Hinckley Police Department

  • Agency: Hinckley Police Department
  • Address: 700 James St, Hinckley, 60520 IL
  • Chief: Ed Arroyo (Chief of Police)

Hinckley Police Department is located at 700 James St, Hinckley, 60520 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Ed Arroyo. The Hinckley Police Department phone number is 815-286-7282.

Hinckley Police Department News

Officer Activity for 05-29-18: Solicitor Complaint: 100 block of N. Oak Street. Fireworks complaint: information obtained Solicitor Permit issued. Domestic Dispute: Verbal only, 600 block of James Street. Burglar Alarm: Faulty battery in key pad, 600 Block of E. Lincoln Highway. Mischievous Conduct: Juveniles skateboarding in roadway. 3 Extra Patrols 1 Traffic Stop.

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Officer Activity for 05-26-18 through 05-28-18: Fireworks complaint: several locations throughout the village. Community Contact: Information on roofing company Assist DeKalb County with driving complaint: Rt. 30 & View. DUI arrest: Rt. 30 & Walnut Ordinance Violation: abandoned vehicle, South Sycamore. 15 Traffic Stops 10 Extra Patrols.

Water problem has been fixed, resume normal usage!!!!!

Please advise anyone you know (especially those folks that do not have Code Red, internet, or Facebook) that the village has just put out a NO WATER usage. The well is loosing power, if water is used the well will drain and there will be NO water. This includes flushing toilets, washing dishes, clothes, watering garden. COM ED is on scene hopefully they find and fix the problem soon.

Officer Activity for 05-24-18 thru 05-25-18: School Crossing: Half day Assist Citizen: Questions on parking Ordinance Violation: Inoperable vehicle Traffic Arrest; Suspended/fleeing and Eluding. 10 Extra Patrols 10 Traffic Stops

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Officer Activity for 05-23-18: School Crossing Notary Service Community Contact: middle School School Crossing 5 Traffic Stops 5 Extra Patrols.

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Officer Activity for 05-22-18: School Crossing Suspicious Vehicle: Royal Estates, land owner checking the property. Assist Citizen: Turned in old prescription medication for destruction. School Crossing 911 hang up: 400 block of Miller, Arrest made for misuse of 911. (35 calls) Check well being: 400 block of Prairieview 5 Traffic Stops 5 Extra Patrols.

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Officer Activity for 05-21-18: School Crossing Suspicious Vehicle: Royal Estates, land owner looking at property. Lost/Stolen License plates: Morlalas Car lot, several "Dealer" license plates lost/stolen. School Crosssing Low Wires: 100 Block of Oak Street Civil Matter: 500 block of Mead Lane Assist Fire Department: 100 Block of Garfield, defective fire alarm. 6 Traffic Stops 4 Extra Patrols

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Just a friendly reminder: Somonauk Road bridge South of Route 30 will be closed until August. East Sandwich Road is the detour route.

Officer Activity for 05-17-18 through 05-20-18: School Crossing Community Contact: Fox Valley United Way banquet Business Checks: Liquor license compliance Checks,, All business with Liquor license's were checked. Ordinance Violations for tall grass, everyone complied! Sex Offender registration: Annual registration (325 Watne Street). School Crossing Assist Waterman PD: Physical Domestic Civil Matter: 200 Block of S. Oak Street School Crossing Motorists Assist: Key locked in car, car opened. Down wires: Frontier Notified Debris in Roadway: road cleared. Domestic Battery: 400 block of W. Miller. Assist Waterman PD: Domestic Battery. 8 traffic Stops 15 Extra Patrols.