Hartford Police Department

  • Agency: Hartford Police Department
  • Address: 507 N Delmar Ave, Hartford, 62048 IL
  • Chief: John R Grigg (Ranking Officer)

Hartford Police Department is located at 507 N Delmar Ave, Hartford, 62048 IL. The Ranking Officer of the department is John R Grigg. The Hartford Police Department phone number is 618-254-4393.

Hartford Police Department News

EDIT: THE OWNER OF THE DOG HAS BEEN FOUND. THANKS FOR SHARING. Found in the 300 Block of S. Delmar. Please contact the Hartford Police Department if you can help reunite this sweet pup with its family. Hartford PD (618) 254-4391 or 254-4393.

Congratulations and welcome to our newest part-time officers. Officer Tim Connell, Officer Luke Wells and Officer Jarvis Swope.

The Village of Hartford is accepting applications for the position of part-time Police Officer. We are looking to fill two positions. We offer competitive pay. Residency is not required. Applicants with previous academy and policing experience is a plus, but we are also willing to put applicants through the part-time academy. Applications will be accepted through September 28. Applications can be picked up at the Police Department or online at hartfordillinois.net.

Happy Memorial Day from the Hartford Police Department.

The members of the police department spent the afternoon cooking hotdogs at the Hartford Elementary School. Every year the police department provides a hotdog lunch for the students to enjoy before they participate in field day.

Please share with your Hartford family & friends.

The Hartford Police Department would like to congratulate Chief Wells and Sgt Timmins of the Wood River Police Department on their promotions tonight. We look forward to working with you both.

Today Officer Timmins graduated from D.A.R.E. instructor school. The school is a mentally exhausting two weeks where students spend 12-14 hours everyday in the classroom. After class they are required to spend hours preparing homework for class the next morning. Congratulations Tyler!!!!! We are proud of you.

Our department is asking the public to join us in prayer for recently retired officer, LT Grigg, and his family. Out of respect of LT Grigg’s privacy, I won’t divulge his medical procedure and ask others to do the same. Just know that he and his family could use some positive thoughts and support moving on.

Congratulations to Hartford's new full-time patrolman, Tyler Timmins

With the extreme temperatures expected this week, the Hartford Police Department will be out looking for animals who are being left outside without adequate shelter, food, and water. Any person who is found violating the cruel treatment of animal law will be arrested and charged accordingly.

NOTICE OF ROAD CLOSURE -Robbins Rd will close on Monday, June 19th, at the double set of railroad tracks and will remain closed for approximately one (1) week. -Hawthorne will close on Monday, June 26th, at the double set of railroad tracks and will remain closed for approximately one (1) week. -Rand Ave will close on Monday, July 10th, at the double set of railroad tracks and will remain closed for approximately one (1) week. These dates are subject to change. Every attempt will be made to update this page if the schedule changes.

Just a reminder that whenever approaching a traffic signal with no lights illuminated, treat the intersection as if stop signs were present.

The Roxana Police Department is searching for this vehicle. It is a red 1999-2004 Ford Mustang with black wheels. If you have any information as to the owner of this vehicle, please call RPD at 618-254-7469.