Canton Police Department

  • Agency: Canton Police Department
  • Address: 2 N Main St, Canton, 61520 IL
  • Chief: W Daniel Taylor (Chief of Police)

Canton Police Department is located at 2 N Main St, Canton, 61520 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is W Daniel Taylor. The Canton Police Department phone number is (309) 647-5131.

Canton Police Department News

As many of you are already aware, there was a generic threat of violence posted within the walls of the Canton High School. The Canton Police Department is currently working alongside the Canton School District to ensure the safety of the students attending class at the high school today. Be aware, there will be a heightened police presence in and around the school as a result.

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Emma Descamps was one of a kind and did fantastic work as a telecommunicator. She was a funny, hard working, wonderful person. In honor of Emma, an order has been issued for officers to wear mourning bands across their badges. We at CPD extend our deepest sympathy to Emma's family, friends, and work family at FCSO.

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If the citizens of Canton see their police officers looking a bit more rugged than usual during the month of November, do not be alarmed, it's for a good cause. Canton Police officers, for the first time, are taking part in “No Shave November” to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Officers that made personal monetary donations to the cause have been allowed to keep their razors on the shelf. During November, we will post progress photos of our officers and will also conduct a Facebook poll to determine the best beard at CPD. We challenge our city residents to put down those razors and help us raise cancer awareness this month!

***UPDATE*** All roads are now open to through traffic. ***Public Notice*** Ameren is currently repairing a gas leak at the tracks near West Maple and Hickory Streets. As a result, West Maple has been blocked off at South Avenue D and West Hickory has been blocked off at South Avenue C. Also, County Road 5 (Canton-Cuba Blacktop) has been blocked off near Skateland and Jackson Rd The roads will be opened back up once it is safe to travel through that area.

**Update** North 13th Avenue is now open to all traffic. **Public Notice** City Street crews are patching North 13th Avenue today, and as a result, North 13th Avenue will be closed from Olive to Myrtle Streets until patchwork is completed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at 647-5022.

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***Public Notice*** The City of Canton's Leaf Pick-Up Program will be starting for the 2018 fall season. The schedule goes by garbage route and is as follows: Monday garbage route - November 5-9 Tuesday garbage route - November 12-16 Wednesday route - November 19-23 Thursday route - November 26-30 Friday route - December 3-7 Residents who live on Monday's garbage route will have leaves picked up every day during the week of November 5 through November 9. The following week, crews will cover Tuesday's route but will continue to circle back through Monday's route as well. Crews will continue to circle back through previous routes in an attempt to get all leaves picked up before snow removal becomes necessary. The City asks that residents rake leaves only to the terrace and not out into the street/gutter or blocking sidewalks and that the leaves be free of sticks. Leaves clog the street drains and create flooded streets during fall rains. For those who would like to dispose of leaves before their route is picked up, the City's landscape disposal area, located at the south edge of Canton on Cedar Street, is open daily from dawn until dusk. If you choose to burn your leaves, please remember that the burning ordinance allows burning only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Use common sense to burn on calm days, and never leave a fire unattended at any time. Please call the Public Works Dept. at 647-5022 with any questions.

Shiva was happy to stop by the Graham Hospital Emergency Department to say hello this evening. Can we get some extra votes for Shiva from all of Graham's employees? Keep voting daily in the Aftermath K9 Grant Competition online and on Instagram through November 5th! ‪ #‎Aftermathk9grant‬

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We are a collection site for the DEA Drug take back day tomorrow.

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Munchkin Masquerade

**Public Notice** As a result of city workers exercising valves along the main 24 inch water line running from the Water Plant into Canton, some residents, especially on the east side, may temporarily experience some discolored water. Despite the water’s color, it is still potable and should clear up shortly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the water department at 647-0288.

Saturday, October 27th, is The DEA National Drug Take Back Day. Unused prescription drugs and other medications often find their way into the wrong hands. Use this day to clean expired and unused medications out of your cabinets and bring them to the PD for proper disposal. We also use this day to remind everyone that we provide a drop box in the lobby of the PD that is available to the public 24/7. For more information about this initiative, please visit

***SCAM ALERT*** The police department has received several reports of an email/wire fraud scam. Please be wary of any emails that give you wire transfer instructions, especially if you are in the process of buying or selling a home. If you receive such an email, call your bank, lawyer or realtor to verify that they sent the email. Also, double check the recipient info, the grammar, and spelling of the email you received. Also, change your passwords regularly to help secure your information.

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