Heyworth Police Department

  • Agency: Heyworth Police Department
  • Address: 108 S. Buchanan Street, Heyworth, 61745 IL
  • Chief: Chris Lane (Chief of Police)

Heyworth Police Department is located at 108 S. Buchanan Street, Heyworth, 61745 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Chris Lane. The Heyworth Police Department phone number is (309) 473-2481.

Heyworth Police Department News

Our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of ISP Trooper McMillan. https://youtu.be/o5cUbozDA4c

Drug Take Back This Saturday October 27th 10:00am-2:00pm Heyworth Village Hall South side garage doors. No syringes,no liquids, no ointments. Pills and patches only! https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drug_disposal/takeback/

Way to go Kyle Quinton! Kyle built this dock this past weekend at Centennial Park for the canoe/kayak launch as part of his Eagle Scout project. He managed to design it and was successful in getting 100% of the supplies needed donated! Nice addition to Centennial Park! Thank you Kyle and good luck with becoming an Eagle Scout!

Deactivated Phone found near Volunteer (Splash) Park. Contact Officer Payne at 309-888-5030 if it’s yours!

Please read the attached letter regarding recent ordinance changes to parking vehicles and trailers. Also if you have inoperable vehicles on your property, please make them operable and legally licensed or have them removed from your property to avoid legal issues that will arise. Strict enforcement will begin on August 20th, 2018. If you would like a hard copy of this letter, stop by Village Hall and we will provide a copy to you.

Loose these prescription sunglasses? Contact Village Hall, Chief has them!

Heyworth Village Ordinance prohibits yard clippings in the roadway. This not only causes issues when storm sewers get blocked during heavy rainfall, it also creates dangerous conditions for motorcycles. Please don’t do this! (This photo was taken off internet, not a Heyworth resident!)

IDOT has finally completed it’s installation of caution flashing lights, in which they installed sensors to detect either approaching traffic on Rt. 51 or cross traffic on 100 North Rd just south of Heyworth. Even though the caution lights are there don’t rely on the lights only. Be sure you have a clear view of approaching vehicles.

Well, another school year down! It’s been a pleasure working with these two making sure all went well with the pick up and drop off of students. We made it through the school year under a new traffic plan and I should mention “ no accident reports”! Thanks Brian and Ashley for all of your help! I hope all of you have a great summer with the little ones!


The first three Kayak/Canoe permits for Centennial Park were issued today to Pastor Pete Hopkins of the Heyworth Christian Church. Pastor Pete was actually the reason I advocated for change, allowing canoes and kayaks at Centennial Park. Last summer the Pastor had just landed the position at the church and moved to Heyworth, unaware of the “no boating” rule at the park. He thought that this pond was the perfect training ground for his son, who was in his own kayak, before tackling a larger lake. Boating has not been allowed at Centennial Park since the tragedy in 1959 in which 6 people lost their lives. The dynamics of the pit has changed dramatically since then and the pond is much shallower these days. If you would like a permit for your canoe or kayak they are $10.00 for the first watercraft and $5.00 for each additional per family. Applications available at Village Hall. The season is May 01st-Oct.31st. All requirements set for by the State and IDNR apply. Congratulations Pastor Pete for being the first one to EVER legally obtain a permit! And, what a coincidence that the tragedy occurred in 1959, and 59 years later it’s open for canoes and kayaks!

So I got a call from Off. Payne, someone had a rooster in their garage near the elementary school and he wasn’t quite sure what to do. To be honest, he and I are City boys and do not have experience dealing with chickens except for chowing down some wings with a cold one every now and then. Well lucky enough, my 12 year son was over and he has about 20 chickens at his moms house. I asked him if he could help the police out with this situation and he didn’t hesitate, threw his shoes on and he was off to his first official police dispatch! He calmly picked up the rooster put it on his lap in the car and it was returned to a very grateful owner. The owner also advised that the rooster is very mean. We would have never known that because Jackson was talking calmly to it while petting the rooster the entire time as if it was a pet cat or dog. I’m looking back at his 3 inch talons saying, don’t let go! Lol Way to go Jackson Geriets! **Below: Jackson & Off.Payne

