Elburn Police Department

  • Agency: Elburn Police Department
  • Address: 301 E North St, Elburn, 60119 IL
  • Chief: James R Linane (Chief of Police)
Phone: 630-365-5070
Fax: 630-365-5073

Elburn Police Department is located at 301 E North St, Elburn, 60119 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is James R Linane. The Elburn Police Department phone number is 630-365-5070.

Elburn Police Department News

Elburn Police would like to remind everyone to take extra precautions during this extremely cold weather. Please remember to dress appropriately for this cold weather and limit your time outside if possible. Dressing in layers and using hats and gloves will help prevent the loss of body heat. Remember your animals also as they are affected by the cold as well, do not leave them outside without appropriate protective shelters. For more information you can visit www.redcross.org and get more information on winter safety.

Strong storms are expected for today. Please be careful and watch for high-wind conditions, and stay away from any downed wires. Please report any possible electrical transformer explosions, and watch for lightning. Remember, if your car is struck while you are inside, call 9-11 before trying to exit.

As there is an extreme heat warning today, please remember to hydrate properly, know your limits, watch co workers for signs of heat exhaustion / heat stroke, and don't leave your pets in the car.