Oswego Police Department

  • Agency: Oswego Police Department
  • Address: 3525 US-34, Oswego, 60543 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 630-551-7300

Oswego Police Department is located at 3525 US-34, Oswego, 60543 IL. The Oswego Police Department phone number is 630-551-7300.

Oswego Police Department News

Over the weekend we made a post about our first arrest at the new police headquarters as we were glad to announce the new jail was up and working. We included that the person was arrested for domestic battery and advised those in abusive relationships to seek help as they deserved better than to be in such a situation. In retrospect we should have included information about how to obtain such help in our service area. Mutual Ground is one of the largest domestic violence and sexual assault service agencies in Illinois. It is a safe place for people to seek help. They are located in Aurora and provide comprehensive victim services free of charge, including as counseling, emergency shelter, legal advocacy and family services. Mutual Ground has two 24-hr hotlines: • 630-897-0080 - Domestic Violence Hotline • 630-897-8383 - Sexual Assault Hotline All calls are confidential and their trained professionals offer informed, non-judgmental support. Spanish speaking advocates are also available. Remember domestic violence can be expressed in a variety of ways and may look and feel differently at different points. Domestic violence is not always physical, but it is always about power and control. If you ever feel that you are in immediate danger, call 911. More resources: Illinois Domestic Violence Helpline: • 1-877-TO END DV or 1-877-863-6338 (Voice) • 1-877-863-6339 (TTY) National Domestic Violence Hotline • 800-799-7233 / TTY 800-787-3224 Please follow the link to Mutual Ground’s website for more information, including programs and services, volunteer opportunities and donation programs.

This dog was found in the area of Ashland and Van Buren, possibly belonging to a residence in the 60 block of E. Van Buren. If you know how to reunite this dog with its caretaker, please contact the Oswego Police Department. The dog will be held at the PD for the next 4 hours and taken to animal control if unable to locate the owner. O-29

Tonight we booked our first prisoner in the new jail. A 36 year old male was charged with domestic battery. If you are in an abusive relationship seek help. You deserve better.

Just thought we'd share a couple more photos of some awesome trick or treaters we had the pleasure of meeting this week.

This little furry dog was found this evening & is on it's way to the Kendall County Animal Control facility. Please share to help find the owners. For questions or any information please contact the Kendall County Animal Control 630-553-9256. Thank you.

CSO Guevara was flagged down by some fellow officers in need of assistance! Unfortunately, all of the donuts 🍩 (candy 😅) to give away had already been eaten by the other officers... As a reminder for this Halloween, be safe and have fun! 🎃 👻 #HappyHalloween

Oswego Police are now operating out of 3355 Woolley Road.

Today is moving day! Our Records Staff and lobby will be open at 3525 Route 34 until 3 p.m. to assist the public. The Rt 34 lobby will be locked at 3 p.m. At 3 p.m., the lobby at 3355 Woolley Rd will be open to the public. As always please call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance. Non-emergency assistance can be requested by calling 630-554-3426 or 630-551-7300.

Oswego Police Department Dedication Ceremony

The public is invited to the opening of the new headquarters for the Oswego Police Department. The new headquarters, located at 3355 Woolley Road, will be unveiled to the public during a dedication ceremony at 3 p.m. on Friday, October 26, 2018. Although the new building will not be operational until the afternoon of October 30, the public will be able to glimpse the inside of the building during an open house and walking tours following the dedication ceremony. Last tour is set for 6:30 p.m. The new building will be operational starting at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, October 30. The current headquarters at 3525 Route 34 will be open until that time. We will posting reminders and any changes or updates on this page. As always, anytime you need emergency assistance, please call 9-1-1. For more detailed information about the building and ceremony please follow the link.

This guy was found in the area of in the area of Beau Meade rd. If you are, or you know the owner, please call the Oswego Police Department at (630) 551-7300. He will be at the police department for a little while before being transported to Kendall County Animal Control. O-308

UPDATE: The area is now clear and all roads are open. Please avoid the area of Washington Street (Rt.34) and Adams Street to avoid traffic delays due to an accident investigation.