Heydays Celebration is this Thurs-Sun! Weather sounds great for the event as well! Having said that, please be diligent this weekend and lock your vehicles, garage entries, and residence. Celebrations such as these attract criminal opportunists from other communities. Don’t make it easy for thieves who think it’s okay to take your hard earned property! Just like we go to work everyday, they too have a job. Their job is to make fast easy money by taking what doesn’t belong to them! Don’t be a victim of a property crime, lock up your property! We will have extra patrol officers and McLean County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Officers as well. We will do our part, so please do your part to assist us. If you see something suspicious, please call! I hope to see you all at the festival! Chief Mike Geriets

Owners Located!!! Disregard post! Two dogs in custody Heyworth Police Dept. Call 309-888-5030 to contact Officer Payne. Please folks, get ID tags with your information if you dog gets away. Do not let your dogs run at large!

You have until 2pm today to drop off your unused unwanted medication. Heyworth Village Hall south side at the garage doors!!!

Great time with our High School students today!

Drug Take Back is this Saturday from 10am-2pm on the south side of Village Hall. Bring all old, expired,unused or unwanted prescription medication for safe disposal. We do not accept syringes, liquids, or ointments. It would also be a great time to register your golf cart/utility vehicles if they are about to expire.

Centennial Park has Cormorants swimming and diving for fish. I don’t think I’ve ever seen these birds before! Hopefully seeing all of the wildlife at the park is a sign of Spring being around the corner. Don’t forget to get your canoe and kayak permits for the park. Applications are available at Village Hall. Season begins May 1st. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cormorant

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Nick Riordan family. You have our deepest condolences. Rest In Peace Nick.

I found several boxes of gun locks that were sponsored by Project Child Safe. If you would like to secure your weapons, to prevent your little ones from accessing your firearms....stop by Village Hall, or email me at policechief@heyworth-il.gov These are free!

Heyworth residents: a privilege we have living here is that on the 2nd Friday of every month between 730am-1030am we offer for free, an opportunity for you to get rid of old electronics. This is strictly for residents in Village Limits! We have a trailer in the parking lot for you to place your old TV’s desktop computers etc... Randomly dumping your old electronics at Village Hall on days not designated is a crime! I surely wouldn’t go dumping my stuff in your yard so we ask the same courtesy of you! 6-3-5 Village Ordinance can get you a fine of up to $750.00

Update: Dog turned in found running around Karr St near Cleveland St in Heyworth. No collar / No tags! Thanks for all your shares! In 3 hours this post was viewed by over 2,000 people. If you own a pet, please be responsible by having collar with a tag, identifying you as the owner with contact information. Your pet deserves to be returned to you as soon as possible without having the added stress of being caged in a unfamiliar place. Contact McLean County Animal Control if this is your baby! http://www.mcleancountyil.gov/animalcontrol

RETURNED TO OWNER!!! Thanks for sharing. This puppy was a service dog to a US Veteran who said this baby slipped out of collar, leash etc... Awww, this cute puppy is too young to know we have leash laws in Heyworth. Currently being held at Heyworth PD. Please call METCOM 309/888-5030 to have a Heyworth Officer to meet you claim this friendly critter!

Congratulations to 8th grade student Jack Williams for organizing Heyworth Jr./Sr. High School National Walk-Out, recognizing a need to stop school violence. Students who attended signed a pledge, names of victims and their ages were read out loud, followed by a moment of silence. I am so proud of our students today. I, along with our schools Administration are committed to promoting safe schools. Thank you to Jack and his parents for giving me permission to post his name on social media, to give him much deserved recognition. Chief Geriets Heyworth Police Dept.

Met with Congressman Rodney Davis on Friday. First time I had the opportunity to meet him. He knows first hand about “active shooters” because he was in Alexandria, Va. at the Congressional Baseball Game when it occurred there. He’s a good guy and sympathizes with victims and an advocate for positive change! https://www.google.com/amp/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/congressional-baseball-shooting/story%3fid=48051222