South Jacksonville Police Department

  • Agency: South Jacksonville Police Department
  • Address: 301 Dewey Drive, South Jacksonville, 62650 IL
  • Chief: Richard Evans (chief of Police)
Phone: 217-245-4803
Fax: 217-245-5641

South Jacksonville Police Department is located at 301 Dewey Drive, South Jacksonville, 62650 IL. The chief of Police of the department is Richard Evans. The South Jacksonville Police Department phone number is 217-245-4803.

South Jacksonville Police Department News

Today’s the day... Ok kids,yours truly DJ Colt Will rockin the block at Tom and Stacy pinkertons house, corner of Diamond and Greenwood from 10 till ?? To help out an awesome young man Bryce Dennis who is running a Kool aid/lemonade stand today to raise money for his uncle Terry Dennis that is fighting Cancer. If your heart is half as big as this little boys we will see you there!!!

Momma said there would be days like this.... Huge THANK YOU! to SJFD, JFD and our officers for keeping things safe.

Two years today... We still love, miss and HAVE YOUR BACK! Thank you for watching over us from above.

Many people these days are noticing they are missing phone calls from what appears to be a local phone number on their caller ID however when they call that number back, they find that the person who actually owns the number says they never called them. This shady technique seems to have gained recent popularity with telemarketers, especially when they call a mobile phone number. What seems to be going on is that when a telemarketer calls someone, they "spoof" a local cell phone number in an attempt to fool people into thinking the caller might be someone they know in order to increase the odds the called person will answer. What that means is that the telemarketers are able to hide the actual phone number they call from by replacing it with a random number they know to be local to the area they are calling. For instance, if you have a cell phone number with the "512" prefix, a telemarketer will use an application to replace their actual phone number with another random "512" prefix number when they call you. The person who actually owns the number they are spoofing then has no idea that their number is being used to call you so if you were to call the number back, that person will tell you they never called you, which is indeed true. Please keep this in mind if this happens to you. The person whose number is being spoofed in these instances is being harassed much the same as the person who initially receives the spoofed call. Telemarketers sometimes pick a number and use it to call several different people, which then many times causes the owner of the number to receive a lot of calls from people who claim to have received a call from them that they never made. If you find that you've missed a call from a local number that you are not familiar with, it might be a good idea to just not call that number back immediately and simply take the call if they were to call again, especially if you think you may have legitimately missed a call from someone you know. • Originally Posted by the Shelby County (IN) Sheriffs Dept.

Hope to see you all at the South Jacksonville Emergency Complex, 1810 Sequoia, for the “Child Seat Safety Class and Check”. Sunday, February 25th, 1pm-3pm Absolutely Free!

Officer Tyler Griffin was awarded officer of the month for January. He is the head of our Narcotics Interdiction Unit. Officer Griffin led the pack with arrests for narcotics and removing weapons from the streets. We are proud you are part of our team! Thanks for all you do, and congratulations!

Congratulations to M/Sgt. Broaddus and Sgt. Gerdes on your promotions. South Jacksonville is a safer place due to your dedication, sharp skill, and commitment to our community. Thank you!

Prayers for this officer, his family, and community

After 80+ man hours, the SJ Street Dept reports that repairs are complete at S Main and Vandalia. Concrete is setting up and the intersection will reopen first thing Wednesday morning. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience as we are anxious to reopen this major intersection.

SJPD had a awesome visit from our Fitz family this morning for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Thank You. We appreciate everything you do...

PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION! As VOSJ and State crews continue to drop salt throughout the village, officers are reporting areas of black ice. This is mostly in low traveled (secondary) areas and/or side streets as well as private property (parking lots, sidewalks etc). Please allow extra time to get to your destination.

Congratulations to these officers! Proud to work with all of you!

A couple of our many visitors last night at the Emergency Services Open House.

With nearly 200 visitors through the doors of the police and fire departments last night, we would like to thank everyone who came out to visit us. A special thanks to the fire department for cooking and serving hot dogs, candy, popcorn and hot chocolate as well as the police officers who came in to be part of the event. It was great to see our citizens taking part in this community event and touring the police and fire departments. Again, Thank you all! Stay Safe

Today’s the day! Please join us this evening from 6-9 for our “Open House” @ South Jacksonville Emergency Services Safety Complex. The Police and Fire Departments will be open for tours with Fire Trucks & Police Equipment on display. Officers and Firefighters will be serving Hotdogs, Popcorn, Hot Chocolate and Candy throughout the evening. A great “Trick or Treat” place to visit on your rounds tonight.

Come by the South Jacksonville Police and Fire Departments tonight! We’d love to see your kiddos in costume!

••••••••Traffic Alert••••••••• Please be advised that the South Jacksonville Street Dept. will be doing substantial repairs to a water main at the intersection of East Michigan & Hardin Ave. This area will be down to one lane East Bound on Michigan and South Bound on Hardin Ave for several days this week. Please avoid the area if at all possible. Stay safe!

How are you living?

Many great community events coming up! Join us at the S.J. Police and Fire Departments on Oct. 30 from 6-9PM. We invite all community members to enjoy a fire and fellowship. We’d love to see the kiddos in their costumes! 🔥 🌭 👻

VOSJ United States Flags have been lowered to half-staff. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, families and friends of the Las Vegas tragedy.

Wow! What a hot weekend! Thank you to all who came out to enjoy Prairieland Heritage and to those who work to help others learn about historical agriculture. See you next year!

It's that time of the year..

We hope you join us!