Johnsburg Police Department

  • Agency: Johnsburg Police Department
  • Address: 3611 Chapel Hill Road, Johnsburg, 60050 IL
  • Chief: Kenneth M Rydberg, Jr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 815-385-6024
Fax: 815-385-4490

Johnsburg Police Department is located at 3611 Chapel Hill Road, Johnsburg, 60050 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Kenneth M Rydberg, Jr. The Johnsburg Police Department phone number is 815-385-6024.

Johnsburg Police Department News

Don't forget!

Here's a little guide to help everyone out handing out candy this year. Don't be a partypooper!

Trick or Treating in the Village of Johnsburg is Sunday, October 28th from 3PM til 7PM. Here are a few helpful safety tips to follow so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

Unable to make it today to drop off your old or unused medication? You can always stop by the station during the week as we will accept your medication. Located inside the lobby of the station is a drop off container. We do not accept liquids or needles.

Todays the day!! 10AM til 2PM at the Johnsburg Police Department...turn in your old and unused medication! We do no accept liquids or needs!

BURNING ORDINANCE REMINDER: Open burning is limited from dawn to dusk Saturdays and Sundays in April, May, October and November. The burn area must be a minimum 100 feet from any home and 50 feet from a detached garage, shed or barn. Burning is banned in easements or any area where wind speeds are stronger than 10 mph. An adult must be present for the duration of every burning, and a water source or fire extinguisher also must be available. Yard waste burned on any property must come from the same property. Burning other materials, such as garbage, paper and cardboard, is prohibited.

Bay Rd bridge is open.

Missing your phone?? We have located a cell phone that was left behind at Sunnyside Park. If you are missing your phone. Please contact Johnsburg Police Department at 815-385-6024