Elkville Police Department

  • Agency: Elkville Police Department
  • Address: 507 E Kimmel St, Elkville, 62932 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: (618)684-2177

Elkville Police Department is located at 507 E Kimmel St, Elkville, 62932 IL. The Elkville Police Department phone number is (618)684-2177.

Elkville Police Department News

Due to numerous complaints of reckless driving in the Elkville area during the morning commute, Elkville Officers, along with Dowell Police and a Jackson County Sheriffs Deputy, performed a traffic detail this morning. Officers were in place along Route 51 every couple of miles attempting to slow down traffic. There had been one vehicle in particular that had been reported to police numerous times about driving recklessly. Elkville Officers were able to locate this vehicle driving in an unsafe manner and performed a traffic stop, along with assistance from Dowell Police and a Jackson County Sheriffs Deputy. The driver of the vehicle was issued numerous citations as well as placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

After 25 years of distinguished service Chief Schafer is retiring effective at midnight tonight. I have worked with and alongside Chief Schafer for nearly 20 years as both a Police Officer and a Paramedic. Over the years I have learned so many things from him that I wouldn't even know where to begin listing them. Chief Schafer has not only been a coworker and a boss to me, he has been one of the greatest friends I have ever had. We have been through a lot of good times together, and a lot of tough times together in both our professional and personal lives. While I am both excited and nervous about taking the reins as Chief, I know that I have learned my leadership abilities from the best. I have no doubt that you have instilled in me the ability to not only lead the Department in the future, but to do so with the same compassion and pride that you have over the past several years. I know that Wayne would be proud of you for all you have done for the Department. I promise to do my best to make you proud of the work I do. Congratulations on your retirement Sir, and I wish you nothing but the best as you take on the next chapter of your life. Travis

I will be teaching a class today on emergency medical care for police dogs at the park. So if you see police cars from other locations that's what is happening. Travis

I just wanted to take a minute to make a post to clarify a couple of things. Unless otherwise specified on their respective page no Police Department including the Elkville Police Department will investigate any complaints which are made on social media. The proper procedure for reporting any type of Emergency within the Village of Elkville is to call 911. For non-emergency reports of criminal activity within the Village of Elkville contact the Jackson County Sheriffs Department at (618) 684-2177. At this time the Elkville Police Department is only a part-time Department. When we are working we are out patrolling and are not sitting in the office monitoring the phones or checking social media. We work closely with the Jackson County Sheriffs Department and they provide dispatch services for our Department. When you call Jackson County Sheriffs Department the dispatcher will take all of your information and send the closest most appropriate unit. If Elkville Officers are working Jackson County Dispatch will immediately contact us via radio with the location and type of incident. If Elkville Officers are not working Jackson County Dispatch will then send a Sheriffs Deputy or another appropriate unit to investigate your complaint. If you prefer to speak only to an Elkville Officer and it is not an emergency please ask the dispatcher to make a notation in the computer to notify an Elkville Officer to contact you the next time one of us is working. Elkville Officers are always happy to speak with any member of the community regarding any complaint you may have. However as a part-time Department each Officer has other jobs and obligations that we must tend to and are therefore unable to answer the complaints that are made via social media posts. I believe that if this procedure is followed each citizen of the community will be better served by receiving the best law enforcement services for you. I hope this eliminates any confusion. If there are any questions please feel free to stop one of the Elkville Officers while we are on duty and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. Thank you all for your continued support and understanding. Sgt. Travis Hicks

Last Saturday Myself and K9 Kaos participated in the US Canine Biathlon in Anniston Alabama. This is a 4.1 mile course with over 40 obstacles. There was nearly 1000 K9 teams from all over the country including Police K9 teams, Military K9 teams, and Civilian K9 teams. We ran, climbed up and down Mountain sides, crawled through culverts, and swam through muddy water. We had an absolute blast and can't wait to go again next year!

