Swansea Police Department

  • Agency: Swansea Police Department
  • Address: 1400 North Illinois, Swansea, 62226 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: (618) 233-8114
Fax: (618) 234-2952

Swansea Police Department is located at 1400 North Illinois, Swansea, 62226 IL. The Swansea Police Department phone number is (618) 233-8114.

Swansea Police Department News

We may be running laser speed devices on Rt 161 at Josephine in Swansea. The limit is 40 not 60. #FYI

Officer Tutterow patrolling the Village during Halloween. Our Mission Statement.

Fun day to be an SRO in Swansea!

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treating Rules... Village Ordinances allow children to Trick or Treat on October 31st until 9:00 pm. Time is limited for safety reasons. "Children" are considered to be grade school age. While there is no official 'start time', common courtesy dictates that trick or treating not start too early and that children not approach a home where the porch light is not lit. Safety first! Some pictures from the Spooktacular to get you in the mood...

The Swansea Police Department expresses our deepest sympathy to the Washington Park Police Department on the loss of Auxiliary Officer Ricardo Davis. Auxiliary Officer Davis died in the line of duty on Saturday October 28th, after he fell from the on-ramp to the Poplar Street Bridge, during a struggle with a suspect following a pursuit. May his department, community, family and friends find comfort during this difficult time.

Swansea Park Board and the Swansea Patriots are having their second annual "Spooktacular" Saturday October 27th, at Mel Price Park 4:00pm to 7:00pm "Trunk or Treat", treats to 'little goblins' and much much more. The park will be turned into the "Wicked Forest" with many attractions for kids and families to enjoy.

This is a code red alert for the Village of Swansea. The Swansea Police Department is asking citizens to be on the lookout for a robbery suspect. The robbery occurred on a MetroBus at about 2:15 PM. The suspect is a black male with a mustache, approximately 5’4” to 5’9, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt and grey pants. The subject fled in the area of N. Illinois and Green Haven Dr. and was last seen running North through Bronze Pointe Business Complex. The suspect did not use a weapon. The purse was recovered but a wallet is missing. Belleville Police K-9 assisted with the search. This post was delayed because of changing descriptions, direction of travel by the suspect and other important information.

Found Lake Lorraine. Ideas? 233-8114

The Village of Swansea is selling surplus vehicles and equipment. http://www.swanseail.org/DocumentCenter/View/1769/AD--sale-surplus-vehicle?bidId&fbclid=IwAR18xHZvW5XfsABikfQicu8h8wi2ENCDm6sS9IAP_8mGVSw9OJLGH9VRMK8

OWNER FOUND Female, possibly Yorke, found in 300 block of Turnbridge Drive. 233-8114

Saturday Oct 6th Officer Kemper-Damm from Swansea PD joined 7 other officers and firefighters from surrounding districts in an event that lifted the lives of 33 beautiful children and adults with special needs to NEW heights. The annual Butterfly Dreams pageant was held at First Baptist Church in Fairview Heights . The pageant promotes inclusion, awareness and acceptance of individuals who are differently-abled. It gives them their spotlight moments to show off their abilities and not be defined by their disability. Officer Kemper-Damm (in her dress blues) joined in on the fun and excitement of this life changing community bonding experience by being an escort to the gentlemen on stage while they modeled their evening wear and introduced themselves to the audience of 200. #BestPostEVER #SwanseaPolice #AmazingSmiles #ThePoliceAreCool

Wolf Branch Kindergarten kids collected goodies for our officers. Thank you! We have the best kids (and teachers)!

This is a Code Red from the Swansea Police Department. We have experienced an increase in vehicle burglaries in the late evening to earning morning hours in the Castle Acres, Lake Lorraine, Woodfield Lake Estates and Crossfield Estates subdivisions. These occurred on different days over the weekend and late last week. We believe there are two different sets of suspects. One is a black male and we will post his picture on our Facebook. The other set is a younger group of three white males with backpacks. Please check your video surveillance and let us know if you have anything that will help. This is also a reminder to not leave anything valuable in your vehicle and to lock the doors. A shotgun was taken from an unlocked vehicle. Call us immediately if you see anything suspicious. We are conducting stepped up patrols both overt and covert. If you have any information on who the suspect(s) might be please call the CrimeStoppers Tip Hotline: 866-371-TIPS (8477). If your TIP, called into Crimestoppers, leads to the felony arrest of the subject responsible for this crime, you may receive a reward up to $1000.00. Swansea Detective Gary Reuter may also be contacted at 233-8114 ext. 115.

Swansea Fire Department Open House was Sunday. Thank you to everyone who made is possible and everyone who came up to enjoy a good time!

The Swansea Fire Department will be hosting our Annual Open House on Sunday October 7, 2018 from 11am-2pm. There will be Live Demonstrations, Truck Tours, Refreshments, and much more.

