for all open fires. Please use caution when disposing of cigarettes from moving vehicles.

Thank you to Dee Everingham for painting the flag pole at the courthouse. We really appreciate you donating your time and the paint.

Just a reminder, with spring arriving, so does the increased amount of rain, which increases the chance of fog and flooding. The combination of the two, makes traveling hazardous. We at the Crawford County Sheriff's Office, and all the other public safety entities in the county, want people to be cautious in their travels, and remind everyone to turn on your headlights when it is foggy and raining, and not to drive across water covered roads. Thank you! Have a Safe day!!

The Crawford County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the thefts of two four wheelers from rural Robinson area, North West of Robinson. Both were taken from different buildings the weekend of 01-03-15. Any information on these thefts can be reported to Crime Stoppers at 1-888-596-7867 (stop)

Don't forget to bring the kids by to get some TREATS tonight!!