Toluca Police Department

  • Agency: Toluca Police Department
  • Address: 102 N Main St, Toluca, 61369 IL
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Phone: 815-452-2415

Toluca Police Department is located at 102 N Main St, Toluca, 61369 IL. The Toluca Police Department phone number is 815-452-2415.

Toluca Police Department News

Here are some examples of the calls from Oct 2016 till Nov 2018 to help you understand the type of calls the Police Department handles and the Services it offers to the community. Traffic Offenses Driving While License Suspended 2 Driving While License Revoked 4 DUI 7 Accident 12 Traffic Stops 116 Fleeing and Eluding Speeding 1 Property Crimes,Theft, Fraud Criminal Damage 13 Theft from Motor Vehicle 4 Theft 18 Stole Bicycle 4 Burglary 8 Theft of Services 6 Identity Theft 7 Vandalism 6 Check Forgery 1 Attempted Burglary 3 Fraud 4 Retail Theft 1 Scam 1 Stolen Credit Card 1 Theft of Motor Vehicle 2 Mental Health and Family Verbal Domestic 11 Domestic Battery 6 Suicidal Subject 4 Exploitation of Minor 1 Child Endangerment Child Abuse 8 Indecent Solicitation 1 Harassment 4 Runaway 6 Missing Person 7 Check Well Being 30 Neglect 3 Juvy Problem 2 Truancy 1 Neighbor Hood Dispute 4 Crim Sex Abuse 1 Mental Heath 3 Death Investigation 6 Ordinance and Animal Dog Bite 7 Ordinance Violations and Cases 90 Dog at Large Dog Calls 27 Drug and Alcohol Offenses Possession of Cannabis and Drug Equipment 6 Possession of Controlled substance 1 Possession of Alcohol 2 Illegal Consumption 2 Crimes against Person Threats 6 Aggravated Battery 2 Violation of Order of Protection 3 Sex Offender Registration Violation 3 Battery 10 Criminal Trespass 7 Criminal Sex Assault 1 Reckless Conduct 4 Criminal Sex Abuse 1 Aggravated Assault 1 Phone Harassment 6 Disorderly Conduct 11 Other Call and Services Found Item 6 Fire Arm Surrender 1 Suspicious Activity 15 Assist Other Agency 105 School Zone Patrol 43 Citizen Stand By 2 Radar Patrol 28 Finger Printing 1 Community Policing 35 Fight in Progress 4 Solicitor 4 Noise Complaint 5 Paper Service 7 OMV PERMITS 45 Assist Ambulance 44 Suspicious Vehicle 15 Suspicious Person 17 Assist Other Agency 105 Park Patrol 229 House Check 193 Vehicle Unlocks 10 Extra Patrol Business 24 Alarm Calls 12 Open Door 3 Fire 2 Fire Works 3 Traffic Control 4 Motorist Assist 9 D.L. Re exam 1 Information Reports 55 Warrant Arrests 18 Civil Issue 29

