Illinois State University Police Department

  • Agency: Illinois State University Police Department
  • Address: 718 West College Ave Nelson Smith Bldg, Room 105, Normal, 61790 IL
  • Chief: Ronald D. Swan (Chief of Police)
Phone: (309) 438-8631

Illinois State University Police Department is located at 718 West College Ave Nelson Smith Bldg, Room 105, Normal, 61790 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Ronald D. Swan. The Illinois State University Police Department phone number is (309) 438-8631.

Illinois State University Police Department News

The #RealLifeReggie awards are back! Officers are on the lookout for students demonstrating what it means to be a Redbird. Monthly the #RealLifeReggie citations they hand out will be entered into a drawing for a prize hand delivered by Chief! #YourRedbirdLife #OurCopsCare

Wed 9/19 - 8:30am: If you are heading into campus on I39, please find an alternate route and allow public safety workers room to respond.

Are you following us on Instagram? Today we posted a super cute bunny ... just sayin. #OurCopsCare #ShutterBug #YourRedbirdLife

Although we enjoy poking fun as any good police/fire rivalry would, we deeply respect and love on our brothers and sisters in red. If you are considering a career as a Firefighter/Paramedic, consider working with the finest at Normal Fire Department (Normal, IL).

Thanks to all the boys and girls who invited us to join in the building fun. Next time we'll have to bring bigger supplies and see if we can't build a birdhouse big enough for Reggie.

‪If you see activity around Redbird, this is just a drill. ISU Emergency Management is running a full-scale exercise with McLean Co Health. Practicing disaster response is one way we keep our Redbirds safe. #FridayFootPatrol #YourRedbirdLife #OurCopsCare‬

Your mission should you choose to accept it: help reunite this phone with its owner. The owner can contact us and will have an idea when/where it was lost and will be able to unlock it. This message will not self destruct, because it's only a FB post and this drawn out joke is just getting silly. #YourRedbirdLife #OurCopsCare

Today we pause to remember all of the first responders who saw the sky fall and without hesitation ran into the rubble. We've got the next shift, Always. #OurCopsCare #YourRedbirdLife #WeRemember

Update: We've gotten more questions. These links do NOT go to a sex trafficking site. Again, they go back to a legit app. If you see the rumor in the grey box passed around on snapchat, ignore it. ***** We've seen many rumors on social media this week. Here's another one. We recommend ignoring random links, but this goes back to a legit app. When in doubt call us or check, but please don't forward to your friends without checking authenticity first. #LoveConquersFear #OurCopsCare #YourRedbirdLife

ISUPD has been made aware of concerns about a person in a green van suspected of harassing a female in the area. Neither ISUPD, Normal PD, or Bloomington PD have received ANY police reports about such an incident. If anyone has any first hand knowledge, please call the appropriate police department. At this time, there are no credible, ongoing threats to the campus community. If such a threat was reported and found to be credible ISUPD would issue a Crime Advisory with the reported information.

Thank you to our first SAFE class for teaching us the meaning of empowerment. Today is the final day to sign up for the September 5th class - email us at to reserve your spot! #YourRedbirdLife #OurCopsCare

It's so hot ... again! Come take a break with us 12:30-1:30 (or until the freezy pops are gone). We'll be at the south end of the quad by the SF Hall of Business/CVA #YourRedbirdLife #OurCopsCare

CRIME ADVISORY ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY POLICE August 23, 2018 Campus Crime Advisories are issued to warn of possible dangerous conditions on or near the Illinois State University campus. For a complete listing of Crime Advisories, including full suspect descriptions if available, and the Daily Crime Log of the Illinois State University Police go to the Illinois State University Police website at REPORTED OFFENSE: On 8/23/18, at approximately 2:00 PM, Normal Police responded to the Constitution Trail near the 400 block of E. Vernon Ave., after a non-student reported he was battered by two yet to be identified male suspects. The suspects also took the victim’s wallet and fled the area. At this time, this is believed to be an isolated incident and not a random act. This incident remains under investigation by the Normal Police Department. Anyone with additional information can contact Normal Police at (309) 454-9535. Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1000 for tips that lead to the arrest of these offenders. Please contact McLean County Crime Stoppers at (309) 828-1111. CRIME PREVENTION TIPS: -Use Redbird Safe Walk for walking escorts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; Dial 309-438-WALK -Stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you. Avoid wearing headphones, talking or texting on your cell phone, or anything, which can distract you, including the excessive consumption of alcohol. -Travel in groups and avoid going out alone at night. -Plan the safest route to your destination; choose well-lighted, busy pathways and streets. -If someone is bothering or harassing you, tell the person in a loud voice to STAY AWAY. -Carry your cell phone with you and be prepared to call 911 with a suspect description. -If you are a victim or witness, call the police immediately and try to remember as many details as possible. -Call police immediately if you observe suspicious activity. This Crime Advisory is issued in compliance with the Timely Notice provisions of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, a federal statute governing the reporting and disclosure of crimes on college campuses. For a complete listing of Crime Advisories, including full suspect descriptions if available, and the Daily Crime Log of Illinois State University Police go to the Illinois State University Police website http://

ISUPD will be holding a women's introduction to self-defense class, called SAFE, on Sept. 5th from 3-5pm. This 2-hour course will be held on-campus, specific room TBA. To sign up or if you have questions, please email If you cannot attend this session, don't worry! More sessions will be forthcoming. #YourRedbirdLife #OurCopsCare

As #RedbirdMoveIn winds down we wanted thank all the Parents whose move-in help often gets overlooked. You did great! Now kick back, decompress from weeks of trying to figure what fits under a junior loft, & know that #OurCopsCare about your kid and we've got your back from here.

Happy #RedbirdMoveIn! We’re still rockin’ and rollin’ and grateful the rain is holdin’ off. Thanks to all the #CurbBirds and others making this a great day. See you for another round tomorrow! #YourRedbirdLife

Chief came out in style last night for the Special Olympics Illinois Lip Sync Battle to raise funds for our amazing athletes of Region G. Special thanks to Illinois Shakespeare Festival for loaning him a throne. Hey Lin-Manuel Miranda- if you ever need a fill in, the Chief is fully off-book and ready to go!

We’re fired up for Friday Finals! Vote for Reggie now, then pretend to go back to work while you anxiously refresh the page every 15 minutes from now until 3pm ... Are we projecting a little too much right now? 😀 Go You Redbirds! #YourRedbirdLife

Last year we watched as our very own Reggie Redbird was robbed. We have to make this wrong right. Vote. Now. #YourRedbirdLife #OurCopsCare #NobodyPutsReggieInACorner

A huge shout out to The Vidette for including us in this year's Survival Guide. Above all, we want you to feel safe and at home at ISU. Is your RSO interested in ISUPD providing a safety training or discussion? Visit for more info & to make a request. #YourRedbirdLife

Chief Woodruff, officers from Normal Police Department and across IL are cycling over 330 miles to support Illinois Concerns of Police Survivors. To cheer them on, come out to Hewett/Manchester at 4:00pm today as they pull in for a well deserved break! #OurCopsCare

Annual training and back-to-school breakfast with our buds in University Housing at Illinois State: you all are the best! We are a stronger, safer community because we work together. #YourRedbirdLife