I did not intend for my post last night to sound like I was soliciting donations. That was not my intent at all. I was only trying to let the residents know that the K9 unit is my project and that it wasn't costing the Village anything. I didn't want the residents to feel like their tax money was being spent to fund my passion of being a K9 handler. I also wanted to praise the Village Board for working with me and being so supportive of me in pursing my dream. So again I apologize if my post came off as a way to get donations because that was absolutely not the purpose of my post. I have had a few people ask if donations will be accepted. While donations were certainly not the purpose of my post, donations will not be turned down. If anyone wishes to donate you can do so at the Village Hall. Thank you all for all for the support and kind comments they are certainly appreciated. Travis

Posted by Sgt. Travis Hicks I apologize in advance for the long post, but hopefully everyone will be able to gain some insight from it. First, I would like to introduce you all to Elkville PD's newest officer. Pictured is my new partner K9 Kaos (pronounced Chaos). Kaos is a Belgian Malinois and is 18 months old. Kaos recently completed the first part of his training and became certified in narcotics detection and tracking. Over the next few months, Kaos will also be receiving training in handler protection and apprehension. He is patrolling with me tonight for at least part of my shift and will ultimately become my regular partner. Now to hopefully address some questions. K9 Boomer will continue to live with me and will remain certified as a Police K9. He will continue to patrol some until Kaos becomes comfortable working a full shift. Once Kaos becomes my regular partner, I intend to use Boomer for public relations events, playing with the kids, and going to the schools. Boomer will also be used in search and rescue cases, such as when someone is lost. I have some ideas for Boomers future, but everyone will have to wait and see what I decide will be next for him 😊. Now to explain why I am switching dogs. While Boomer has done an AMAZING job, I have always dreamed of being a K9 handler for a "traditional" type of police dog. Handling Kaos will fulfill a dream that I have had since I was a kid. For everyone who isn't aware, Boomer is my personal dog and was actually bred to be a waterfowl dog. I went to the Village Board and asked permission to get him trained and certified, and they thankfully granted me that opportunity. Boomer's training and equipment was purchased through donations. His vet bills are discounted greatly and the remainder is paid for out of my pocket. I also supply all of the food. There has been no cost to the Village for the use of Boomer. I wanted to say all of that before I talk about Kaos. I purchased him myself, with help from my family, when he was 8 weeks old. I approached the Village Board last summer and explained to them that I had purchased another dog and would like to use him once he was trained. The Board graciously gave their blessing for me to train and use Kaos. I have received some donations for Kaos' training, and what isn't covered by donations will be paid for by my family and I. I also donate all of the time that I spend training each of the dogs. As with Boomer, there will be no cost to the Village for the use of Kaos. The K9 unit is something that I wanted to start and that I want to continue. Knowing that Elkville is a small town with a limited budget, I have not asked nor expected the Village to finance the K9 unit. All I have asked of the Board is their permission to use the dogs and they have been very supportive. I would like to thank each of the Village Board members for allowing me to pursue my goals. Ok almost done, I think only one more thing to talk about lol. I understand that everyone is used to Boomer. He is an amazing dog and is very friendly and absolutely loves the attention that he gets from everyone. I thoroughly enjoy being able to show him off and let everyone play with him. However, Kaos is a true working dog. He literally lives to work and is very high drive. He was bred to be a police dog and he has numerous relatives who are also police dogs. With that being said, he is not as approachable as Boomer. Please understand that he is in no way a "vicious" dog and he is very obedient. However, he has a job to do and part of that job is to protect me and to protect himself. Being a dog, he is unable to distinguish who the nice people are that want to come and pet him or talk to me from those who would like to inflict harm on one of us. Please don't be upset or offended if I don't let him socialize with everyone like Boomer gets to. Also, Kaos is trained in German and Dutch. So if you hear me talking to him and not pronouncing things right try not to make too much fun of me, I'm still learning the language lol. Ok that about covers it. Again, I apologize for the long post. I figured it would be much easier to make a post so that everyone gets the same information. I hope that I have covered everything, but if not feel free to post your question on here or stop me when u see me driving by. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Travis

Use caution while driving tonight. Many of the secondary roads have at least some water standing on them. Thus far Graeff Road just north of Pfeaster Road is impassable. Also the intersection of Dowell Road and House Road is closed. I will continue to post updates throughout the evening as I find other roads that are impassable. Remember TURN AROUND DON'T DROWN!

