Bushnell Police Department

  • Agency: Bushnell Police Department
  • Address: 127 Ludwig St, Bushnell, 61422 IL
  • Chief:

Bushnell Police Department is located at 127 Ludwig St, Bushnell, 61422 IL. The Bushnell Police Department phone number is 309/772-9524.

Bushnell Police Department News

August 13th is meet the Teacher night at the B-PC Elementary. Bushnell D.A.R.E. Officer Hood will be in attendance as well. Be sure to stop by and see him.

Fall Clean up days will be Thursday September 13th for regular Thursday trash pick up and Friday September the 14th for regular Friday trash pick up.

Check list for golf cart inspections. Please remember you must trailer your golf cart to inspections.

Updated information on Golf Cart Ordinance: All inspections will be done at the Police Department Building by Police Chief Joe Fosdyck. Please call (309) 772-9524 to set up an inspection time. Once the inspection is completed and your golf cart approved, you will then go to City Hall to complete the process and receive the required sticker. Please remember that you must take your golf cart on a trailer to the Police Department for the inspection, not drive it there. Please make sure that you have proof of insurance before going to the inspection. Thank you for your patience while we work to make this as smooth of a process as possible.

ATTENTION: you may experience some phone lines not working properly, this is because there was a fiber optic cable cut in Macomb today. If there is an emergency please call 3093333443. Thank you

Friendly reminder with finally getting some Spring weather

The City of Bushnell Clean up days are as follows: Thursday April 26th and Friday April 27th. Please remember that Electronics and paint cans and such will not be picked up, but can be recycled anytime during business hours after checking them in with City Hall.

The City of Bushnell will be hosting a Free Naloxone Training covering the rise of Opioid overdose. This well be a educational and prevention discussion held the Bushnell Municipal Complex (also the location for the Police Department across from car wash). The class is February 7th, 2018 from 6:00p.m. to 8:00 p.m. It notes that if you plan to attend this to RSVP at City Call during business hours (Monday-Friday 7:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.) This will help ensure we have adequate seating.

With Freezing rain in the forecast and the weather man being correct today. Please if you do not have to travel don't today. If you do have to travel please drive cautiously and stay safe.

The Bushnell Police Department would like to wish everyone a SAFE and Happy Holidays. With that being said with the 1st snow fall of the year please be cautious while driving and safety first. A lot of families will be driving over the next span of a week or so. Some helpful precautions to think about with the snow is the "what ifs". If you are traveling a long distance or out into the country where immediate help may not be available and you get stranded it would not be a bad idea to have in your vehicle extra clothing, foot wear, blankets, water and etc. Remember simple things, no cell phone while driving unless 911 type emergency, wear your seat belt, and most of all take your time and be safe. Thank You Bushnell Police

With Upcoming Weather: Snow Route Parking: Bushnell ESDA would like to inform the community of the proper snow plow information for snow removal. Since Winter is upon us, it is necessary to remind the community of the proper snow removal routes. Following these steps will help our City Workers effectively remove the snow from your block. 10.28.040-1 Vehicles may be parked on the uneven street number side of the street on days with names that have the letter U in their spellings. Example: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. -2 Vehicles may be parked on even street number side on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also, we are asking for cooperation by not parking on East Wells, as well as, East and West Hurst Streets during snow emergencies. This will allow Emergency vehicles to navigate streets effectively.

ATTENTION: The City of Bushnell is soliciting sealed bids for the following exercise equipment- Bowflex Machine, ProForm Treadmill and Livestrong Eliptical Machine. Each piece of equipment will be sold separately. The equipment is available for inspection. To view the equipment and for additional information contact City Clerk Tashina Bradford at (309) 772-2521. All written bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and bare the name of the individual piece of equipment on the outside of the envelope. Please include your contact information on all bids. All written bids may be either hand delivered or mailed to City of Bushnell, 138 E. Hail Street, Bushnell, IL 61422, no later than Monday, October 2, 2017 by Noon. The bids will be opened at City Hall at 1:00 p.m. by City Clerk Tashina Bradford. The City Council will hold its regular meeting at the Bushnell City Hall, Bushnell, Illinois on Monday October 2, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. and will consider all bids at that time. The City Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Tashina Bradford, Bushnell City Clerk

Have you recently lost the key to your house and car? Was the last place you saw them at the VFW Park where Flag Football is practiced? If the answers are YES!! The BPD may have just what you are looking for! Keys found at VFW Park on 09/14/17.

The Bushnell Police had this type of scam showed us to us. The person received these items in the mail (they were also priority mailed). They had no contact with the person, but the individual knew the name and address. The one is a list of instructions on what to do with the money order. The individual pointed out that the state on the money order for the suspect and the state on the instructions is different. Thank You for sharing this with us.

Notice Bushnell Fall Clean Up Days: Thursday September 14th and Friday September 15th. This goes along with your normal scheduled trash pick-up. Please try not put anything along for the curb before the 8th 0r 9th if it can be helped. Things NOT allowed: Paint Tires Electronics (they can be recycled behind the police department) Any Hazardous Materials. Any questions about items please call City Hall during business hours for a complete list at 309-772-2521

The Bushnell Police Department was visited by some young members of BushnellRocks today!

This is the Statute on Campaign signs for those who have been asking or wondering. Thank You

The Bushnell Police is looking for any information on these two individuals who broke into Dairy Queen in the early morning of Thursday August 10th 2017. One Suspect's hoody reads NINO 14 and has writing down the sleeves. Any information please call Bushnell Police at 309-772-9524.

Team Reid

Announcement for those planning on attending Reid's services tomorrow the route from the high school to cemetery will be... Out the back of the school on Spartan driver to gridley street, then turn south on the highway/ Cole street go 1 block to Hail Street

UPDATE !!!! THE OWNER HAS BEEN LOCATED THANK YOU These two dogs were found somewhere on Murphy black top... If you know the owner please have them contact Bushnell Police or bushnell animal control... Very friendly German Shepherd is female the other male...

ATTENTION: The Bushnell Police have been made aware that counterfeit money is currently going around the area. Today the Bushnell Police have collected these 2 $100 bills. Both individuals found the bills at their front door this morning. If you have a similar incident please do not spend the money. BOTH BILLS IN PICTURE ARE FAKE. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of a real $100 bill on hand. Just because the 2 bills found today are $100 does not mean other denominations have not been made. Thank You

REMINDER AND NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: Reminder: Spring clean up days are April 6th and 7th depending on when your regular pick up day for garbage is. Announcement: The City Of Bushnell will pick up any yard waste material that is brought out to the edge of the road for citizens on April 11th, 12th, and 13th. Yard waste materials are sticks, grass clippings, leaves, and etc that are allowed at the city yard was dump.

Spring clean up days will be April 6th and 7th