Decatur Police Department

  • Agency: Decatur Police Department
  • Address: 707 W. South Side Drive, Decatur, 62523 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: (217) 424-2711

Decatur Police Department is located at 707 W. South Side Drive, Decatur, 62523 IL. The Decatur Police Department phone number is (217) 424-2711.

Decatur Police Department News

Officer Greg Clark received a recognition award from DOVE during their candlelight Ceremony October 18, 2018. Officer Clark was recognized for his compassion, respect toward victims, and genuine concern when investigating domestic violence cases.

The Decatur Police Department and the Macon County Sheriff's Department will be teaming up to hand out candy this Friday (10/19) from 5:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. at Boo at the Zoo. We hope to see you all there!

Today, several DPD officers participated in the annual Officer Robin Vogel Memorial Run. This event honors Officer Robin Vogel, a DPD Officer who was killed in the line of duty in 2005. Never Forget!!

Chief Getz presents Clayton Zilz with his badge. Congrats Officer Zilz!

Chief Getz presents William Taylor with his badge. Congrats Officer Taylor!

Chief Getz presents Kyle Sellek with his badge. Congrats Officer Sellek!

Chief Getz presents Shelbi Keppler with her badge. Congrats Officer Keppler!

Chief Getz presents Brian Johnson with his badge. Congrats Officer Johnson!

Chief Getz presents Nick Calleja with his badge. Congrats Officer Calleja!

On September 27, 2018, City Clerk Kim Althoff swore in six new Decatur Police Officers: (from left to right) Nick Calleja, Brian Johnson, Shelbi Keppler, Kyle Sellek, William S. Taylor, and Clayton Zilz.

Press Release The Decatur Police Department is proud to partner once again with Project AVA this Halloween season for their 4th Halloween “Bootique” program by being a local collection site for new or gently used Halloween costumes. Halloween is such an exciting time for kids. It’s a time for them to run around carefree and collect candy, participate in their in-class Halloween parties, and attend parades in their communities and at their schools – all while dressed up as their favorite characters or as traditional Halloween icons. Unfortunately for some children this is not the reality of this childhood “holiday.” Some families struggle with providing daily essentials, much less purchasing a Halloween costume. Often these children feel left out, or simply don’t participate, due to their family not having the means to purchase a costume. Project AVA has therefore brought back their Halloween “Bootique” program for a 4th year. Now through October 19, 2018 Project AVA will be collecting new and gently used Halloween costumes from size toddler through youth size large at various collections sites Decatur to provide to children in need in these communities. Their goal is to reach children who would otherwise not have a costume and make their day just as enjoyable as the rest of their peers. Project AVA will take the collected costumes and drop them off at local schools, early childhood and parent education centers, and food pantries that have been identified as having a need. The costumes will then be distributed to the children that the schools and organizations see fit to keep the identity of the children and families private. If you wish to donate a costume to Project AVA, the Decatur Police Department will have a collection box available in our front lobby from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily, Monday through Friday. The Decatur Police Department is located at 707 W. South Side Drive. If you wish to donate financially, that can be done through the Project AVA website. To view their website and for additional information on Project AVA and their mission to support at-risk children and parents by aligning them with established community agencies, providing financial resources and a community of dedicated volunteers go to or their Facebook page

On September 17, 2018, Detective Erik Ethell was promoted to the rank of Sergeant by Chief Getz. He will be assigned to 2nd shift patrol. Congratulations Sgt Ethell!!

On September 18, 2018, Officer Chad Reed was assigned as a Detective in the Investigations Division. Congratulations Detective Reed!!

WCIA aired a story on our shooting homicide over the weekend. They aired the story focusing on a witness statement that said it took Decatur Police 30 minutes to respond. WCIA ran the story focusing on the response time to this call. Since then we have provided WCIA with the dispatch logs and they realized it took about 2 minutes and 50 seconds for dispatchers to get information and officers to arrive on scene. Furthermore, once the officers were dispatched it took 1 minute and 31 seconds for the officers to arrive on scene. WCIA News Director Richard Flesch has stated they will correct this error in future broadcasts in regard to this incident. Mr. Flesch has advised me they will also take precautions to keep an error like this from happening in the future. He apologized on WCIA’ behalf to the Citizens and Officers involved. The Decatur Police Department continues to seek information on this crime. Please call 423-TIPS or 424-2734 with information related to this crime. Chief Getz

Due to the construction on Business Highway 51 at the county bridges, the Decatur Police Department is recommending that drivers seek alternate routes to and from work in the mornings and the afternoons to help with the traffic congestion in the construction zone. The construction is forecasted to take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.

With schools back in session, the Decatur Police Department wants to remind everyone to slow down in school speed zones and watch for school busses loading and unloading children. Remember drivers must stop when meeting or overtaking a school bus loading/unloading children when displaying a stop arm and flashing red lights. School bus stop arm violations can result in heavy fines along with a driver having their driver’s license suspended for 3 months for the first offense and a year for a second offense. Most of the newer school busses are equipped with cameras to help identify violators. Most importantly no one wants to see a child get hurt or killed as a result of an accident. The Decatur Police Department will be setting up the radar dolly in school zones throughout the City in order to make drivers more aware of their speed in these areas. Please be cautious and pay attention to your speed in school zones in the mornings and afternoons when children are being dropped off and picked up from school.

Officers Rolfs and Daniels used their lunch break last night to put on a "pizza party" for the kids of Wabash Crossing in appreciation for how good the kids were this summer. Officers Rolfs and Daniels paid for the pizza and Gatorade themselves. This is DPD! These are your police officers!

The Decatur Police Department is currently accepting applications for the position of Police Patrol Officer until 8/31. If you would like to be an applicant in this round of testing please visit our website at: for more information.

The Decatur Police Department needs help identifying the individuals in the following photos. You should also note that the colors are reversed so dark colors will appear as light colors. If you have any information regarding the identity of the individuals, please contact the Decatur Police Department at 424-2734 or you may contact Crime stoppers at 423-TIPS(8477).

The Decatur Police Department is accepting applications for Police Patrol Officer until August 31, 2018. Those interested should have all required paperwork and written test completed prior to this day. Information on how the testing process works can be seen at the attached link. Best of luck to all that apply!

On July 9, a DPD squad car, occupied by two DPD officers, was involved in a vehicle crash at 22nd/Rt 36. This is the dashcam video of the crash. Thankfully there were no serious injuries to anyone. Our officers are a bit sore but will soon be back to work. Please pay attention and be safe when driving.

The Decatur Police Department offers a presentation to businesses and organizations on how to plan for and respond to an active shooter incident. Please click the below video for a quick look at what DPD can offer your organization.