SWANSEA UPDATE TO OPEN BURN ORDINANCE Change in "open burning" ordinance in Swansea. Please review the updated law. (Remember the police department enforces the law, we do not make it.) § 130.34 OPEN BURNING. (A) Prohibition: No person, firm, company, corporation, association, joint venture, partnership, trust, estate, or any other legal entity, shall openly burn on any property within the corporate limits of the Village, any leaves, brush, grass, lumber, rubbish, garbage, trash, or other combustible materials within the corporate limits of the Village, notwithstanding the exceptions and provisions herein. (B) Yard Waste Burning: (1) It shall be unlawful for any person to burn or allow to be burned any leaves, twigs or similar yard waste, provided, however, that yard waste generated on a site may be burned within said site between specified dates and times as follows: (a) between March 15 and May 15, but only on Wednesdays and Saturdays and only between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.; and (b) between November 1 and December 15, but only on Wednesdays and Saturdays and only between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.; excluding the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Saturday after Thanksgiving. (2) Joint burning of yard waste shall be permitted on an adjacent site, with both owners’ approval. (3) Should the weather be excessively windy, conditions be wet, or air forecasted to be Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (101 – 150) or higher as determined by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency dates in (B) (1) above, burning on said dates shall not be permitted. In the event of such conditions, the Village will post its determination on the Village’s website, and send a Code Red alert to residents registered for such alerts. However, it shall be incumbent on anyone intending to burn yard waste, to first reference the Village website for any such notice. (4) In the event of a major storm affecting Swansea and causing the significant downing of trees and branches, the Fire Chief or Acting Fire Chief may authorize burning of yard waste outside the burn dates specified in (B)(1) above, for up to two weeks after such an event and between dawn and dusk on said days, but may impose additional limitations if so warranted. (5) Burn permits issued by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency are exempt from the date and time limitations of (B)(1) above. (6) No burning shall be allowed on any public right of way, on any public street surface, or within any open storm water ditch within the public right-of-way. (C) Bar-b-que Pits or Grills: Division (A) above shall not apply to bar-b-que pits or grills, as long as they are being used for their intended cooking purpose, and using a fuel approved by and intended by the manufacturer. (D) Recreational Fires: Division (A) above shall not apply to open burning in the form of a recreational fire that conforms to the following guidelines: (1) Recreational open burning shall be allowed without a permit only within a stove, fire place, fire pit, fire ring or other similar appliance constructed or manufactured for the purpose of recreational fires; further provided, however: (a) That recreational fires are only permitted to be fueled by natural gas, propane, dry twigs and similar kindling, dry seasoned firewood, charcoal, or commercial fire logs; (b) That the distance between any recreational fire and any structure must be and remain safe, in relation to the appliance and type of fuel being used; and (c) That recreational fires must not exceed 4 feet in height and 4 feet in width; and (d) That recreational fires must be completely extinguished by 1:00 a.m. (E) Should a police, fire or other Village official be required to investigate a complaint in relation to open burning, he or she shall have the authority to determine if said open burning falls within the parameters of one of the exceptions above, and to ensure that all rules and regulations are being followed. (1) If it does not, he or she shall have the authority to require that the fire be extinguished, any spectators dispersed, and to issue citations.

This is a test. ONLY a test. Just a test. Wednesday. Just a test. https://www.fema.gov/emergency-alert-test

SRO Cheryl with her kiddos at the High Mount Fall Festival!

Lots of construction in town...please put the phone down and be careful. We Care.

Located near IL161@NBW. Male with unknown electric collar. 233-8114

FATAL TRAFFIC CRASH FRANK SCOTT PARKWAY NEAR LLEWELLYN RD. ***UPDATE - ROADWAY OPEN*** A 911 call was received of a fatal traffic crash today at 6:20 AM at Frank Scott Parkway east of Llewellyn Rd. Swansea Officers and Firefighters responded and located a deceased 34 year old male from Fairview Heights. A second vehicle had a driver with minor injuries. An Illinois State Police Crash Reconstructionist was requested and is assisting with the scene. Part of the investigation will include blood draws, cell phone and vehicle computer analysis. Swansea Police Chief Steve Johnson said, "This is a tragic event that resulted in the death of a young man. Illinois State Police and Swansea Police will work hard together to try and figure out what lead to this crash."

Yes it is true. All of the rumors. The Police Chief is going to prison. The cops are looking for him now. He received 11 calls this week that he owes the IRS and to send money right away. He didn’t send the money (who would?) so now he is going to be arrested. TRUE or FALSE? The calls are TRUE but the REST IS A SCAM. Don’t send money! Don’t call them back! Don’t talk to them! Hang up!

Congratulations Chris Tell on being promoted to Swansea's Fire Chief! Well deserved and we look forward to working together as a team for the citizens of Swansea. A few motivational pictures attached to start us off right...