Mason County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Mason County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 102 West Market Street, Havana, 62644 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 309-543-2231
Fax: 309-543-3564

Mason County Sheriff's Office is located at 102 West Market Street, Havana, 62644 IL. The Mason County Sheriff's Office phone number is 309-543-2231.

Mason County Sheriff's Office News

The search continues on the river. We have had boats out every day and we have more volunteers coming in. Please check the Havana Police Department facebook page for updates. We (MCSO and HPD) are using their page as a single point for information to eliminate confusion.

The Mason County Sheriff's Office will be conducting training this Saturday (13th Oct) at New Central School in Havana. This is scenario based training. If you observe several police officers entering or exiting the school, don't be alarmed. Training will include moving SIMULATED injured persons out of the building. Training will be between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. Contact Sheriff Paul Gann if you have any questions at 543-2231.

Information: The Havana Rural Fire Department has a vehicle parked off the road on CR 1500 N. This is just East of SR97 in the vicinity of where the pipeline stored their crossing pads. This vehicle is staged for training. It is not an accident or abandoned vehicle. Thank you.

The Mason County Sheriff's Office has added yet another way citizens can turn in unwanted, expired, or no longer needed medications for disposal. This MedReturn Drug Collection unit was awarded through a grant from the Illinois Sheriff's Association. If you have medications for disposal, simply walk in to the lobby and deposit them in the container. If the medications do not fit, due to packaging for example, contact the dispatcher and they will take them. No questions asked. The Mason County Sheriff's Office will continue to participate in the Drug Take Back program as well. Also, if needed, we will come to you and pick them up if you do not have transportation.

Sheriff Paul Gann announces Safe Passage Program Information available from Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) states that there were 1,946 overdose related deaths in Illinois for the year of 2016. That rate is 1 and 1/2 times greater than the homicide rate and nearly twice the number of fatal accidents, as reported by IDPH. The opioid epidemic continues to spread across the country. The overdoses associated with this epidemic has led to a death rate that has surpassed other causes of death. In an effort to provide another avenue for treatment for those who suffer from opioid addiction, The Mason County Sheriff's Office has initiated a "Safe Passage Program. This program is designed to serve several purposes. First, and foremost, is to help those who recognize their addiction get access to help. Secondly, is to get that access without first being incarcerated and facing criminal charges. Third, take that first step to remove the social stigmatization normally associated with addiction. What is the goal? The goal is to attack the opioid epidemic that has led to far to many overdoses throughout the state. This epidemic does not recognize specific demographics, it respects no boundaries, and does not discriminate against a persons social or economic status. What was past practice? Simple to state. The individual either gets arrested and faces incarceration or keeps using, and using, and using until they overdose. Sometimes the overdose leads to death. A death that was avoidable. The law enforcement, judicial system, and other first responder communities have employed different tactics to assist persons suffering from addiction. Law enforcement officers and ambulance crews carry Narcan to administer to an overdose victim. In-patient treatment while incarcerated and/or drug court has been made available but that is after criminal charges have been filed. Those criminal charges do not help your addiction, they dig you deeper in debt and increase stress on you and your family. Safe Passage; The Basics. Any Mason County resident, who suffers from opioid addiction, may come to the sheriff's office and request "Safe Passage" consideration. IF that person has any drugs or drug paraphernalia it can be turned in and there will be no criminal charges. The person will then be put in contact with a deputy for the sole purpose of screening for the program. The deputy will then contact a "guide", who will then attempt to place those who are eligible, into a treatment program. The time line goal from walking in door to entry into some type of treatment plan is within 12 to 24 hours. The individual seeking safe passage must do so willingly and be cooperative with the process. Anyone who may pose a risk to the guide or person conducting the transport will be denied access to the program. Who is not eligible? If the participant has an active warrant, is a sex offender, has multiple drug convictions (one of which must be for delivery), a person under the age of 18 (unless you have a parent present), persons who are violent or may pose a threat to the guide or transporter are not eligible. This will be determined during the screening process. If you suffer from drug addiction, please seek help. Call a hotline number, enter treatment yourself, or if you need a person to help you get into treatment, come to the Mason County Sheriff's Office located at 102 W. Market Street, Havana Illinois and ask for Safe Passage. This is only one resource. Those who suffer opioid addiction should also consider one of the many Drug Addiction Hotline phone numbers available advertised on TV and in phone books. You can also research services on line using the internet. One available resource is the hotline number established by the Illinois Task Force on Opioid Addiction, that number is 1-833-2FINDHELP. This particular program is funded by a federal grant A message from Sheriff Gann. "The opioid epidemic that is spreading across this country is unprecedented. The funding is being made available at the federal and state level for treatment facilities and education. First responders are reaching out to help by administering Narcan, attending awareness training and starting programs such as Safe Passage. Everybody is reaching out to you, grab that hand and let us help you." If you are considering Safe Passage, but have questions, call Sheriff Paul Gann at (309) 303-0182.

