Morris Police Department

  • Agency: Morris Police Department
  • Address: 200 E. Chapin S, Morris, 60450 IL
  • Chief: Brent Dite (Chief of Police)
Phone: (815) 942-2131
Fax: (815) 942-2853

Morris Police Department is located at 200 E. Chapin S, Morris, 60450 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Brent Dite. The Morris Police Department phone number is (815) 942-2131.

Morris Police Department News

One of the things we enjoy about Facebook is the opportunity to get to know each other. We try to put ourselves out there (the good, the bad, and the ugly) so that you know our faces and maybe remember our names. In return, we get a chance to know you your comments, the photos you send us, getting to meet you during #cornfestselfies, etc. Our Anniversary posts will be wrapping up next month, so we're starting a new get-to-know-each-other series we refer to as the "Hat Series". As you saw in the anniversary posts, just like you, we all come from different backgrounds. So we want to acknowledge the various places, schools, programs, or branches of the military that prepared us for our careers. If you see your Alma Mater posted, please feel free to comment! We'll start with a little #redbirdpride! Chief of Police John Severson ('00) and our last 3 hires-Officer Justin Martin ('17), Officer Mike Bober ('92), and Officer Dakota Collofello ('17) are all graduates of Illinois State University!

The Morris Police Department is investigating two separate pick pocket Thefts which occurred at Walmart. The first took place on 09-27-18 and the second on 10-20-18. In both incidents the suspects entered the store and the male distracted the victim while her purse was in the top of the cart. While distracted the female (pictured below) took the wallet and both suspects quickly left the area but not the store as the female attempted to use the freshly stolen credit cards at a self check out. Peru and Shorewood have experienced similar Thefts recently with the same female and vehicle. If anyone can identify the suspects or the vehicle please contact Det. Paul Burke at (815) 942-1158

Here’s a great opportunity to show your support!

Gingers are well represented in our department and include Sgt. Werden, Sgt. Wiechen, Officer Zumbahlen, Administrative Assistant Sheri Simms, and Katie Cravens at the Front Desk. Yeah, that is 5 in a staff of 30. According to Wikipedia, only 1-2% of the population are natural red heads! Officer Bober has been with us almost a year now, but we only knew him as bald (see photo #1). Imagine our surprise when we were recently made aware of this gem of a photo taken early in his career with the Chicago Police Department (photo #2). Yep, he's a ginger too! So now our magic ginger number is 6! #ourunicorns #gingercops #gingerinvasion

SCAM ALERT! Here is a new one! Yesterday we received a report from a Morris resident, who we'll call Alice. Luckily Alice was smart and is not out any money, but fortunately she did save part of the conversation to share with us. Alice received a text message from Busch Beer Company. It said they would pay her $500 to put a Busch Beer decal on her car. She clicked on the link as she was initially interested, and they said they would be sending her a check. They advised the check would cover her $500 payment, but also include the money she would need to pay the installer for the decal (car wrap) when he came to her house to install it. Then the conversation went like this: (Note- All grammar mistakes/typos are theirs.) Scammer-Good Alice. I Hope you're fine today? This is Fred Howard the Busch Beer Hiring Manager. I believe you got my email regarding the payment. The check will be delivered to you on this tracking number 9470010699320035415241 today. Please be on the look out for it and keep me posted when you receive the check. This is my number, you can save it and as well reach me here. Thanks so much for your time and kindness. Alice-I got your email and I got the check today. Scammer-Alright thanks for your update. The check is for the amount of $1,750. As soon as you got the check you are to proceed and deposit the payment with your bank or via your mobile App depending on your choice and time which will be available immediately or between 24 hr depending on your bank policy. deduct your first week payment which is $500 from the money and also extra $50 for your gas. You're to keep me posted when you deposit the check for further instruction. Thanks for your time. Scammer-Hi Alice. I was wondering if you got my text. I will appreciate if you can get back to me. Thanks. Alice-I got it. Scammer-Okay good have you deposited the check? Alice-Not yet Scammer-How soon can you deposit the check so we can proceed from there Scammer-Good morning Alice. I hope you're fine today? I really appreciate your kindness and transparency so far and I will also like to know when you'll get the check deposit today so the fund can be available for withdrawal then we can proceed from there Alice-I'm busy today so I won't be able to get to the bank until tomorrow Scammer-Okay I understand yourself slight and I will not like to interrupt with your schedule I will be waiting to hear back from you as soon as you deposit the check and have the money with you so we can schedule the time decal agent will come and install the wrap on your car Scammer-Hello Alice. How are you today? I will like to know if you've deposited the check and ensure you keep me posted about the progress of the transaction Alice-I'm curious why you don't pay the decal company directly...and what is the name of the decal company? I'm not comfortable cashing a check with an over payment. I don't want to be liable for what the decal company does. Scammer-Sorry about that due to the decals agent work he do travel from one place to another and because of the trust I have in you that was why the management included his fee on your check because I belieef you can handle the transaction for me. The coy name is Busch Beer Coy. Alice ended the conversation here and reported the incident to us. While they so far have claimed the extra money would go to the decal installer when he arrived at her residence, we're sure they would have changed their tune once the check was cashed and asked her to send it to them. Two red major red flags: -Alice was completely intuitive in being uncomfortable with the overpayment. NO LEGITIMATE offer will do this overpayment thing. -Like all the others, notice the terrible grammar/English. How they hoped this would work: The check is fake. Alice deposits the check in her account. She withdrawals the money to pay the installer and sends it to them. Then the bank discovers it is a bad check and Alice owes the bank $1,750. (The actual check used in this scam is posted below).

