San Jose Police Department

  • Agency: San Jose Police Department
  • Address: 302 S 2nd St, San Jose, 62682 IL
  • Chief: Aaron Hodgson (Chief of Police)

San Jose Police Department is located at 302 S 2nd St, San Jose, 62682 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Aaron Hodgson. The San Jose Police Department phone number is 309-247-1234.

San Jose Police Department News

Here are some more coloring contest entries. Please "Like" the entries because the number of "Likes" will determine the winner in each age category. Contest ends on Friday October 30th at 5pm.

Here are the coloring contest entries. The entry with the most "Likes" in each age category wins! On Friday October 30th at 5pm we will calculate the winners and prizes will be awarded on Saturday October 31st at 4pm.

San Jose Neighborhood Watch Meeting

This forum was created to open lines of communications between the community and the Police Department. This forum IS NOT a page to make personal attacks.This forum only addresses police matters not issues regarding the actions of the board. Please reread the guidelines on posting on this page before posting, There has been a couple posts that have been deleted due to personal attacks. Thank you. BEFORE POSTING ON THIS PAGE, PLEASE REVIEW THESE TERMS: A posting on this page constitutes acceptance of these terms. In case of an emergency, dial 911. Do not use this page to report a crime or to request police response. To report a crime or request police response, contact Dispatch at 309-247-1234. "Friending" between SJPD staff and a citizen does not indicate endorsement of that person's actions or comments. Comments posted by others on the SJPD Facebook page are not to be considered the opinion of SJPD; nor does SJPD endorse any third-party comments on this page. SJPD reserves the right to remove and/or block anyone who posts inappropriate content as determined by the SJPD. SJPD does not allow postings of photos or videos by anyone other than designated members of SJPD. CONTENTS POSTED HERE IS SUBJECTED TO PUBLIC DISCLOSURE. SJPD encourages posters to keep comments civil and related to content on this page. SJPD reserves the right to remove any comments that are inappropriate or offensive, including comments that defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or violate the legal rights of others, including racism, hatred, slander, threats, obscenity, violence or vulgarity, spam or advertise, have personal information about another person, include copyrighted material that belongs to another person, or contain links to inappropriate websites.

The San Jose Police Department will be utilizing this App in October 2015 when the Neighborhood Watch Program is launched. This program will allow Coordinators and Members of the program an opportunity to do some ride along with the Police Dept. Feed back on ideas or concerns are welcomed

This plaque was given to The Pekin Police Department for their generosity. On June 9, our 2015 Ford Explorer squad catch on fire for an unknown reason. I contacted Pekin Police and they were able to lone us one of their squads free of charge until we were able to get another squad. Thanks to Pekin Police the San Jose residents were able to have police protection during that time period.

San Jose Police Department's New Squad!

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Please Check out The San Jose Police Department's new Facebook page! Like this page and stay informed!

The purpose of this Facebook page is to provide information to our community, to answer questions and provide insight regarding police activities and resources in order to strengthen our partnership to keep San Jose safe. The San Jose Police Department understands that only through strong community support and participation can we reduce crime and improve safety and security for residents and visitors. It is my privilege to serve as your Chief of Police and I welcome your questions, ideas or concerns to ensure we are providing the best public safety service possible. As a public service to the San Jose community, the Police monthly report will be posted here for those residents that are unable to attend the monthly board meetings. The San Jose Police Department will post updates on changes in current laws as well as new laws as they go into effect. We will also provide information on phone/internet scams to help deter the citizens from being victims of these crimes.

The San Jose Police Department announces the Neighborhood Watch Program. The San Jose Police Department is organizing a community/neighborhood watch program. This Neighborhood Watch program (NWP) is a partnership between neighbors and the San Jose Police Department to improve safety and prevent crime. This partnership is a step towards keeping your neighborhood safe and preventing crime as well as a stepping stone to community revitalization. This group will gauge neighbor’s interest; establish purpose of program; begin to identify issues that need to be addressed. This program is an association of neighbors who look out for each other’s families and property, alert police to any suspicious activities or crime in progress, and work together to make San Jose a safer and better place to live. The San Jose Police Department will train the group members in home security techniques, observation skills, and crime reporting. This group also act as an extra set of eyes and ears. Neighborhood Watch is the responsibility of its members. The San Jose Police Department will serve as a resource for the program. It is the responsibility of the elected neighborhood watch Coordinator’s to organize meetings, publicize meetings, and determines the content to be discussed and to facilitate the meetings. Successful groups meet regularly and maintain frequent contact among the group members. Meeting topics include: • Crime in your neighborhood • How and when to contact the police • Education on crime awareness, personal and home safety, scams/fraud, and holiday safety • On Saturday October 10, 2015 at 9am a meeting will be held at the San Jose Police Department. This meeting is very important. It can determine who will participate and what issues the group will address. It is also the time when the neighborhood network actually gets set up. It is where direct cooperation with San Jose Police Department can be started, and where plans can be made There will be ground rules so that progress can be made in an orderly fashion, such as: No blaming (placing blame does not create a solution) No soap boxing (everyone deserves their turn to speak) Listen respectfully to everyone’s ideas If you disagree, disagree with ideas or positions; don’t attack people • Allow each person to contribute the concerns and challenges that they see for the neighborhood. These items will be listed on a whiteboard giving the group a clear view of all of the issues. • The same will be done for the strengths and positive attributes of the neighborhood. • San Jose Police Department will aid in the meeting, and address any questions or concerns. • Organize the concerns that you have listed and decide which one is the most important. • Talk about ways that this concern can be dealt with, and set an action plan if necessary. • Decide on the possible roles people might play in the NWP. Some possibilities include: * Coordinators at various levels * Liaison with law enforcement * Formal reporters – people who take regular shifts walking around the neighborhood (often in pairs or groups) and noting any odd or suspicious activity * Informal reporters – people who don’t have regular shifts, but who agree to be watchful in their travels around the neighborhood, and to report anything that merits it * Recruiters of new NWP members and those who spread the word about the NWP and about whom to contact if you have concerns • Organize a communication system • Provide information on making property safer and guidelines for documenting suspicious activity • Set the time and place for your next meeting It’s up to all of us to make our community a better place. Together we can make a difference. People interested in being a part of this program should email your name, home address, email address, and phone number to: (This information will remain confidential) The San Jose Police Department