Just a reminder about Drug Take Back Day April 28, 2018. Drop off any expired, or no longer needed medications at one of the following collection/drop off locations. Mason City IGA from 10 am to 11 am, Manito Lodge 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, Havana Oneys parking lot 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. No questions asked. You can also drop off medications at the Mason County Sheriff's Office any day or time.

Save the Date !!! On Thursday April 19, 2018 at 6:30 pm there will be free training and information provided about Naloxone. What is Naloxone ? It can reverse the effects of an opiate overdose. There are approximately 175 overdose deaths in the U.S. each day. This growing epidemic is present in every community and has no social class boundaries. Come listen to Sue Tisdale give details about this epidemic using terms everyone can understand. The location is at the Havana City Center, 326 W. Market Street, Havana. This is free to the public. If you know someone who suffers from opiate addiction you are encouraged to attend. Sheriff Gann will also provide information about the Mason County Sheriff's Office SAFE PASSAGE program. This is a program that is designed for anyone suffering from opiate addiction to seek help and enter treatment with the assistance of a GUIDE.

Common Scam makes it's return: I have heard from several citizens that the IRS scam is making it's rounds again. The tactic being used is that you receive a call with a recorded message stating that "you will be taken in to custody by your local cop, there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment". They go on to say that they want you to call them back before action is taken against you. The current number given for call back is 727-260-8286. DO NOT CALL THEM. SCAM. There may be other IRS scams coming as it is common for them to change tactics, especially around tax season. Contact Sheriff Paul Gann if you receive any suspicious or questionalbe calls of any sort. Protect your information.

Sheriff Paul Gann announces 2018-2019 scholarship opportunity. The Illinois Sheriff's Association will be awarding $53,500 in college scholarships throughout the State of Illinois to students wishing to pursue higher education during the 2018-2019 academic year. The scholarships can be applied to tuition, books and fees only. The student must be enrolled at a certified institution of higher learning within the State of Illinois. Sheriff Paul Gann, Mason County, will be awarding one (1) scholarship in the amount of $500. Scholarship applications are available at this time. You may obtain an application from the sheriff's office or from the ISA website ( Completed applications must be turned in to Sheriff Gann by March 15, 2018. Do not submit them to the ISA. PLEASE BE SURE TO SUBMIT ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION. This is a great opportunity for financial assistance.

WALMART SCAM: A citizen contacted me today saying she received a notice that she had a $100 gift card that had not been claimed. I called the number and spoke to a "very uncooperative" telemarketer having a foreign accent. They would not even identify their name or the franchise that sent the notice. This is a scam. If you receive a call or mailing of this nature, do not call back. If you are curious if you really won something, contact Sheriff Paul Gann and he will attempt to make contact for you. ALSO: Tax season is coming and so are the IRS scam calls. The callers address you by name, may have your last four numbers of your social security number and inform your that you have a debt owed and that if you do not pay, you will be arrested. This is an annual nationwide scam. Happens every year. If you have concerns regarding your taxes, contact your accountant or the preparer of your taxes. If you still have concerns, contact the IRS on your own initiative. There is no need to engage in conversation with the individual who called you.

