Creve Coeur Police Department

  • Agency: Creve Coeur Police Department
  • Address: 105 N. THORNCREST AVE., Creve Coeur, 61610 IL
  • Chief: Peter A Fisher (Chief of Police)
Phone: (309) 699-9511
Fax: (309) 699-0266

Creve Coeur Police Department is located at 105 N. THORNCREST AVE., Creve Coeur, 61610 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Peter A Fisher. The Creve Coeur Police Department phone number is (309) 699-9511.

Creve Coeur Police Department News

Kona ice at Movie Night in Creve Coeur IL come and get sone ice cold flavored ice

Reminder, that the movie is tomorrow night at Rusche Field!

Thank you to the Marine Vets Motorcycle Club for their generous donation to the Junior Police.

This is why we carry NARCAN. This is why everybody deserves a second chance. Congratulations to these three young men on successfully completing drug court!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Greene County Sheriff’s Department.

********He’s been returned to his human family******* This young man was found in the 300 block of Zessin and is currently riding around with the Sergeant until animal control picks him up. If he belongs to you contact us at 699-9511.

This young man was found on Albert @ South Stewart. If he belongs to you please contact animal control at 925-3370.

This guy was found in the 500 block of Roosevelt st. He will turned over to animal control shortly. If anyone know who he belongs to contact us or animal control.

UPDATE: The 500 block of Dempsey has been opened back up!

The 500 block of Dempsey is currently closed due to an issue with power lines. Ameren is aware of the issue and is en route. Ameren does not provide an eta and if power is lost they will not provide us with an eta to have it fixed. In case the power does go out follow this post instead of flooding dispatch with calls about this situation. They will have no more information to provide then we will. We will update this post when the issue is resolved.

POLICE AND FIRE DISPATCHER JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Tazewell County Consolidated Communications (TC3) is the emergency service dispatch agency for both Police and Fire in Tazewell County. TC3 has full and part-time openings. You can see more information about the position and download an application using this link.

Good information from District 10.

Boil order is now rescinded.

This dog was found in the area of carola st. If anyone knows who this dog belongs to please contact us. The dog will be here until the morning

Chief King, Sgt. Miller and Officer Sheridan surprised a few local students with a bookbag that included school supplies for 2018-2019 school year.

Today CCPD conducted active shooter training with the teachers and staff from Lasalle & Parkview school. It was a successful training preparing everyone for the 2018-2019 school year.