Answer to Question #3 What does the department do with its current annual operating budget? The answer to this question is the budget basically consists of salaries and equipment and then splinters off into sub sections, but I think you need a little back history to help answer the question. After being appointed Police Chief in October 2016, I quickly discovered that the Police Department was not in compliance with the State or Federal Agencies. We needed to recruit some new and well trained officers, needed to rebuild our community relationships, and were in desperate need of some equipment updates. I worked with our elected officials to create a several year strategic plan to recruit and retain qualified officers, update the departments aging equipment, bring the department back into compliance with all state and federal requirements, and rebuild the relationship between the police department and the community. I am happy to announce that we have met most of our strategic goals that we made several years ago. This was accomplished by the city moving to an all part time police department during this time period. The move to a part time policing model saved the tax payers money by not having to pay for insurance or pension for members of the police department. This allowed the city to raise the officers’ salaries, which helped attract and keep well qualified part time officers. This also helped the department purchase and update equipment that it had not been able to afford under the previous budget model. I further stretched the budget by applying for grants, which resulted in further savings to the taxpaying citizens of Toluca. The department, under my leadership, has received used computers and furniture from State Farm for the police department office, received over $10,000.00 from the State of Illinois to purchase in car camera systems for both of our police vehicles to help with cases and keep our actions accountable to the public, and received $3,000.00 from BNSF Foundation to purchase updated portable police radios and to build a community training room in city hall. The department also received 50% matching funds from the Department of Justice to purchase new bullet proof vests for our officers. I am continuing to seek grants to help purchase equipment to stretch the budget and save money as we still are in need of several more equipment updates. One squad car has over 100,000 miles and will soon need to be replaced and the garage where the cars are being stored only has about a five year life expectancy left on it. I am not good at bragging and that is certainly why this may be the first time you have heard any of these facts. The Toluca Police Department is probably in the best shape it has ever been in decades. We have professionally trained officers, updated equipment, engaged in community involvement, are currently in compliance with state and federal requirements, and have established a case management system which has improved case dispositions. The Toluca Police Protection Increase is a long term strategy to continue to improve the quality of services that the police department provides to the community. The long term goals are to keep a well qualified and professional police force while increasing hours of coverage. While part time policing is working for now it makes it very difficult to follow up on cases, address traffic complaint issues, animal complaints, and effectively police the community. Currently the department budget allows for 8 hours a day for patrol coverage,15 hours a week for me to complete administrative tasks, patrol, investigate and follow up cases, and other duties. We have an additional 40 hours a month set aside for extra patrol hours, officers to attend training, train new officers, and attend court time. Essentially we’re cramming 24 hours of policing into 8 hours of coverage a day. With the current social unrest in the country, the state of Illinois continuing to add mandatory unfunded training, among many other issues, its becoming difficult to recruit and retain qualified and professional officers under this part time model. In order to return to full time status we are going to have to be competitive with our wages and benefits and need this tax increase to help close that gap. I know that asking for a tax increase is difficult but let’s be honest, there is no good time to ask for one. However, as far as tax increases go, the small tax increase of approximately $8.00 a month based on a fair house value of $100,000.00 will go a long way to greatly improve the public safety of Toluca and help the City’s long term goal of moving back to a full time police force. I hope that this post helped you to understand that the city is not just arbitrarily asking for your hard earned money without having a plan in place and that we are trying to stretch every dollar we’re given. Thanks for the questions, comments, and phone calls. Please keep them coming!!! I will post some department numbers for the last 2 years tomorrow to help you, the tax payer, understand what kind of calls the department handles, what we do for the community, and how major cases can burn up my administrative and the patrol officers’ hours fast. Thanks Chief

Afternoon Here is some feedback and concerns that I have received so far about the Toluca Police Protection Increase. 1. The taxes in town are already too high. 2. Can the police write more tickets to help close the gap between the general fund and current annual police tax allocation? 3. What does the department do with its current annual operating budget? These are all great questions and I will try to address them. 1. I would have to agree that Marshall County Taxes are high compared to some counties in the state and that Toluca has some empty houses that are for sale. Unfortunately most of the state has the same issues and I don’t believe that Toluca’s current situation is out of the ordinary range for the State of Illinois tax and housing issues. Despite having higher tax rate I do believe that Toluca has some advantages over other communities of its size in that we have a nice looking community, lots of amenities for small town, currently have a professional police force, and have a great mayor and council that constantly looking out for the best interest of the tax payers. All these things put together make Toluca a great place to live and properly advertised can draw the right folks to our town to fill those empty properties. I will further explain out how this small tax increase will greatly improve the long term public safety of Toluca further down in post and that despite the current rate of taxes that this tax is the most affordable option. 2. While revenue from fines and tickets are supplemental to the department's budget no amount of annual ticket writing or fine increases will close the $90,000.00 gap between the general fund money used for the police department budget and the current annual public safety tax rate of approximately $10,000.00. Plus the federal government frowns upon departments that solely run their budget off revenue generated from fines or arrest etc. I feel that we are blessed in that the Police Department does not have to depend on fine or arrest generated revenue like many other departments.This allows the officers to use discretion and compassion when enforcing the law. The department has taken the following steps to increase the amount of fine money coming in by adopting an administrative towing fee for certain offenses and moved towards writing more city ordinance violations instead of state fines. The towing ordinance creates a new line of revenue and charging people with city ordinances offenses allows the city to keep more of the money collected from the fine. Both actions continue to allow the officers to still use discretion when enforcing laws keeping with the spirit of community policing. 3. To be continued on the next post later this evening. Thanks Chief

