Peoria Heights Police Department

  • Agency: Peoria Heights Police Department
  • Address: 1311 E Sciota Ave, Peoria Heights, 61616 IL
  • Chief: Dustin T Sutton (Chief of Police)
Phone: 309-688-3461

Peoria Heights Police Department is located at 1311 E Sciota Ave, Peoria Heights, 61616 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Dustin T Sutton. The Peoria Heights Police Department phone number is 309-688-3461.

Peoria Heights Police Department News

One more day until the Gold Baseball giveaway ends....and more happy Heights children who will be attending the Chiefs game on Saturday. Keep watching today and tomorrow for your chance to get a Gold Baseball and free Peoria Chiefs tickets.

Jordan and Camden found Ofc Brackney and scored a gold baseball and tickets to the Chiefs game! Keep checking for officers.

Amelia and Shion were out today enjoying the weather and being so good that they received Gold Baseballs for the Peoria Chiefs game August 25th. Only a few days remain for the kids to get outside and find an officer to get a baseball and tickets to the game. Good Luck!

A few more lucky kids out enjoying the weather and being good, that earns them Gold Baseballs and tickets for next Saturday’s Peoria Chiefs game. Great job kids!!

Just a reminder that the Peoria Heights School District teachers and students are back in session starting today, so be careful and pay extra special attention when driving in the morning and afternoon when students might be present and moving around. We hope you all have a safe and happy school year! Now in your best "Billy Madison" voice, sing along...."Back to school. Back to school. I've got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight. Ohhhh, back to school. Back to school."

Journey, Jovan, and Channing all tracked down Ofc Brackney and get to attend the Chiefs game on August 25th. Good kids, out doing good things!

Maxximus earned himself a gold baseball and 2 free tickets to the Peoria Chiefs game August 25th. PHPD officers are out looking for kids outside playing...try and find them and get yourself a gold baseball!

Josie, Elliana, and Caidyn all get to go to the Peoria Chiefs baseball game on August 25th. All three were out this afternoon enjoying the park, and being very good!

Another happy Heights child! Freddie Wright gets to attend the Peoria Chiefs game on August 25th...just for being such a good kid!

Ofc Brackney found this great group of children playing together this afternoon. All received "Gold Baseball's" for the Peoria Chiefs game August 25th. Be on the lookout for more PHPD Officers giving away the gold basebals.

Sgt Neal found Mackenzie Knaggs, Ambriaj Jackson, Tyshaun Jackson, and Jamarie Jackson all outside today playing together, and being good. They all received "Gold Baseballs' and will be going to the Peoria Chiefs baseball game August 25th. Our officers are out looking for children being good, to reward them with baseballs! Be on the lookout kids!

The Peoria Chiefs and Local Law Enforcement are kicking off the 5th annual "Gold baseball giveaway". Peoria Heights Police Officers will be patrolling the streets looking for children 12 and under who are seen doing "good deeds " around the community., IE: riding their bikes correctly on the streets, playing nicely in the parks or just good kids they see outside. The Gold baseballs are good for two free admission tickets to the August 25, 2018 game. The game is at 7pm, and after the child redeems the ball for 2 tickets, he or she gets to keep the gold ball!! Good Luck Kids!!

Blessed and Honored to have participated in the “5 years of Recovery” parade in Washington today.

Thank you to the Emergency Disaster Services-Heartland Division of the Salvation Army for helping the Peoria Heights Police Department celebrate "National Donut Day."

The Peoria Heights Police Department would like to recognize the following individuals for their outstanding service for the 2018 Police Week Awards Ceremony. Officer of the Year Recipient: Sergeant Glenn Neal, Citizen of the Year Recipients: Dan and Suzanne Cranford, Letter of Commendation Recipients: Officer James Powers, Officer Brad Vaughn, Sergeant Kevin Crider, Officer Adam Ragon, and Officer Chris Faulkner, Life Saving Award recipient: Officer Adam Ragon, and the Distinguished Service Award recipient: Officer Charles Wilson. Thank you all for your service to the community of Peoria Heights.

The Peoria Heights Police Department would like to congratulate Dan and Suzanne Cranford for receiving the "2018 Citizen of the Year" Award. This award is voted on by the Peoria Heights Police Merit Board and given to a Peoria Heights citizen or citizen's that best exemplifies or represents Peoria Heights in a positive manner. Thank you Dan and Suzanne for all you do for the Peoria Heights Police Benevolent #76, the Peoria Heights School District #325, and the Village of Peoria Heights.

Thank you to the Peoria Heights Grade School and the graduating 8th grade class for asking Officer Vaughn to be one of the chaperone's on your 8th grade trip. As you can tell, he had a blast!

The Peoria Heights Police Department has become aware of a telephone scam that is currently ongoing. The scam consists of the caller identifying himself as a Detective from the Peoria Heights Police, and informs you that you have pending criminal charges and fines that need to be collected. The caller then gives an alternative number to call in order to pay these bogus fines. This number is not associated with the Peoria Heights Police Department in any way. The Peoria Heights Police Department will never call anyone in an attempt to collect a fine. Officers may call and ask that you come into the Peoria Heights Police Department if you are a person of interest or a witness of an incident. Officers will not call you requesting fines be paid. If you receive a call from the PHPD and believe its a scam, we encourage you to call the station at: (309)688-3461 and speak with one of our dispatchers who will confirm or deny that you are needed to be spoken with.

Come out with the family and support the Peoria Heights Police Benevolent #76 and Pour BROS Craft Taproom .

Sometimes it's the little things, that make the biggest differences. Glad we could brighten this young mans day!

Michael was recently displaced from his home with only the clothes on his back. Knowing he was a huge St Louis Cardinals fan, the officers of the Peoria Heights Police Dept thought they would brighten his day by purchasing him a new Cardinals hat and shirt. As you can see, it was a hit! Well done Sgt Crider!

Let’s get as many other agencies as we can to send a Valentine to a sick child! They will love it!

The Peoria Heights Police Department made their second donation from their "No Shave December" fund raiser. Officers were allowed to pay $50 to not shave for the month of December. All money raised, was then matched by the PHPD Benevolent #76. A check for $1,300 was presented to Landon Campbell on behalf of the Peoria area Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. Landon has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 5 years old. He began raising money for JDRF when he was 6 years old and now at the age of 12 has raised over $20,000 for JDRF. Great Job Landon and a worthy cause to donate to. If anyone wishes to help Landon and JDRF they can go to: to donate.