2nd UPDATE: The area is now clear and all roads are open. UPDATE: The road will not be completely shut down. However there will be only one lane of traffic for either direction of travel Traffic Alert: Route 34 between Madison Street and Route 31 has been shut down for an accident. We will update when it opens

Officer Garcia wanted to thank Girl Scout Troop 4221 for inviting her to speak with them at Fox Chase School yesterday. By the smiles it looks like everyone had a great time!

Oswego Police responded to the area of Essex Drive and Treasure Drive for the report of a loose and aggressive dog. Upon our arrival, this little gal had reportedly attempted to bite children who attempted to help it. It also attempted to bite the responding officer. As a friendly reminder, please use caution when approaching any stray animal. It appeared that this little gal was injured / sick and very defensive towards anybody who approached her. Due to the aggressive behavior and injuries, the dog was transported to Kendall County Animal Control immediately to be cared for by their staff. Please share to help locate the owner! O-302

Thank you Crossroads Church for your generous gift basket!!!! O-58

Traffic Alert - Fall Fox Fest - October 14, 2018 Oswego Police are reminding the public to expect increased traffic congestion and delays this Sunday October 14, due to the Fall Fox Fest event activities. Motorists should expect delays in particular while travelling on US Route 34 through downtown area between 9:00 am and 4:00 p.m. Main Street will be closed from Washington to Jefferson Street. Motorists may want to consider alternate routes around these areas if they are not coming in for the festival. Parking for this event will be available at Hudson Crossing Park, Village Municipal Lot on Harrison, Village Hall and on street parking in the downtown area. You can find information about the event at Go Oswego.

***UPDATE: No one has claimed her so she has been taken to Kendall County Animal Control. You can reach them at 630-553-9256.Thank you. This sweet and skittish little puppers was found at Wolf & Douglas about 11 am this morning. If you know who she belongs to, please call us at 630-551-7300. She's skinny and has a distinctive little dark colored bump on her left side.

It's Fire Prevention Week - are your smoke alarms in working order?

Cross Town Classic Football Parking & Traffic Information for Tonight Parking will be available in the paved parking lots of OEHS until lots are full. Entrance into the event will ONLY be permitted from the entrance off of Wolf Rd. Signs will be posted on Wolf Rd. when lots are full. Remote parking locations with shuttle buses to the event will be available at OHS, Bednarcik and Plank parking lots. Additional handicapped parking will be available in the lot of OEHS. Inform the first parking attendants upon entering the campus so you can be directed appropriately. SD 308 will provide bus transportation from the remote parking lots at OHS, Plank and Bednarcik. Service will begin at 4:15pm. Shuttle service back to the remote lots will start at the end of the game. Restricted travel routes after game in the following manner: o Exiting the East lots only allowed to go South on Harvey. o Exiting the rear of the school/bus exit only allowed to go North on Harvey. o Exiting the West lots only allowed to go West on Wolf Rd. Oswego Police will be located at intersections most affected by the increase in traffic and will assist with traffic control. In an effort to reduce traffic congestion, all people are asked to carpool or utilize the shuttle buses. Fans are asked to remain patient as the lots are expected to take longer than normal to clear.

Oswego Police took a report of disorderly conduct regarding writing that was found on a bathroom wall at the Oswego High School and is investigating the incident in cooperation with Community School District 308. Oswego Police are asking anyone with information to please call the Oswego Police Department at 630-551-7300 or the School District’s emergency hotline at 630-636-4679. Alternatively, anonymous reports can be made to Kendall County Illinois Crime Stoppers at 630-553-5999, where tips leading to arrests may receive a cash reward of up to $1000.

Reminder of a local resource if needed

Today at 1:18 PM CST (2:18 PM EDT) FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency will be testing cell phone alerts. You will get a test emergency alert message on your phone. This is a nationwide test of the Wireless Emergency Alert system. What to expect: 🔸 You’ll hear a loud tone & vibration. 🔸 A message box will pop up on the screen and will show a message that starts with “THIS IS A TEST” and ends with “No action is needed.” 🔸 If you’re watching TV or listening to the radio, you may also see or hear a test message around the same time. This nationwide test is to ensure that during a major national emergency affecting public safety, it will be possible to alert people quickly. FEMA and the Federal Communications Commission will be evaluating the readiness of the emergency alert infrastructure to see if improvements are needed. For more information, please visit fema.gov/emergency-alert-test.

Happening this Wednesday, October 3