Windsor Police Department

  • Agency: Windsor Police Department
  • Address: 1012 Maine St, Windsor, 61957 IL
  • Chief: Sean McQueen (Chief of Police)

Windsor Police Department is located at 1012 Maine St, Windsor, 61957 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Sean McQueen. The Windsor Police Department phone number is 217-459-2282.

Windsor Police Department News

The City of Windsor in cooperation with the Coles County Regional Planning and Development Commission has been working on a grant to aid the city in improvements in its residential areas. Windsor residents should have recently received a letter on Windsor letterhead with a quick survey included in the envelope. The city asks that all residents take a few minutes and complete the survey and simply return it in the envelope provided. Completing the survey will be a big step in cleaning up and revitalizing the City of Windsor.

If anyone knows who's dog this is, please contact the Windsor Police Department at 459-2282. It is trying to adopt the Chief and the Chief ain't havin' it.

The Windsor Police Department needs the community's help in identifying the suspect pictured herein. The suspect was caught running at large at the softball field by the grade school at approximately 4 pm this afternoon. Once in custody the suspect refused to squeal who it's rightful owner is. Witnesses reported that the suspect came from the corn field located north of the ball field. Please help us get to the root of this mystery.

Just a quick Public Service Announcement to inform everyone that the intersection of Maine Street and North Maple Street is now a 4 way stop. Please use extra caution until everyone is aware that east and west bound traffic on Maine Street now has to stop. Please share this to help get the word out.

The City of Windsor has passed a Burn Ordinance. Please read and share.

Windsor residents, it is with much sorrow that I must inform everyone that Windsor has had a recent round of vehicle burglaries. We have a good idea of who the disrespectful, no good, low life punks are and will be pursuing charges against them. In the mean time, make sure your vehicles are locked and keep an eye on your property. Should you see something that looks suspicious call the police department immediately at 459-2282.

The Windsor Police Department has partnered with the Shelby County Sheriff`s Office on a speed enforcement initiative. You may have noticed the red and blue flashing lights with your speed displayed on the speed enforcement sign going thru Windsor. Should you see red & blue flashing lights in your rear view mirror you will get to meet one of our friendly police officers. Please slow down and drive carefully. Keeping our community and roadways safe is everyone's duty.

It is with profound remorse that we announce the passing of one of our officers. Sgt. Mike Elam passed away earlier today from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. "Pappy" as he was known was a former resident of the Windsor community and worked part time for the Windsor Police Department since 2004. Please keep Mike`s family in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with this terrible tragedy.

The Windsor Police Department proudly salutes the Windsor High School Class of 2017!!!

In case you haven't heard, our area is to be experiencing inclement weather this weekend, starting this afternoon, in the form of freezing rain and ice. Just wanted to pass along a few tips and reminders: 1. If you must travel, Don't. 2. If you must travel and disregarded tip #1, make sure your vehicle is clean from all obstructions, this includes the windshield, back window, side windows, mirrors, head lights, tail lights and license plates. 3. If you must travel and disregarded tip #1, make sure your vehicle has a full tank of fuel. 4. If you must travel and disregarded tip #1, make sure you have a survival kit in your vehicle consisting of a blanket, snacks, water etc. 5. If you must travel and disregarded tip #1, make sure your cell phone is charged. Keep this in mind, if you decide to travel and have an accident, you are responsible for risking not only your safety, but the safety of anyone else who is traveling as well as all firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement personnel who respond to an accident that you could have. Go to the store before the storm to get your provisions, rent some videos, subscribe to Netflix and play it safe.

I just wanted to take a minute, now that the kids are tucked in, to acknowledge everyone who called, texted, posted, stopped by the Police Department or flagged me down today to tell me thank you for serving them in recognition of National Law Enforcement Day. It was truly humbling to me. I sincerely love my community and I'm genuinely concerned for the citizens I serve. If there is anything I can ever do for everyone reading this, please ask and I will do my best to accommodate you. Thank You Everyone, Travis

Windsor Police Department participated in this valuable training. It's good to know what our resources are should the need ever arise.

Please. share with residents City Of Windsor will be oiling. Maine St. From N.Maple to Rt.32 and part of Slater subdivision tomorrow 9/14/2016 starting at 8 a.m. Also spraying for mosquitoes tonight 9/13/2016 at dusk. Thanks

As many of you know, 1-22-2016 is my last day with the City of Windsor as the Chief of Police /EMS Director. I thought long and hard whether I should say anything on Facebook, but as we all know, that is the best way to spread news these days so I have decided to say a few things. I have accepted the position as Director of Security for the Shelby County Community Services Medical Marijuana Cultivation Center. This is a wonderful opportunity for me and my family and I am very excited to be a part of this new industry here in Illinois. This has been the most difficult decision of my life. Windsor is my hometown and I have been honored to be one of the person's the citizens have looked too, in times of need for police or ambulance services. I feel I have achieved almost every goal I set out to accomplish, when I first accepted this combined position back in 2003. I have always strived to be there for each of you, and when I couldn't, I felt horrible, and worked harder the next time, to make sure I WAS there. I first started working part time for the Windsor Police Department in 1991 and boy has it went through some changes. I have been and always will be very proud of this department, and what it has become. It has become one of the premier police agencies in the county, due to excellent citizens such as yourself, and the hard working men and women that has been employed with the Windsor Police Department. That goes the same for the Windsor Area Ambulance Service. We have excellent paramedics/EMT's that are there for us when we are sick and injured. We are all very fortunate for that, and I thank each and every one of them. I want to thank Mayor Terry Kuhl, and the rest of the city council - as well as you, the citizens for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Police Chief/EMS Director over the last 13 years. The people of Windsor have been so good to me and my family that I have a difficult time talking about it. Thank you for all of your support over the years. I am going to miss you terribly, the citizens of Windsor. God Bless Chief Sean McQueen

Winter Weather Advisory for Shelby Co. from 9:00 PM Tue until 9:00 AM Wed (CST)

Winter Weather Advisory for Shelby Co. from 12:00 PM Sat until 6:00 AM Sun