Morning, The city held 2 public meetings on our proposed Toluca Police Protection Increase and we only had 4 people from the community show up. I am not sure if that reflects positively or negatively on the issue; however the four people that did show up brought up some good points. Over the next couple of days I will be sharing some facts of why this tax increase is needed and what the Toluca Police Department does for the community, I am going to start with letter that was published to the paper. Thanks Chief Proposed Toluca Police Protection Increase Imagine the changes that have taken place over the last few decades…changes in technology, healthcare, information exchange and public safety. Now think of the impact all these changes have made on our day-to-day life. With all these changes, come a great deal of challenges for small communities with limited resources. The City of Toluca is no different than many other small communities across the state which are struggling to meet these challenges. One of the most pressing challenges the city faces is providing local police protection. Since its inception, the roll of our local police protection has continually changed and evolved. Due to this constant evolution, the city is continually faced with upgrading equipment, departmental policy & procedural changes, employee training & certification requirements, and staying competitive with employee wages to retain qualified officers. While the city has made a concentrated effort to keep departmental costs to a minimum, the changes and challenges facing small town police departments is taking its toll on the city’s budget. For almost 30 years, the city has had very minimal increases in its police protection tax. These minimal increases have not kept pace with all the changes and costs associated with these changes. For example, the city currently takes in approximately $10,000 under the current police protection tax, while last year’s operational costs for the city’s police department was over $105,000. This creates a substantial deficit on the city’s general fund and is something the city can no longer sustain. To bridge this deficit, the city is proposing an increase of $50,000.00 to the police protection tax (which will be included on the upcoming November ballot). An example of the impact of the proposed police protection tax increase would be that on a home with a fair value of $100,000.00, the proposed increase would equate to an approximate rise in taxes of roughly $95.67 a year, or about $8.00 a month.

Just a quick reminder that leaf burning is prohibited during trick treat hours for the safety of the kids and parents. We want the motorist to be able to see our kids walking around town and we don't want anybody's costumes catching on fire. Please have a fun and safe Halloween. If you need somebody to test your candy I am sure we can find some volunteers as long as you don't mind some teeth marks in your candy :0 ) Thanks Chief Guest

Trick-or-Treating Hours for tonight for the City of Toluca are 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Homes that want to participate in trick-or-treating should leave on a porch or exterior lights. Please keep in mind these safety tips: -Accompany all young children while trick-or-treating. Older participants should travel in groups and avoid traveling alone. -Stick to neighborhoods you are familiar with. -Closely inspect all candy before eating. Check labels closely for potential allergens. -Avoid homemade treats given out by strangers. -Remind children to walk, not run, between houses and use sidewalks when available. -Use caution when crossing the street and cross only at intersections when traffic is clear. -Wear brightly colored costumes or add reflective tape to costumes for visibility. -Carry a flashlight. -Motorists should be careful and alert during and around these hours. -Leave on a porch or exterior lights if you plan to participate in trick-or-treating. Anyone experiencing suspicious behavior, vandalism, or similar activity should report it immediately to the non-emergency number at 815-452-2415 🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃

Can’t believe it has been five years since we lost Casey and Draco from our blue line family. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers today!!! 💙💙💙💙💙

Thank you to our community for your amazing support in the National Drug Take Back Day event! We collected 12lbs of prescription medication this morning. That’s 12 lbs of prescription drugs that won’t get into the wrong hands thanks to your support. We will be getting a drug drop off box at city hall soon so that you don’t have to wait for an event like this. More details to come on that! Thank you again!