Our deepest condolences to our brothers and sisters of the Perry County Sheriffs Department. We stand beside you in the face of this tragedy. Please join us in keeping them in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Thank you to Modern Woodmen for recognizing the Elkville Police Department as Hometown Heroes. Chief Schafer accepted the award at a luncheon today at city hall.

Elkville Police have made an arrest in reference to the complaint from last Friday of a male juvenile being shot with an air pistol. An arrest warrant was obtained and a male juvenile was taken into custody this evening at his residence without incident.

Congratulations to the Elverado Jr. High softball team on your state championship! The Elkville Police and Fire Departments will be escorting the team through Dowell then to Elkville and then to Vergennes ending at the Jr. High. When u hear the sirens come out and wave to the team to show how proud we are of them on a great season. Way to go ladies!

My partner is 3 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOM!

This is Boomer rocking out his new ballistic vest! Thank you to everyone for the donations! We could not have purchased this without all of the help. Thank you all again!!!

Dowell Police received a report of a missing person on Saturday night July 22. It was reported the gentleman walked away from his residence and was believed to be suffering from a medical problem. Relatives reported they believed the gentleman may be traveling on the railroad tracks headed toward Elkville. Dowell Police requested assistance from Elkville Police K9. K9 Boomer was deployed on the railroad and attempted an open air search all the way to Elkville. The gentleman was ultimately located walking on a backroad by a citizen and was transported to his residence. An ambulance came to the scene and transported the gentleman to the hospital. Thank you to the Jackson County Sheriffs Department, Dowell Fire Department, and the private citizens who came to assist with atv's. It was a combined effort that ended with great results.

This military veteran is currently in hospice care and is feeling down. His wish is to receive as many calls or texts as possible. Let's all flood his phone and let him know we are thinking about him and appreciate his service!

Around 1am on May 14 Elkville Police responded along with Dowell Police and Jackson County Deputies to a residence in Dowell for a male attempting to break into a residence. Prior to officers arriving the homeowner observed the subject run from the scene. K9 Boomer was deployed and tracked several blocks ultimately ending at the backdoor of the Veterans Inn bar. Officers went into the building and located the suspect. He was arrested without incident and taken to the Jackson County Jail.

Please use caution tonight. Most of the roads in our area have at least some water standing on them in places. Most of the roads are passable as long as caution is used. Elkville Officers are patrolling the area tonight checking the roads and notifying the road commissioner of dangerous areas that need to be closed. We will include the areas closed at the end of this post and update them as the night goes on. It appears there is still a great deal of rain left to come for tonight. As of now roads that are not passable are: Yates Road, Winthrop Road, Graeff Rd, and township line road. Keep checking our page as we will update any further roads that are under water. Remember TURN AROUND DONT DROWN!

K9 Boomer visited the Easter egg hunt today and played with the kids. He also got his picture taken with the Easter bunny and Leonardo.

On Friday April 7, 2017 at approximately 7:45pm officers from the Elkville Police Department were preparing to execute felony arrest warrants on two individuals at a residence on North 1st Street. Prior to arriving at the residence to execute the warrants the two individuals were observed by plain clothes officers to be leaving the residence. Officers responded to the area and located the suspect vehicle. One of the suspects remained with the vehicle and was taken into custody at that location while the other suspect fled on foot. A foot chase ensued and the suspect was taken into custody. Elkville Police were assisted by DeSoto Police Department, Jackson County Sheriffs Department, Dowell Police Department, and the Jackson County States Attorney's Office.

Thank you to everyone who came out to help tonight during the storms! There was a lot of damage in parts of Elkville but thankfully only one minor injury. All of the roads in our area have reopened however there is still some of the roads with some smaller sized limbs and water on the roads. Please continue to use caution. There will be a lot of cleaning up happening in parts of town over the next few days. Please respect the workers and the families and give them the space they need to clean up their homes and properties. Again a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered to help those in need!

The roads are becoming slick tonight. If u don't need to get out on the roads please stay inside. If you must get out please use caution.

Thanks everyine for sharing about the found dog. His owners have been found!

Found: male black lab on the east side of town today. Please share this and get this good boy to his home. If this is your dog please comment on this post and we will get in touch with you.