Sandoval Police Department

  • Agency: Sandoval Police Department
  • Address: 102 N Cherry S, Sandoval, 62882 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 618-247-3411
Fax: 618-247-3374

Sandoval Police Department is located at 102 N Cherry S, Sandoval, 62882 IL. The Sandoval Police Department phone number is 618-247-3411.

Sandoval Police Department News

To whoever was on the atv tonight you lost your signs. Feel free to come and collect them at Police department.

We have been made aware of the viral post traveling social media websites. After reviewing all of the information it appears the threat is NOT directed at Sandoval High School. We will take any threat serious however and expect to see Police presence at both the Sandoval High School and Sandoval Grade School. I would also like to thank all those that have made us aware of this information.

Congrats John Osborne on completing taser training

Congrats Jordan Johnson on completing taser training.

This man is going around town asking to do yard work for people. This man does not have a solicitors permit through the city and we believe this to be a scam.The Sandoval Police Department requests that if anyone solicits any type of work or jobs that you contact the Police Department. If anyone has any information regarding this person please contact the Sandoval Police Department at 1-618-247-3411.

The Village of Sandoval will be oiling the streets on August 2nd and/or 9th. We ask that everyone keep the streets clear of any yard waste such as lawn clippings or leaves.

Our phone lines should be up and working now. You can now call 1-618-247-3411 to contact the police department.

We are currently experiencing problems with our police land line. If you need to contact the police department please call 1-618-339-3478 from a cell phone. If you try and contact this number from a land line however you will receive a busy signal until the problem is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyone in Sandoval missing this dog. She is a female found by orchard avenue. Contact Sandoval Police department animal control is picking up Monday morning if owners are not located. Any help will be appreciated thanks.

The Sandoval Police Department would like to inform everyone to the following: May 5th thru May 12th is Clean up week. May 6th is the consignment auction held at city hall May 13th will be the city wide yard sale May 20th Dr. Sprague will be providing vaccines for pets at City Hall.

The Sandoval Police Department would like to alert the village that we have taken reports of phone scams. The caller states that they are from publishers clearing house and that you must wire them money from western union. If you are contacted by these people or suspect any other telephone scams please contact the Sandoval Police Department so that we can inform the rest of the public.

Everyone remember to slow down and drive safe. The roads not only around town but all over are getting very slick with the icy weather. Drive safe everyone.

If anyone knows the owner or owns this male dog, which is white and brown please contact the Sandoval police dept.

This bicycle was left in front of our police department 2 nights ago. If anyone knows who this belongs to can you have them bring proof of ownership to our police department.

Anyone in Sandoval missing two labs. One black with a shock collar and green Remington collar. One brown lab with brown camo collar. Both males contact police department

The Sandoval Police Department would like to thank the Bethel Baptist Church for inviting us to join them today. We would also like to thank them for the prayers and blessings we received from you today and for the stickers in which you provided us.

This little one was just found around the intersection of main and Texas if anyone knows who she belongs to call the sandoval police department at 16182473411 thanks!!

Great job officers!