We’re here until 11am!

We’re here until 11am!

DON’T BE THE DEALER! National Drug Take Back Day is this Saturday, October 27th from 9am to 11am at the Toluca Police Department, Marshall County Courthouse, and Henry Police Department hosted by our local IMPACT group. Bring us your unused, expired prescription drugs to be properly disposed of.

Tomorrow night is the Toluca-Rutland Fire Protection Dist. Spaghetti Supper at Capponi's! Go support our friends over at the fire department

Toluca Trick or Treat hours this year are 5:30pm-7:30pm

National Drug Take Back Day Event: Marshall County, IL. Sheriff's Department

Public Service Announcement: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert and Wireless Alert system beginning tomorrow beginning at 1:18 p.m. CST. Please be advised this is a test, and only a test. More information can be found at the link below.

Great Family Event !!!!!

PRESS RELEASE Press Release #: Toluca Police Department Release Date: 09-26-18 Illinois Rail Safety Week – Illinois Rail Facts Toluca, IL – The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) is coordinating the fifth, statewide Illinois Rail Safety Week, which runs from September 23rd to 29th, in partnership with Metra Railroad, along with support from state, county, and local law enforcement agencies, railroads, schools, and various private sector agencies. The ILACP is also pleased to announce that Operation Lifesaver has declared the same week as National Rail Safety Week, and the ILACP is proud to be part of the national effort. The Toluca wants to promote safety for both motorists and pedestrians around railroad tracks. Did you know that Illinois has one of the biggest rail systems in the United States? According to the Illinois Commerce Commission; • Illinois has approximately 7,400 miles of railroad track, the second largest rail system of any state in the nation. • Over 547 million tons of freight moves on rails within Illinois each year which is the most of any state in the nation. • Chicago is the largest rail hub in the United States and third largest intermodal container/trailer port in the world, following only Singapore and Hong Kong. • There are about 37,500 railcars operated by over 50 railroad companies that pass through Illinois daily, which is the third highest in the United States. • About 20 million tons of chemicals, many of which are hazardous, are transported on the rail system within Illinois each year. • There are 10,269 public highway-rail crossings and 3,750 private highway-rail crossings located within Illinois. As the information above shows, no matter where you are in Illinois, you are likely to be around railroad tracks. For more information about Illinois Rail Safety Week, please visit contact the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police.

Help support our friends over at the Toluca-Rutland Fire Protection Dist.

The Toluca Labor Day Parade begins at 2:00pm today

Labor Day Celebration!!!!!! Toluca's Labor Day Celebration is underway. Come out and enjoy many of the great family friendly events. The Wilson family carnival has many great rides and games set up for kids of all ages. The beer and food tents are open and music stage is ready to go for the band perfect. Couple of reminders to help keep the event safe for everybody. Drink Responsibly!!! Ask for ride home if you had too much to drink!!! Stay out of the carnival after closing hours despite your urge to go down the slide on your way to the Cheese House for breakfast!!! Operate your golf cart or gator in a responsible manner. There will be no city sticker requirements during the labor day celebration; however all rules of the road apply. Insurance, all required lights and signals, the driver must have valid driver's license, and be sober. Special thanks to KSR in Lacon for lending the Police Department a gator for the duration of the festival. Thanks Chief

August 23rd, 2018 The Toluca Police Department received a grant check from the BNSF Foundation in the amount of $3,000. A portion of the grant was used to purchase three new portable radios, and the rest of the grant will be use to build a community training room in City Hall in the near future. Pictured below is Chief Guest accepting the grant check from BNSF SSA Ray Finley We would like to thank BNSF Railway for your continued support of our department and our community. Toluca Police Department