Bradley Police Department

  • Agency: Bradley Police Department
  • Address: 147 S Michigan Ave, Bradley, 60915 IL
  • Chief: Steven Coy (Chief of Police)
Phone: 815-932-2125
Fax: 815-933-9496

Bradley Police Department is located at 147 S Michigan Ave, Bradley, 60915 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Steven Coy. The Bradley Police Department phone number is 815-932-2125.

Bradley Police Department News

BRADLEY, ILLINOIS FINANCE DIRECTOR/ TREASURER GovHR USA is pleased to announce the recruitment of candidates for the full-time position of Finance Director/Treasurer at the Village of Bradley, Illinois. Candidates may address applications or inquiries to the Executive Recruiter working with the Village of Bradley: Mike Earl, Senior Vice President GovHRUSA, LLC 630 Dundee Road, Suite 130 Northbrook, Illinois 60062 224-261-8366

Great job to all students and staff at Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School District 307 for the recognition by Broadway Theatre for your Mamma Mia production!

It doesn't take great effort to secure your valuables and lock your doors. It's the small deeds that keep the #9PMRoutine successful.

The Bradley Police 🚓 Department is asking for your assistance in helping to identify any of the subjects. Please contact CrimeStoppers, use the Safe-2Tell app, or call us directly at 815-933-3315. Thanks for your assistance, have a great day!

From the moment you park your car, and blinking step into the house. there was more to lock than you thought could be locked, more to secure than you thought could be seen. Its the #9PM, the #9PMROUTINE !!!

We at the Bradley Police Department would like to thank everybody for an memorable week of Halloween. We enjoyed participating in several events including a couple Trunk or Treats and Mall-o-ween. We weren't able to attend all the events we were invited to but tried to visit as many as we could. Halloween night also went off without any major complaints and Officers were able to hand out some treats as well. Again, Thank you and Let's hope the Holidays to come are just as memorable, enjoyable and above all, Safe.

As darkness falls across the land The midnight hour is close at hand Creatures crawl in search of goods To terrorize your neighborhoods But everybody’s cars are locked The easy access has been blocked And they turn away from the scene Because you followed your #9PMRoutine

Trick or Treating Hours are 5 pm to 7 pm tonight in Bradley Tradition says to turn your Porch light Off if you are not giving out treats. Above all else, please be careful; driving and walking! Nothing is scarier than an injured child!

The Bradley Police Department reminding everyone to slow down, stay alert and remember to not get distracted while driving. A terrible tragedy in Indiana that could have been prevented. Stay safe out there!

Today we remember Pontiac Police Officer Casey Kohlmeier and his partner, Police K9 Draco. End of Watch: 10-30-2013

The Bradley Police Department would like to remind you to be extra careful when driving this Haloween! 🎃🎃🎃🎃

Don't let a disturbance in the Force ruin a good night sleep. Secure your valuables and lock your doors. May the #9PMROUTINE be with you.

Please help local Law Enforcement Agencies by sharing any information on where these subjects may live, work, or hang out at. You can reach out to the Bradley Police Department or CrimeStoppers at The Safe-2-Tell app is another great way to help deter further criminal activities. Thanks for all of your support and assistance!

Not even the very wise can see all ends. Therefore It is best to Follow your #9PMRoutine by securing your valuables and locking your doors. Make sure None Shall Pass where they are not welcome.

The Bradley Police Department is happy to announce the North Street railroad tracks are now open again! Be safe, stay alert, and drive safely.

So, you forgot to Follow your #9PMRoutine and now all your power converters and your Uncle Owens' Cantina Band Greatest Hits CD were stolen. Use the #9PMRoutine, secure your valuables and lock your doors

The Bradley Police Department has been receiving a lot of requests from Parents on tips on how to protect their children online. So, we are passing along a useful website from our friends at the Illinois Attorney General's Office.

It's easier to Follow your #9PMRoutine now rather than to go back and try to correct it later. Besides, keeping that flux capacitor working is far more work than securing your valuables and locking your doors.

The Bradley Police have been conducting extra patrols in response to School Bus Stop Arm Violation Complaints on Cardinal Drive before and after school. Motorists appear to be confused about the law as it pertains to three-lanes roadways. In brief: All traffic traveling in the same direction of a school bus must stop for the Stop Arm. Traffic moving in the opposite direction should yield, but not stop, on roadways with at least Four-lanes. Passing a School Bus In Illinois, the law for Approaching, Overtaking, and Passing a School Bus is included in the Illinois Vehicle Code under 625 ILCS 5/11-1414. The law requires a driver to stop before meeting or overtaking (from either direction) a school bus stopped for the purpose of loading or unloading students. The law applies to any and all locations including, but not limited to, highways, roadways, private roadways, parking lots, and school property. A full stop is required if the school bus is displaying the visual signals specified in the code (i.e. flashing lights, stop signal arm extended, etc.) and the driver should not proceed until the visuals signals cease, the school bus resumes motion, or the school bus driver signals the vehicle to proceed. The law does not require a driver to stop on a four-lane highway when traveling on the opposite two lanes from the school bus. Passing a School Bus while Loading/Unloading can lead to a driver's license suspension. The Illinois Secretary of State will automatically suspend the driver’s license of anyone convicted of violating this law for a period of three months. In addition, the court will impose a minimum $150 fine for a first offense plus mandatory court costs. A second or subsequent conviction for this offense within five years of the first conviction will result in a one-year driver’s license suspension and a minimum mandatory $500 fine.

Sometimes you receive the best advise when you didn't know you were looking for some. Learn from the experiences of others and Follow your #9PMRoutine. Secure your valuables and lock your doors.