Hamel Police Department

  • Agency: Hamel Police Department
  • Address: 111 S. Old US Route 66, Hamel, 62046 IL
  • Chief: Brent Rogers (Chief of Police)
Phone: 618.633.2484
Fax: 618.633.1846

Hamel Police Department is located at 111 S. Old US Route 66, Hamel, 62046 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Brent Rogers. The Hamel Police Department phone number is 618.633.2484.

Hamel Police Department News

The Hamel Police Department would like to remind everyone that with the temperatures climbing rather quickly to make sure we keep an eye on our pets. If you take your pet with you in the car be mindful that your vehicle will heat up rather quickly.

Second Annual Distracted Driving Week Education, Enforcement Campaign to take place April 23-27 Each day, 10 people are killed in distracted driving crashes - contributing to the 37,000-people killed in crashes on U.S. roadways during 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). To help bring attention to the dangers associated with driving distracted, the Hamel Police Department, will again participate in Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week (DDAW) and conduct an enforcement campaign of Illinois’ distracted driving laws. The second annual Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week is a coordinated effort between the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP), AAA, The Illinois State Police, The Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois High School High School and College Driver Education Association (IHSCDEA) and nearly 300 local law enforcement throughout Illinois to educate motorists about the dangers of driving while distracted and enforcing the laws on Illinois’ roadways. Last year’s DDAW efforts resulted in over 18,000 warnings and citations for distracted driving offenses. For more information on Illinois Distracted Driving Awareness Week visit www.iddaw.org. These partnerships have been formed to help further a traffic safety culture in Illinois and to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries resulting from distracted driving. Please help the ILACP, AAA, and Village of Hamel, to keep Illinois’ roadways safe and Illinois strong. Thank you to all for the continued support in keeping Hamel a safe place to be.

The Village of Hamel in their continued effort to provide safety and awareness for the parents and children that attend Hamel Elementary have installed flashing yellow lights on the school zone speed limit signs to emphasize the school zone. These lights will be active during the times that the school zone is most active with students and parents. When the lights are flashing please slow down to the school zone speed limit of 20 MPH. Everyone's safety is our first concern. Lets finish this year out safely.

The Hamel Police Department has been made aware by several citizens in the Village about their concern for traffic safety within our town. We have been made aware of ongoing speed and traffic sign violation issues. This is occurring more on the side streets and within the subdivisions. The speed limit on all residential streets within the Village is 20MPH. We understand we have a decent amount of stop signs within the Village. The stop signs were placed at the intersections with safety in mind. These signs are there to keep people from speeding down long stretches of roadway, as well as to ensure proper traffic flow. In an effort to ensure the safety of people driving through our town, children playing in their yards or riding their bicycles in the streets and families out for a stroll, we are taking a zero-tolerance approach to traffic violations. If you are witnessed running a stop sign or speeding through town you will be given a citation. As most of you know, we have an active and safe community. Parents can be seen walking with their children and dogs almost daily, especially when the weather is nice. School is coming to an end very quickly, which means more children will be out in their yards playing and riding their bicycles down the street. We need to do our due diligence in helping make sure no-one is injured by a speeding motorist or someone disobeying a traffic sign. Rest assured that we are going to try and rectify the concerns of our citizens. We have other ideas we are working on to help ensure people are driving at or below the speed limit, as well as properly stopping at all stop signs. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to message us on Facebook or call us at 618-633-2777. Remember, if it is an emergency dial 911.

Congratulations to Alton for the Win!

We ask that all keep the Pontoon Officer and his family in their prayers for a speedy recovery. Keep fighting Brother!

The Hamel Police Department would like to say Thank You to Brandon C. For the kind words in the letter that you sent the Department. The safety of the children are first and foremost on our minds. Again Thank you and have a good day.

The Hamel Police Department would like to thank Sievers Equipment in Hamel for the use of a Side by Side during Trick or Treating to assist us with keeping everyone safe.

Just a reminder that tonight all the little ghost and goblins will be out trick or treating in Hamel from 6pm - 8pm. The Hamel Police will be out patrolling and there will be zero tolerance for speeders and drivers disobeying the stop signs. This is to ensure that all of the residents and visitors that are trick or treating have a fun and safe time. The weather will be a little chili so make sure that everyone dresses warm. The Hamel Police will also be handing out Glow Necklaces for the little ones.

Great job Officer Hurst in the assistance that you gave to this pursuit.

Just a reminder today that the MS Bike Riders will be out on the roads today raising money for a great cause. Please be careful and pay attention. Everyone have a great weekend!

This dedicated family drove all the way from Wisconsin to Hamel to join in the eclipse festivities! They were even kind enough to give Officer Hurst one of their spare eclipse glasses so he could join in as well! We hope everyone was able to partake in this rare event!

The Hamel Police Department would like to remind drivers about the importance of traffic safety during the school year. The new school year is upon us and will bring about more pedestrians, cyclists and, of course, those big yellow busses. Drivers are reminded to keep a watchful eye out for school children crossing the roadway and to be mindful of stopped school busses as kids hurry on and off the vehicles. Hamel Police Officers are committed to traffic safety and will be focusing our efforts in school zones, bus stops and school routes of travel. Along with many local police agencies, Hamel Police have joined with the Illinois State Police and will participate in school safety directed patrols between August 14th and September 1st. We would also like to remind motorists to refrain from using mobile devices when driving, slow-down in school zones and be mindful of the fact children, excited about the new school year, may not be paying attention as they cross roadways. Let's have a Safe and Great school year.

This little doggy was found today on Hamel Ave. No tags and wanting to get home! Please contact the Hamel PD if you can help get this doggy home.

Feds: Madison County man planned bombing in retaliation for dogs' death http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/feds-madison-county-man-planned-bombing-in-retaliation-for-dogs/article_2d2d88b6-7eb0-5944-9507-764b97d61888.html

The Hamel Police Department would just like to say Thank You to the girls of Troop 954 for their kind gesture in dropping of the cookies to the Department yesterday. It is greatly appreciated and made Officer Crissy's day.

The Hamel Police Department would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Fourth of July weekend. Make sure you buckle up while on the road. If you need to use your phone safely pull over before hand. Other wise use your Blue Tooth or other Hands Free options. Also, make sure to have a Designated Driver and come home safely.