Chatham Police Department

  • Agency: Chatham Police Department
  • Address: 117 East Mulberry Street, Chatham, 62629 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 217-483-2453
Fax: 217-483-7153

Chatham Police Department is located at 117 East Mulberry Street, Chatham, 62629 IL. The Chatham Police Department phone number is 217-483-2453.

Chatham Police Department News

If you happen to notice our officers are a bit scruffy and scraggly this month, trust us, it's for a really good cause! Chief Foli has given the blessing again for us all to grow beards as part of our yearly No Shave November program. Every officer who participates makes a weekly donation and all money raised will be donated to a soon to be determined cancer fighting research effort. #FightForTheCure #StandUp2Cancer #OneDayWeWillBeatIt

You may walk into the voting booth a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian, or an Independent. But walk out an American this #ElectionDay⁠ ⁠ 🇺🇸

As a parent, do you ever wonder what age your child should get their first cell phone? Do you ever wonder when they should be allowed to use social media apps? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this article from the Illinois Attorney General's Office is for you. It contains some really good information!

Our 2018 Candy with a Cop event was a big success! We had some really cool costumes come in! Some adults even got in on the fun too with Sergeant Ryan Pearce and Officer Roger Smith. Here are all the pics we were able to take. If you have any more, feel free to share them here. We hope to see you all next year!! 🖤💙🖤

The polls are still open and Dagz needs your votes! Voting closes tonight at midnight! 👍🐶👮‍♀️🇺🇲️ We know, we know...this will be the last time we shamelessly beg for your vote. We promise! 🤞 DISCLAIMER ALERT: Dagz approves of this message and it was paid for by all of his friends! 😀

Well done GHS Cross Country teams! 👏👏 The boys and girls teams finished first and 11th today at state, respectfully. #BringingHomeThatHardware #MuchMoreThanJustAFootballSchool #ButWeArePrettyGoodAtThatToo

Just a reminder, this is tonight. Bring on that extra hour of sleep!!

What do you get when you combine a high octane police dog with an outstanding local photographer?? (We're looking at you, Amy Dickenson Ferguson ;) ) You get some really, really great pics! A big thank you goes out to Amy for taking these for us!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Come out and support a great cause.


WHY YOU SHOULD REPORT EVERY CAR ACCIDENT We often hear from people that they don't believe they should or need to report car accidents that are minor in nature to the police. In reality though, did you know that you should actually report any car accident you are involved in, no matter how minor? This does several very important things, such as: 1) Collects everyone’s contact information. This includes any drivers and witnesses involved in the accident. 2) Makes argumentative drivers cooperate. If someone gets angry at you and won’t calm down, the police will handle them. 3) Protects you from someone who claims to take all responsibility and fault on scene, but, changes their mind later on down the road. 4) Protects you from someone who claims to have car insurance, but, you find out later does not. 5) Protects you from someone who comes back a day or so later and says their whole car was totaled in the accident and they want a new one, when you know that all they really had was a few little scratches on their bumper. 6) Allows the police to officially document the accident including vehicle damage and any possible injuries so that there is a record of the accident for any potential civil/personal injury lawsuits later. A police report is authoritative and outlines exactly what happened. An insurance company or court can’t really argue much about an accident report. 7) Provides an unbiased third party report about the accident. This can be more effective evidence than what is simply hearsay or the retelling of the story by either you or the other person involved in the accident. 8) Provides a safe guard in the event you are actually injured in the accident but don't immediately realize it on scene. Consider that not every injury presents symptoms immediately. It is very possible that you believe you have not sustained any injuries in the accident, only to begin experiencing pain later on. If you filed a police report, and documented your condition, it will be much easier to seek appropriate compensation. 9) Provides a safe guard in the event that your vehicle sustained internal damage you may not have immediately noticed on scene.

We hope to see you this Wednesday at our Candy with Cops event at CPD! If you're out and about with the kids, stop on by. Rumor has it that our dispatchers have lots of candy to give out this year! 👮‍♂️👻🧙🎃

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, this one illustrates the very essence of police work. Outside of all the "made for TV" stuff, the chases, the pursuits, the big busts that make the news, and the volumes of paperwork that come with it all (trust us, there is A LOT and they never show that part of the job on TV 🤦‍♀️), this is why most cops show up to work every day. Real People and Real right.

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UPDATE: Repair Work Finished/Lane Reopened 10/25/18 The Village of Chatham Water Department will be repairing a water main on the shoulder of the north bound lane of Main Street (Route 4) next to the BP gas station this afternoon. The east bound traffic off of Main Street heading to east Walnut will be closed until further notice. All traffic heading south from the Main Street and Walnut Street intersection will be forced to use the north bound closed turn lane until exiting the work zone. Please be careful entering and exiting the work zone as crews will be working into the night. Please try to avoid this area if possible until the water main has been repaired.

It's not too late to help us get Dagz some new canine equipment. He needs all the votes he can get! If you have already voted once after our first post, you can vote again! Please take a moment and VOTE using the link below. Thank you!! 🐾🐶👮 The Aftermath K9 Grant was founded to showcase, support, and reward the unique contributions made by law enforcement and their K9 units across the country. Indirectly, the K9 Grant raises safety awareness and community kinship throughout the neighborhoods that Aftermath and their law enforcement partners proudly serve.

Need a children's car seat installed or checked? Know anyone that does? If so, CPD has three trained child safety seat technicians who can help. To have your child seat installed or checked, call us at (217)483-2453 to schedule an appointment.

FYI - Our next Drug Take Back Day is this coming Saturday, October 27th from 10am - 2pm.

How cool is this?! Chatham not only made the list, we are #9 on it! Talk about something to be proud of! 🇺🇲️💥🏆 WICS ABC Newschannel 20 Dave Kimsey, Chatham Village President Chatham Jaycees Ball-Chatham School District Chatham Area Public Library Chatham Area Chamber of Commerce

Somewhere out there, someone is suffering. And somewhere out there, someone is suffering in silence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Sadly, as police officers, we see domestic violence all too often. Honestly, it's heart breaking 💔. Especially when there are children in the home. We openly encourage and implore anyone out there who may be a silent victim, or, who may know someone suffering to please SPEAK UP. We are here and we believe you! Help is just a phone call away... The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1(800)799-7233. We can be reached at (217)483-2453. For more information on Domestic Violence, check out: or #BreakTheSilence #WeBelieveYou

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9-0 sure does have a nice ring to it...LETS GO TITANS!

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