Avon Police Department

  • Agency: Avon Police Department
  • Address: 102 Clinton St, Avon, 61415 IL
  • Chief: Linden Beard (Chief of Police)
Phone: 309-465-3900
Fax: 309-465-3901

Avon Police Department is located at 102 Clinton St, Avon, 61415 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Linden Beard. The Avon Police Department phone number is 309-465-3900.

Avon Police Department News

***SCAM ALERT*** People are receiving calls from the numbers below. A robotic voice is on the other end claiming that local law enforcement is coming to arrest them. This is a scam. Please ignore these phone calls. We’ve attached a transcript of the voicemail as well.

*******AMBER ALERT********* https://www.google.org/publicalerts/alert?aid=d28f68163410a83f&hl=en&gl=US&source=web

Due to popular demand... Avon PD now has our department patches in stock! If interested in getting a patch, we ask for a $15 per patch donation to the Avon Police Department. You can leave your donation at Village Hall or mail a check to: 102 S Main Street, Avon, Il 61415. If you are not local, please include an additional $2 for shipping. If you have questions, please message the page!

APD is seeking Part-time Officers, details below.

Very good advice from the Washington, Illinois, Police Department!

Draego hanging out with Santa!

Preorders for awesome Draego bracelets!

It would be awesome if you guys could attend!

Great police work over thanksgiving!

RIP Officer Damon Allen

Avon won fourth place!!!! Thank you everyone that voted!