ALERT: With the holidays fast approaching, be aware that this is "prime time" for theft. There have been reports of packages removed from porches in Mason County. I have also read of theft from vehicles in Springfield and Peoria (as well as other cities). Report any suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood. - Track the delivery of your purchases so that you, or a family member/friend, are home when it is delivered - Stay alert when departing stores - Look for people who are watching you - Keep doors and windows locked, home and auto - When you enter your vehicle,lock your doors immediately - Protect your credit cards and personal information - Carefully review you credit card statements - If you are going away for the holidays, request the Sheriff's Office place your home on the security check list. - If you have any concerns or questions please contact Sheriff Paul Gann at 309-543-2231

The Mason County Sheriff's Office will initiate project SafePassage in 2018. The SafePassage program is an initiative to assist persons addicted to heroin and/or other prescription drugs get professional help. A brief description is that an indivdual who suffers from addictiion can come to the Mason County Sheriff's Office, voluntarily, and ask for help. The individual may turn over any drugs or paraphenalia for disposal without receiving criminal charges. There are some logistics to be worked out, such as a non law enforcement individual to serve as a guide to treatment resources. Treatment is the objective.

Sending out a little reminder that tomorrow is Drug Take Back Day. Great opportunity to get rid of those unused, no longer needed, or expired medications. No questions asked.

"Drug Take Back Day". Mark you calendar for October 28th, 2017. The Mason County Sheriff's Office will be in local areas to accept potentially dangerous, expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs.....NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!! The schedule for the drug take back is 10:00 - 1100 am at the IGA parking lot in Mason City. The Manito Food Store building from 11:30 - 12:30, and the Oney's parking lot in Havana from 1:00 - 2:00 pm. If you can not make those times or locations, contact Sheriff Gann 309-543-2231 and we will pick them up as soon as we can. Also, these prescription medications may be dropped off at the Mason County Sherif's Office any day, at any time. Thank you for helping to keep our community safe.

RECENT SCAMS: There have been two types of scams reported recently. The first is the AMEREN scam. There have been several calls regarding this scam. A person calls the victim and represents themselves to be an official AMEREN employee. They tell the victim that they are behind in payments and AMEREN will shut their power off in 30 minutes unless they make the payment. They ask the victim to go to CVS and get a credit card and they will call back for the number. They use intimidation and fear tactics to get the victim to buy the card. This is a scam. AMEREN does use that process for payment and you would certainly know if there was a billing problem prior to a notice for shut off in 30 minutes. The second is the grandchild in trouble scam (again) This time the caller identified himself as a police officer from PA. Told the grandparent that the grandson had ran a traffic light and struck someone. The "Sergeant" then told the grandparent that $1200 would get the grandson out of jail, and don't tell his parents. Told the grandparent to western union the money to them. Fortunately, family members got wind of what was going on and contacted me. The caller made a call back and asked about the money being sent. We were on the phone at this point and after letting the "sergeant" go through his routine, we called him out on it. He hung up. Scam. Please report any type of activity you believe to be a scam so we can educate others. IF YOU RECEIVE A CALL ABOUT A FAMILY MEMBER IN TROUBLE, please call me (Sheriff Paul Gann 309-303-0182). I can make verification calls from the office or be there when they call back. Please share with your family and friends.

Sheriff Paul Gann presents Rikki Trimpe of Havana Illinois with the 2017-2018 Illinois Sheriff's Association Scholarship Award. Rikki is a graduate of Havana High School and plans on attending the University of Illinois this fall. She has chosen Pre-med as her intended major. Rikki lists National Honor Society, DARE role model, UCA All American Cheerleader, Peer Mentor, Interact Club, Spanish Club and Student Council among her many awards and activities. Congratulations to Rikki and good luck in your future.

A common scam has resurfaced. A resident reported that they were contacted by "a government agency" and they had been approved for a $9000 federal grant. The gimmick is, when you call back, you have to purchase an "I Tunes" gift card (or other gift card) and give the "government agency" the information off the card to pay for them to send an application through Western Union. This particular number is a 206 area code. The person who answers the phone has a distinct foreign accent and represented that he was from the department of human services.

