Hudson Police Department

  • Agency: Hudson Police Department
  • Address: 217 Shiner St, Hudson, 61748 IL
  • Chief: Dale Sparks (Chief of Police)
Phone: 309-726-1001
Fax: 309-726-1238

Hudson Police Department is located at 217 Shiner St, Hudson, 61748 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Dale Sparks. The Hudson Police Department phone number is 309-726-1001.

Hudson Police Department News

Just Approved, Solicitor Permit for Dish One Please understand that the Hudson Police does not endorse products being sold. We check for criminal background informationd and approve the individual selling the products.

The Hudson Police Department just approved two new solicitors to come to your neighborhood. While we do check to make sure there is no criminal background, we do not endorse the product that they are selling. Please do not base your purchase on this posting. Weed Man will be going door to door starting today and the permits are valid through 5-21-18. Below are the permits that were issued.

Friday May 4th and Saturday 5th 2018 the Village of Hudson is having the Garage Sale Days. The Hudson Police Department along with the Street Department have placed “NO PARKING ANY TIME” signs on many of the streets to regulate parking on one side only. The signs are in place and will be enforced to ensure that emergency vehicles (Police and Fire services) can respond safely in a timely manner, In addition to the “NO PARKING ANY TIME” signs, East Street from Locust Street will be ONE WAY going north and Washington Street will be One Way going south from Havens Drive to Locust Street. We at the Hudson Police are asking that everyone please obey the posted signs as well as all other traffic regulations while attending the garage sales.

Found in the Pairieview Subdivision, a black and brown terrior dog. It can be located at 310 Prairieview. If your missing a pet please check at this address.

Missing Dog "Benny" If located contact the owners with below information Thank you

Approved and working this week, Jeremy Marlowe. Marlowe is working with Weed Man going door to door. He has been background checked by our department. Marlowe is asking to measure your property. These measurements will allow Weed Man to later give you a bid on their services. While being approved by the Hudson Police Department to go door to door. The Village of Hudson in no way endorses the products that are being represented

Remember to turn on your light even when your lights are automatic

With the predicted snow fall tonight the Village of Hudson IL has issued a Parking Ban beginning at Midnight tonight and will remain in effect until Noon on Sunday February 11, 2018. Please remember to remove all parked vehicles from the Village streets prior to Midnight. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!!

Not sure this is actual,NEVER give personal info to any unknown caller! We have become aware of people receiving calls on their cellphones from their own number. Upon answering the call someone tells you that your number has been compromised and asks for your social security number to verify your account. DO NOT give anyone your social security number or other personal information, THIS IS A SCAM!! We want to get this information out to as many as we can so please share with your friends and family so they will not fall victim to this scam.

With the current weather prediction of more snow in the central Illinois areas, the Village of Hudson IL is placing a Parking Ban for the Village of Hudson starting at 12:01 am, Wednesday February 7th, 2018 until 9:00 am February 7th, 2018. Please keep all parked vehicles off the streets in the Village of Hudson, Illinois after midnight tonight until Wednesday 9am Thank You

The Village of hudson has issued a PARKING BAN beginning Monday February 5, 2018 at 2:00PM through Tuesday February 6, 2018 ending at 9:00AM. During this period all parked vehicles are to be removed from the Village streets to allow employees to safety clean the snow and ice from the Village streets. The Hudson Police Department will be monitoring and enforcing violators where needed. Thank You in advance for removing all parked vehicles.

Village employees are again plowing. Please move any vehicle sitting in the streets. Officers are attempting to locate vehicle owners but have been told to issue parking tickets if the owner can not be reached. If your vehicle is in the street, please , move it and let your neighbors know Thanks

The Village of Hudson IL has issued a parking ban for Sunday December 24 and will stay in effect until 3 PM on the 24th. Please remove all parked vehicles until 3PM. THANK YOU

Halloween hours in the Village of Hudson will be 5PM -8PM on October 31, 2017

I have received recent complaints in the Village of Hudson of drivers of motor vehicles not leaving a safe distance as they pass our biking friends. Illinois 625 ILCS 5/11-703 Leave a safe distance, but not less than three (3) feet, when passing the bicycle or individual and shall maintain that distance until safely past the overtaken bicycle or individual. In addition to the bike rider concerns the intersection of Havens and East Street has been brought to the attention of the Police Department. Motorist are not stopping at the stop signs as the go through the intersection. The Illinois law requires motorist to come to a complete stop and then proceed only when it is safe to do so.

New Solicitor, The Hudson Police Department does not endorse products being sold by solicitors approved by our Department. Solicitors have been checked for Criminal background only.

FOG! Just a note, many of your new cars have automatic head lights. What many drivers don't realize, only a small part of your vehicle lighting system comes on when the automatic head lights come on. This being said, what I saw this morning, no tail lights at all unless your braking (Brake Lights). When you have heavy fog, snow or any other reasons to turn on your head lights, TURN THEM ON, don't count on automatic lights to meet the LEGAL requirements. Many times when you're driving, seeing is not a problem, being seen is a bigger problem. LIGTH THEM UP!

It has been brought to my attention that many of the local residents have been receiving phone calls from callers stating you owe money or will be arrested. Do not fall victim to these callers! if the callers are legitimate you can look up their business or phone number and call it direct. Do not call the number they refer you to, DO NOT go to a local business and purchase gift cards and read the number off to them over the phone to make payment. Does this sound like standard business practices? Think before you learn a costly lesson!!!!

Village of Hudson, Today I received a phone call from one of our residnets stating that he received a call from who he believed to be a local person only to find that it was a sales call. What this company is doing is trapping your phone number when they call you and then somehow, using the caller ID from your phone to make the next sales call. If you receive a call like this please note what company is calling you so I can attempt to contact them and put an end to this type of phone solicition. Call the office number and leave a message if you would 309-726-1001 Thanks for your help.

Found Dog, Contact Kyle 402-710-1650 Found 2200 Near Evergreen Lake

Jeffrey Norris will be working in Hudson the next few weeks. Jeffrey has in the past painted curbs with house numbers charging home owners if the agreement is made. If you see this car or his name badge you will know that he has been at the Hudson Police Department for his permit.

Think twice and then think again before sending money to anyone that claims to the IRS on a phone call. Just a reminder, if you receive a phone call from someone that claims to be from the IRS, it is most likely a scam. This has been going on for some time and continues to go on. The caller threatens you with heavy fines and possibly jail if you refuse to sent money. The IRS has said repetedly they will not call or text you if your behind on taxes. All IRS collections come through the mail. If you respond and give them the cash they are asking for, it is rare that you will ever see your money again. Until your a victim, there is no crime, Don't be that victim.

Hudson Garage Sale Days Parking Efforts to premote public safety and to insure Police and Fire/Rescue vehicles have access in a timely mannor, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Hudson Garage Sales Days MAY 4, 5, and 6th, 2017) Special Parking Restrictions will be signed and inforced. If the signs are in place special parking regulations are active. Special one way streets will be also designated by the barracades signs. One Way Streets will be as follows: East Street from Locust Street will be ONE WAY going North (Parking one side only) Washington Street from Havens to Locust Street will be ONE WAY going South (Parking one side only) Whitetail (Parking one side only) Pheasant LN (Parking one side only) Prairieview. (Parking one side only). Please follow the signed directions, our goal it to make the Village safe for all to enjoy,

Registered from 4-21-17 through 4-28-17 to solicit in Hudson. Please remember, we only check the history of the individual and in no way endorce the product that is being offered for purchase. Weed Man Copmpany going door to door getting permission to give a bid on lawn service.