Fairbury Police Department

  • Agency: Fairbury Police Department
  • Address: 201 W. Locust Street, Fairbury, 61739 IL
  • Chief: Jack Wiser (Chief of Police)
Phone: 815-692-3351
Fax: 815-692-4579

Fairbury Police Department is located at 201 W. Locust Street, Fairbury, 61739 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Jack Wiser. The Fairbury Police Department phone number is 815-692-3351.

Fairbury Police Department News

National Coffee with a Cop Day 2018. A big thank you to Jessica Kilgus & Brent Honegger with Compass Insurance Partners in Fairbury for bringing us coffee and treats from The Coffee Steamer. It was very nice chatting with you both this morning.

We couldn't be prouder of Cody and K9 Jax. Today is the last day of the K9 Academy for them. They will be working the streets together beginning next week. Photo credit: Michael Bieser

Good luck Jax

Found out at North Park late this morning near the playground equipment on a bench. If this belongs to you or you know who it belongs to please contact us at 815-692-3347 or VCOM at 815-692-3351. Thanks

Get out there and thank your EMT's this week. #2ndfamily

You may see this speed trailer positioned around town over the next couple of weeks. We will be collecting different forms of speed data from some problem areas around town. We have some key locations in mind, and we will be open to any recommendations from the residents. Thank you

Fairbury Police were notified of suspicious activity at the Upper Elementary in Forrest this evening during a school event. It was reported that unknown subjects were looking inside vehicles parked around the school. Some property was recovered, so if you have anything missing from your vehicle or any information about the suspects please contact the Fairbury Police Department @ 815-692-3351, and as a reminder with the warmer weather, be sure to keep your vehicle locked and windows up to help prevent theft of your property.

Thanks for coming to see us today Jax!

Meet K9 Jax and go to his page where you can like, follow and share it

...........NAME UPDATE......... Ok, so the results of the final vote are in. The name of our K9 will be "Jax". He will be arriving at the airport tomorrow where we will all see him for the first time. Thank you for the continued support. Please go find his Facebook page and like, follow and share it. K9 Jax

In regards to naming the K9 that will arrive in 5 days we decided to get the young kids involved. The challenge was as follows; whichever classroom, grades 2-6 that could raise the most quarters/box tops in 7 days would have the final say in naming the K9. The results are in and the winner is Mrs. Edwards 6th grade class. The students were personally notified and congratulated today and were all smiles. Stay tuned........the final voting will take place on Monday the 16th.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 34 Days ago we were given the go ahead to start raising funds for a K9 Program. Our original goal to get this program up and going was $80,000-$100,000. I knew this was going to be a huge challenge. I spoke to some friends and they introduced me to some of their friends and so forth and the ball started rolling. About 13 days ago we had some businesses that wanted to create a matching challenge in the amount of $50,600. Well, as of yesterday, 4/09/2018 the residents of Fairbury, Forrest and surrounding areas of Southeast Livingston County and beyond our county stepped up and made their voices heard by their actions and matched that challenge. I'm just amazed from the positive response and support that we've received in regards to this program. Donations are still coming in, and that's ok. Remember, we want to keep this Fund at a level to where we can keep this K9 Program operating for many generations. The dog will be here on the 17th, so stay tuned for updates. Thanks again for all the support!

Many thanks to High Octane Show and Shine for your wonderful generosity. Can't wait to see you all there.

We would like to thank Dave's Supermarket in Fairbury, IL for this wonderful gesture. I hope to see you all there at this amazing event.

2 Week update on starting Police K9 Program As our previous post stated 2 weeks ago we have been given the green light to start accepting donations to start our very own Police K9 Program. To start a police K9 program it can cost up to $80-$100,000 and that was our original goal. Well as of today we have raised $26,465. We have also been donated services. Until the dog retires it will receive all grooming at no cost to us. Thank you The Paws Zone. That's a savings of about $700 a year. It will also receive all basic vet services at no cost until he retires. Thank you Fairbury Veterinary Hospital. That's a savings of about $1000 per year. We have received such amazing support from the community and surrounding area. In attempts to save money we located a like new (2017 with 8,000 miles) Ford Explorer Interceptor from another state. We have secured it and it's on the way to Fairbury as we speak. It still needs to be equipped with equipment such as a dog kennel with safety features, camera, computer (refurbished), radio, siren, radar, red and blue lights on the inside and outside, etc....... We also still need to raise money for the K9 itself along with his special leashes, bowls, concrete pad, kennel, dog house, canopy to be protected from the elements, etc........ We are doing great and have come a long way but we have a ways to go, but I'm more than confident with your help we can get there. All donations are tax deductible. If you would like to donate please make checks payable to: "Prairie Lands Foundation" and in the memo section of the check note "Fairbury PD K9 Fund". You can drop off checks at the PD or mail them to: Fairbury Police Department 201 W Locust St Fairbury, IL. 61739 Once again, thank you so much for your support and please donate and share this post so that it reaches thousands and thousands of people.