Knoxville Police Department

  • Agency: Knoxville Police Department
  • Address: 215 North Hebard Street, Knoxville, 61448 IL
  • Chief: Ronald J Poyner (Chief of Police)
Phone: 309.343.9151

Knoxville Police Department is located at 215 North Hebard Street, Knoxville, 61448 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Ronald J Poyner. The Knoxville Police Department phone number is 309.343.9151.

Knoxville Police Department News

********OWNER LOCATED************ Whatcha gonna do when these two come for you?These two dogs decided they wanted to do a ride-a-long until their owner's claim them. Help spread the word.

*********OWNER LOCATED************ The puppy has been returned to its owner. Thanks to everyone who liked and shared this post. I might be wrong but I believe this is Everest from Paw Patrol without it's action pack on. Either way, this pup was found outside the Knoxville High School attempting to break and enter through the front door. Actually he was probably just trying to stay warm. If you know or if you are the owner of this pup please contact Public Safety, leave a message at the Knoxville Police department, or attempt to make contact on here. Please like and share so we can find this sad puppy it's owner.

*******OWNER LOCATED*********** These two guys have been arrested by The Knoxville Police Department for being to friendly. If you are the owner or know the owner please contact The Knoxville Police Department or Public Safety. You may also respond to this post. Please share this post to spread the word.

Important watch for parents about children and technology.

OWNER LOCATED! Thanks for your help. This guy was located near the intersection of South Broad and Walnut Street. He is currently doing a ride along with me. Please like and share this post to help find the owners. It has a blue collar with no tags. If you know the owners please have them contact the Knoxville Police Department.

The dog has been returned to its owner. Found Dog. Picked up in the 700 block of S. Broad Street. If you know the owner please have them contact the Knoxville Police Department or respond to this post. Thank you.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Be safe.

Open to the public. Please like, share, and attend!

KPD is taking this opportunity to pass along critical information related to ongoing efforts to prevent losses to U.S. taxpayers at the hands of IRS impersonators. According to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), the Office "continues to receive reports of thousands of contacts every month in which individuals fraudulently claiming to be IRS officials make unsolicited calls and 'robocalls' to taxpayers and demanding that they send them cash." TIGTA officials notes that they have "received reports of roughly 896,000 contacts since October 2013 and has become aware of over 5,000 victims who have collectively paid over $26.5 million as a result of the scam."

If you are an Illinois resident and hold an Illinois driver's license, instruction permit and/or identification card, you are eligible to voluntarily register one or two individuals as your emergency contacts for free. The Emergency Contact Database also allows you to enter basic medical information such as disabilities, medical conditions or special needs (i.e., drug allergies or taking certain prescription medication). In the event of an emergency situation, only law enforcement will have access to this information and can reach out to your emergency contacts on your behalf. Click the link below to begin registering your emergency contact information today!

"Officers responded to numerous 911 hang up calls this weekend. A majority of these were due to children playing with old, deactivated cell phones when there was no real emergency. Please follow these tips to help prevent these types of calls that tie up resources that may delay them responding to a real emergency."

Students are returning to school this coming week. Here are some safety tips and laws to remember- *School Zones- school zone speed limits must be obeyed when children are present outside the school. Be alert for children walking or riding bicycles. All cell phone use is prohibited in school zones. *School Buses- When a bus driver has the stop arm out, you must stop. This applies to two lane roads and two lane roads that have a center turn lane. You must also stop on private property, such as school bus loading areas in school parking lots when the stop arm is out. *Other Reminders- All passengers in a vehicle must be in an appropriate child safety seat or seatbelt. The use of held-devices is prohibited. *Please check out the following links for information regarding proper child safety seat size and installation, bicycle safety, bus safety, and more-…