The K-9 squads have a partition between the front and back seat. The partition has a door in it that gives the officer the option of having the K-9 secured in the back seat or allowing him access to the front. Officer Tourlakes often leaves the door open when he is out of the car. He knew K-9 Talon was getting in the front seat when he got out of the car, but he could not get a picture of it because as soon as Talon sees Officer Tourlakes, he scurries to the back seat. However, we recently learned that any other officer can approach the car and Talon will maintain his position of authority in the driver's seat. So Officer Mitchell was able to catch this photo and Sgt. Newton caught the cover photo. #territorial #imthebossuntiltourlakesgetsback #donttouchmyride #youdriveimgoingtonapinback

Good morning from K-9 Niko and his tennis ball.

Just a reminder, the 100 block of E. Washington Street will be closed this afternoon from approximately 4 pm-7 pm for the Jahns' event.

So in light of recent events, there has been a lot of talk about passing school buses. Everyone's priority and hope is to keep children safe and seems like people are trying to educate themself on the rules for passing school buses. Yesterday, Sgt. Werden met with Morris Community Schools' bus drivers and administration at Saratoga School District 60C to share ideas and strategies to improve student safety. The drivers actually provided us with these charts. Many graphics are floating around regarding this issue, but some are not specific to Illinois law. These are the best we can find to explain the law in Illinois. Please take the time to read it. They will help you feel more confident when you come upon a bus and help us keep the kids safe.

9 year old Aubrie Walker went straight to the top! She not only dressed as an officer, she went as the Police Chief! Her mom says she plans to be a cop when she is older. She loves spreading kindness, and plans to use her good to help others...and to fight off crime. #futuremorrispolice

We are happy to report their were no significant Halloween related incidents last night! It must be because Officer Edgar was on patrol! Thank you Nancy Delgado Serna for sharing! #futuremorrispolice

Meet our new trainer, Officer Jacob Oliver Harris Ollie! Apparently we need to work out a little more...#futuremorrispolice

Our Administrative Assistant, Sheri Simms, was at Greenhorn Saloon & Eatery last night and ran into 7 year old Officer Reese Scott. Luckily there was no disturbance, Officer Scott was on her dinner break. #futuremorrispolice

She got the look...right down to the sunglasses! Shawn Beaudoin shared this photo of her 7 year old granddaughter, Olivia. Oliva was 4 when this photo was taken, but Shawn says she has always loved the police! #futuremorrispolice

Breanna Bunzel introduced us to this crime fighting duo-Deputy Jayden and Officer Kenzi! They even made their first traffic stop last night!

Lauren Bell send us this photo and said, "Officer Maximus Mylo Kruger reporting for duty!" He wears that uniform well! #futuremorrispolice

We fully admit we're a little partial to kids in police Halloween costumes! Here are some of Morris' finest! Meet Officer Camryn Schoonover. She not only got the costume, she went out and found herself a partner, K-9, and squad car...nice! She is pictured below with Officer Tourlakes. #futuremorrispolice

The Morris Police Department is currently investigating a Battery which occurred on 10/21/18 at approximately 2:00 a.m. in the 300 block of Division St. The suspect was described as a male black in his mid 20's to late 30's with short hair. The pictures below are of a vehicle which may be associated and the unidentified suspect. If anyone can identify either pictured below or has information regarding this case please contact Det. Paul Burke at (815) 942-1158.

About a month ago, Sgt. Werden was #stickerhappy and made several random stops while on patrol. When he saw kids out playing, he gave them badge stickers. Chase Peterson was one of those kids! (We just came across the picture). Smiles like that are the best part of this job! #everyonelovesasticker

As you prepare your goblins for the big night, here are some great safety tips. If your kids are dressing up as police officers, we'd love to share their pictures! Message them to us or tag us and we'll use them on our page!

***Update: Yes, Zeus is home! Thanks for your help!*** This male Border Collie was just picked up in the 1200 block of Fremont Avenue. Officer Mitchell had a hard time getting him out of the squad car (most people fight to get out of the back seat!). If you know where he belongs, please call 815-942-2131.

This special event will be held on the courthouse lawn on Friday, November 2, 2018 from 4:30-6:30 pm (details below). Please note, the 100 block of E. Washington Street (north side of the courthouse) will be closed during the ceremony.

Brittany Waldron sent us this photo of Reid. He's only 3 years old, but already has his priorities straight...he wanted to be a police officer for Halloween! Look at the charm on that face, he'll be able to talk his way through everything! #futurempd If your kids (or parents for that matter) are dressing up in police gear for Halloween, we'd love to share their pictures. You can tag us in the post or send them to us in a private message!

***Update: The victim has been successfully extricated from the trench. He is in stable condition and was air lifted to a Level 1 Trauma Center. *** On 10-29-18 at 11:24 am the Morris Fire Protection and Ambulance District and the Morris Police Department were called to the 1900 block of Mountain Road, in Morris, for an accident at a construction site. Witnesses state a construction crew was digging a sewer trench for a residential building. An employee was in the 7 1/2 foot deep trench when a dirt wall collapsed. The impact of the wall collapsing pushed the employee into the opposite wall. Witnesses called 911 right away. The Morris Fire Department and approximately 20 other agencies have responded to the scene. Emergency personnel had to first stabilize the area and are now attempting to remove the victim from the trench. The victim, 49 years old, has been conscious, alert and talking throughout the entire incident. A Superior helicopter is standing by to transport the victim as soon as he is extricated.