Oregon Police Department

  • Agency: Oregon Police Department
  • Address: 115 N 3rd St, Oregon, 61061 IL
  • Chief: Darin J DeHaan (Chief of Police)
Phone: 815-732-2162
Fax: 815-732-7303

Oregon Police Department is located at 115 N 3rd St, Oregon, 61061 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Darin J DeHaan. The Oregon Police Department phone number is 815-732-2162.

Oregon Police Department News

A week ago we made a short announcement that the Halloween parade was going to move to a different route this year due to another event that conflicted.That has been resolved the parade will remain on the same route it has always gone. We will leave Franklin South on 5th to Jefferson then over to 3rd Street and back to Franklin.

Oregon Trick or Treat Hours will be on October 31st from 5:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.

Thank you Oregon Fire Protection District for providing this training for us!

At tonight's city council meeting Mayor Ken Williams swore in Kristine Tesnow as the newest Oregon Police Officer. Kristine will attend the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy at the College of DuPage starting on 09/17/18 and will graduate in December. "It is a long arduous process to become a police officer. We take the responsibility of picking the right candidate to serve the citizens and visitors of Oregon very seriously. We started this process in April and we are proud to have Officer Tesnow join our team. We look forward to her return from the academy. Please help us welcome Officer Tesnow to Oregon!" - Chief Darin DeHaan

Always remember those we lost and those who lost so much. United We Stand.

Fraud Alert! We have been advised that scammers are posing as ComEd and contacting area residents and businesses by phone. The caller will say they are going to cut your power due to non-payment. They will then give you a phone number to call to straighten things out before they come out to disconnect your power. They will ask you for ComEd account information. Do not give them any information. There are verified ComEd phone numbers that you can call if you are worried there is actually an issue with your account. This group sounds very legitimate, but ComEd as been advised of this scam and they are looking into it. As always be suspicious, be safe, and don't be afraid to hang up on someone!

This is a great idea. Please consider this option. Unfortunately we have had to break a few doors and windows to get in when a key holder is not available and there is a check welfare or medical issue at a residence.

Thank you to the Oregon Illinois Chamber of Commerce for recognizing the Oregon Police Department and other local first responders including the Ogle County Sheriff's Office and Oregon Fire Protection District at their 2018 Annual Dinner. It was a very pleasant surprise and greatly appreciated! Thank you for the gift for my department. - Chief Darin DeHaan

Parents contain your excitement. Kids well, just set some extra alarms on your cell phones! Because tomorrow is the first day of school for Oregon! Please use extra caution in the morning. Expect some congestion around the schools. Look for kids crossing the streets and make sure you stop for school bus stop arms! Lets have a safe 1st day back to school. We will be watching!

At last night's city council meeting Chief Darin DeHaan presented a letter of commendation to Officer Tad Dominski for his actions during a traffic stop on 07/31/18. The Letter of Commendation states the following: On 07/31/18 at approximately 6:27 p.m. Officer Tad Dominski observed a male driver of a tan Chevy Impala committing a minor traffic infraction. Upon briefly observing the vehicle additional infractions were observed. Officer Dominski also noted that the behavior of the vehicle was suspicious. Officer Dominski conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and identified the driver as a 23-year-old male. While conducting the traffic stop Officer Dominski observed a young female in the passenger seat. Officer Dominski identified the passenger as being 15 years old from Freeport, IL. After receiving conflicting stories from both occupants Officer Dominski investigated the issue further and ultimately contacted the 15-year-old's mother. Officer Dominski learned that the minor's parents did not know or approve that she was with a 23 year old male in Oregon. The father of the minor responded to Oregon and took custody of her. Officer Dominski, your intuitive investigation techniques during this traffic stop allowed a 15-year-old minor to be taken out of a potentially dangerous situation and reunited with her parents. By not looking at this as simply a traffic infraction your actions directly lead to this positive outcome. On behalf of the Oregon Police Department and the City of Oregon we commend you for your actions on 07/31/18. - Chief Darin DeHaan and Mayor Ken Williams "This is an excellent example of what officers are doing in our community. They must stay vigilant and inquisitive in order to make a positive impact. Great job Officer Dominski" - Chief Darin DeHaan

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and hung out with us for National Night Out tonight. Thank you to Officer Matthew Kalnins for all the work he put in to make this a great night. Thanks to the Ogle County Sheriff's Office, and Oregon Fire Protection District and a huge shoutout to all of the people, organizations, and family members who helped out and donated for this event. - Chief Darin DeHaan

Getting things ready. National Night Out 2018! Fingers crossed weather holds!

Don't forget to join us for National Night Out Aug 7th 5p-7p by the Oregon Courthouse. If the weather tries to spoil the party we will be moving to the Oregon Coliseum at 4th and Franklin. We look forward to hanging out with our community members and having a great time! Food, prizes and games! Be there!!!

Our thoughts go out to the Ogle County Sheriff's Department, and most sincerely to all of the friends and family members of the Hilliards and Sgros who have been affected by this tragedy. Our hearts are with you during this time.

