Kinmundy Police Department

  • Agency: Kinmundy Police Department
  • Address: 115 W 3rd St, Kinmundy, 62854 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 618-548-2141

Kinmundy Police Department is located at 115 W 3rd St, Kinmundy, 62854 IL. The Kinmundy Police Department phone number is 618-548-2141.

Kinmundy Police Department News

We have had several cars in and round our area that have been left unlocked and items taken. Please remember to lock your home and your vehicles. Anyone seeing any suspicious activity please contact Marion County Sheriffs 548-2141.

Anyone missing a black and white husky dog?

The Kinmundy Police Department along with the Farina Police Department have taken reports of a male describe to be in his mid-50s with a beard driving around and appears to be following children. He may possibly be in a white older suburban with black rims or an older four-door white car. He has been seen near parks and schools in our area. At this time it’s suspicious behavior. If you see something that looks out of the ordinary please call your local Police Department.

Thank you Salem PD for having me, great training!

Thanks so much to the home town friends for dedicating this little park to the military and to local first responders. It is very much appreciated!

Reminder it’s mowing season and per our city ordnance yards must be kept clean and mowed. Also I’m starting to see a few abandon vehicles and those are any vehicles that are not running and are expired plates. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

KPD is looking for two miniature schnauzers missing from Sycamore Street. One is silver and gray and the other is black with some white on his chest. If found please contact the owners at 918-1080 or 315-3964. Thanks!

Merry Christmas!

An arrest has been made in connection with the vandalism and the defacing of property at the library. THANK YOU for sharing the post and contacting me with information! I can’t say enough about the outstanding Community we have!

This is absolutely unacceptable! The Kinmundy Police Department is seeking information on the vandalism that occurred between 11/27 and 11/28. If you saw anyone at Library Monday night possibly into Tuesday morning, or know who did this please contact the police department or the Marion County sheriffs office! The library has always allowed for people to hang out after hours and use the Wi-Fi if this type of behavior continues nobody will be allowed on property after hours!

Congratulations to Officer Derrick Gaither and his wife Kayla Gaither on their birth of their beautiful daughter. Both mom and baby are doing great!

A huge thank you to the Kinmundy Alma fire department for getting out in this weather and cutting up all the trees blocking the roads. Also thank you to the Kinmundy city works for getting out and helping clear debris. Although power is still out at this time Ameren crews are in town working to get power back on.

The newest member of the Kinmundy PD family!

Great job to the Men and women of the Kinmundy-Alma fire department on a very fast knock down of a shed fire, preventing it from spreading to a nearby camper and home!

Please remember to bring your animals inside or make sure they have adequate shelter for these cold temps

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

With the holiday season upon us a lot of us are having packages delivered to our homes. It provides an opportunity for people to come by and take the packages off your front porch. So try to have someone there at the house that can bring the packages inside. I've already taken one report of a package being taken, if you see anybody that looks suspicious please contact the Marion County sheriffs department or I can be reached on here. Thanks!

What a GREAT morning at the South Central Middle School! Thanks SO much for having us!

And the winner of the Yeti cooler is............... Nathan Day! Congratulations to Nathan and thank you all so much for buying tickets!!!!

Halloween will be on Oct.29 from 6p-8p in Kinmundy.