121 lbs of unwanted, unused or expired medications collected this weekend during the Drug Take Back project. They will be transferred to the DEA today for destruction. Remember, you can always turn in unwanted, expired, or no longer needed medications to the Mason County Sheriff's Office. Any day, any time. No questions asked.

DRUG TAKE BACK: The Mason County Sheriff's Office will accept any unwanted, expired, unused medications on April 29th 2017. No questions asked. The drop off locations are the IGA store in Mason City (1000-1100 hrs), the Manito Food Store in Manito (11:30-12-30), and the Oney's parking lot in Havana (1:00-2:00 pm). If you are unable to make it to one of the drop sites, please feel free to drop them off at the Sheriff's Office. This can be done any day, any time. Help get these medications disposed of properly.

The Illinois Sheriff's Association has sent out mailings to join the association as an accociate member. This letter will have my authorized signature at the bottom. This is a legitimate membership drive. The funds are used, in part, to fund the scholarship program. Please remember that the Illinois Sheriff's Association DOES NOT solicit by phone. The Mason County Sheriff's Office DOES NOT solicit by phone. If you have any question regarding any phone solicitation, please call Sheriff Paul Gann at 309-543-2231.

As tax season comes to an end, be cautious of an increase of IRS scam calls. The caller will use high pressure, intimidation, and threaten with arrest. These are scam calls. Hang up.

The Mason County Sheriff's Office has been notified that phone service has been restored.

EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION: The Mason County Sheriff's Office is reporting an outage of land line phone service by the CenturyLink provider. This outage effects land line administrative and emergency calls to the Mason County Sheriff's Office dispatch and the Havana Police Department dispatch center. This outage appears to effect all CenturyLink users. Our contact with Tazewell County revealed they are having similar issues. Other adjoining counties have different providers and are operational. As as contingency, cell phones have been placed at the dispatch centers for emergency purposes. If you need the Sheriff's Office, call 309-357-2531 or 309-922-5828. If you need the Havana Police Dept. call 309-357-9242. These are temporary numbers until CenturyLink restores service. Only cell phone service is available at this time. Land line service is not working for those who have CenturyLink service.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING 911 CALLS: The Sheriff's Office has recently been informed of an issue regarding 911 calls made from cell phones. The issue reported was that after dialing 911 the call would not be picked up by the dispatch center until after several (6 to 8) rings. 911 Board Chairman Greg Griffin was informed of the issue and conducted some local tests using various Verizon cell phones. When Griffin conducted the test, he was in contact with the dispatch center so they could count the rings on each end. When Griffin called, he heard 6 rings before the dispatcher heard 1. All of these tests resulted in the caller hearing several rings, but the dispatch phone picked up on the first ring into the dispatch center. Sheriff Paul Gann made a test call using a Sprint phone and it rang twice and was picked up by the dispatch center (which is what should happen by the 3rd or 4th ring). During a period of a high volume of 911 calls (several people calling in at the same time) the call will come to the dispatch center, and if the lines are busy, will roll over to the backup dispatch center. But it should not take 6-8 rings. This would be abnormal. Sheriff Gann contacted the Illinois 911 Commission and spoke to Marcie Elliott. Sheriff Gann eplained that the Verizon user will call 911, hear the phone ring 2 or 3 times, then hear a clicking sound, then a few more rings followed by the dispatch center picking up the call. Marcie characterized the call as "false rings" and then the transfer to a 911 line. Marcie also advised that the state 911 board does not regulate cell phone companies. She suggested that we contact Verizon, which we are doing. If you make a 911 call on a cell phone and there are several rings, STAY ON THE LINE. The delay has something to do with the cell phone service which is being addressed. If you have any issue regarding 911 call service, please inform the Mason County Sheriff or any 911 Board Member so that it can be addressed. Call 309-543-2231 to report these occurrances.

The Illinois Sheriff's Association (ISA) has begun their annual membership drive. The ISA membership drive is conducted by mail only. The contents of the mailing consist of a letter, signed by me (electronic signature was authorized), bumper sticker, window sticker and a return envelope. The ISA logo is on the letter and on the return envelope. This mailing is NOT a scam. There are no phone solicitations from the ISA or the Mason County Sheriff's Office.