UNFOUNDED There is some concern being discussed on social media about a blue car and white van in reference to a white Male taking pictures of kids in town. This was reported to us and investigated last week. The report was unfounded. Even though it was unfounded it is always a good idea to talk to your kids about staying vigilant and safe. If they feel uncomfortable encourage them to tell. We are always glad to look into these issues for community safety.

Come Join us for Great Community Interaction

Very few days go by that we are not contacted by a citizen in reference to a scam. More often than not the citizen is worried they are in trouble and they are looking for reassurance from us that "the Cops" won't be coming to get them if they don't send $2,000 in gift cards to a P.O. Box in New York because they didn't pay a bill, or a grandson is in jail in a foreign country and needs bonded out, you won the lottery but have to pay the taxes first, or the IRS is coming after them if they don't pay the police will be knocking on their door. When you read this it seems illogical to fall for this, but millions of US dollars are spent on these scams when people feel pressured to send money. My advice? Play good defense. 1) Stop answering phone calls you don't recognize even if its the 815 area code. Legitimate businesses or the doctor's office will leave you a voicemail and you can call them back. 2) Don't talk with these individuals even to "mess" with them. They are experts at their craft and may convince you they are legitimate. You are also confirming that the number they called is active and will be answered so prepare for even more calls. 3) Use your smart phone technology to block these calls. Simply choose the number, click details and choose block call. Taking down the phone number does no good. These individuals are spoofing the number and they are ever changing. They mask a number then after they have used it for awhile they abandon it and move onto another one. So again, always play good defense! Stay Safe - Chief DeHaan

If you want an opportunity to work in a challenging, but rewarding career as a Police Officer for the City of Oregon..... DON'T MISS THE DEADLINE! July 6th, 2018 – Applications Due: All applications, and testing forms must be returned by 4:00 p.m. to the Oregon Police Department at 115 North 3rd Street, Oregon, IL 61061. Any incomplete application packets will be eliminated. Lateral applicants must complete the application, but will not be required to complete the Power and Written tests. You will be advised the date and time of your interview once your application has been received. Application packets, benefits, and testing information can be found on the employment page of our website. Finding the right applicant is immensely important to us for our community. If you have the right qualities to serve the public what are you waiting for?

At tonights city council meeting Mayor Ken Williams presented Oregon resident Mike Smidt with a letter and a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Oregon Police Department. On 06-16-18 Oregon Officers were involved in a foot pursuit of a wanted subject. Without direction Mike pulled his vehicle over in front of the foot pursuit and activated his vehicle hazard lights. This caused the fleeing suspect to change directions allowing Officer Steve Mattas to take the subject safely into custody. This subject had been wanted for several months prior to that evening. "As a police agency we do not want or expect our citizens to put themselves into harms way, but Mike's quick action that night is a perfect example of the police/community relationship we have here in Oregon. I commend Mike for his actions that evening" - Chief Darin DeHaan

Great day for community events and interaction. The morning started with Oregon officers joining area law enforcement and others in the Law Enforcement Special Olympics torch run. Officer Matthew Kalnins and Officer Steve Mattas helped escort the torch through Oregon. https://www.soill.org/law-enforcement-torch-run/ In the afternoon Sgt. Joe Brooks joined the Rochelle Police Department in welcoming Tyler Carach "The Donut Boy" https://www.facebook.com/IDONUTneedareasontothankacop/ This young man has made it his mission to visit law enforcement across the country to thank them for their service. Sgt. Brooks presented Tyler with an Oregon Uniform Patch and other items and Tyler presented Sgt. Brooks with some Dunkin" Donuts and Coffee for our department. Thank you Tyler! And thank you Rochelle Illinois Police for the invite!

At tonight's city council meeting Mayor Ken Williams presented Sgt. Joe Brooks with a letter of commendation and a life saving pin on behalf of himself, and Chief Darin DeHaan for Sgt. Brook's actions on the night of 06/05/2018. Sgt. Brooks was conducting a follow up on an accident and was speaking to a 72 year old male subject at his home on Lowden Road. The male subject collapsed and was gasping for air and then stopped breathing. Sgt. Brooks quickly called for an ambulance and immediately rendered aid to the individual. Sgt. Brooks continued CRP until the ambulance arrived and transported the subject. The family of the man credited Sgt. Brooks with saving his life. "It is with great pride that we honored Sgt. Brooks tonight for his life saving response that evening. I truly feel Sgt. Brooks was at the right place at the right time and his actions are commendable." - Chief DeHaan

Big News is coming! Stay tuned for a great night of Police Community Relations. Games, Prizes, food and lots of smiles! SAVE THE DATE: August 7th 5p-7p. More information to follow!

"Thank you to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom you are remembered today and everyday. Thank you to the veterans and active service members, OHS band, and all the Boy and Girls Scouts who marched in the Memorial Day parade and participated in the ceremony this morning. It was a hot one and from us to you thank you! You are all appreciated. Have a safe Memorial Day." - Oregon PD.

Are you looking for a challenging, but rewarding career? The Oregon Police Department is accepting applications for an immediate opening. Do you have what it takes to serve and protect our community? Please visit our employment page for a copy of the application and the hiring process. We offer Lateral Transfer for certified officers as well. As our community you have a vested interest in helping us find the right candidate for the job so Please Share this post! http://cityoforegon.org/resident-information/police/police-employment/