Seneca Police Department

  • Agency: Seneca Police Department
  • Address: 340 N Cash St, Seneca, 61360 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 815-357-8726

Seneca Police Department is located at 340 N Cash St, Seneca, 61360 IL. The Seneca Police Department phone number is 815-357-8726.

Seneca Police Department News

If you have heard any news reports today, you probably already heard three kids were killed today while waiting for the school bus. A pick-up truck drove past a stopped school bus and killed three kids. NEVER PASS A STOPPED SCHOOL BUS. Three kids from one family, twin boys and their older sister were killed by a truck that drove past a stopped school bus. NEVER PASS A STOPPED SCHOOL BUS. Three kids were going to school, but were didn't make it because somebody drove past a stopped school bus and killed them. NEVER PASS A STOPPED SCHOOL BUS. I was once told that if you are teaching and want people to remember the lesson you need to repeat it three times. Hopefully it works this time.

I have posted a lot of information regarding the horrors of opioid addiction in adults and teenagers, now imagine all those horrors in the life of a newborn.

They are coming to get your blood and that's a good thing.

Shop with a Cop made the news!

SHOP WITH A COP UPDATE. ANSWERS FOR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. 1, We will be going shopping on December 15th, 2018. 2, We need to receive the donations by December 1st for planning purposes. 3, Our goal is to take as many kids as possible, so on December 1st, we set a budget amount for the kids and calculate how many kids we can take on the trip. The bigger the budget the more kids and families can participate. 4, Your tax dollars do not pay for the items purchased when we go shopping, all items are purchased with donations. 5.The Officers and other Police staff are not getting paid overtime, they are off the clock and donate their time. 6, We accept mail in donations anytime or you can drop donations off a the Police Station during regular business hours. 7, Officer Erickson shaved off his beard so he will not be dying it white, and dressing in a red suit.

We will be doing SHOP WITH A COP again this year. If you wish to make a donation we can accept it at the Station or you can send a check made out to :Seneca Shop with a Cop".