Tilton Police Department

  • Agency: Tilton Police Department
  • Address: 1001 Tilton Road, Tilton, 61833 IL
  • Chief: Steve Cornett (Chief of Police)
Phone: 217-477-0800
Fax: 217-477-0808

Tilton Police Department is located at 1001 Tilton Road, Tilton, 61833 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Steve Cornett. The Tilton Police Department phone number is 217-477-0800.

Tilton Police Department News

Goes to show how a simple traffic violation can add up for a person that is careless with life. Obey the law

Great message. It’s not about race it’s about right and wrong. Prayers to the officer involved and prayers to the family of the deceased. Keep peace Vermilion County.

Wear your seatbelt

Today we laid to rest a very honorable man. He was one that you looked up to while doing your job. Bud Shaw you will be missed. Just know that your family will be taken care of. We know you will look over us while we patrol the streets. RIP Vermilion County Sgt., Tilton Police Officer and Village Trustee Bud Shaw. Connie Garland Shaw

Rip Bud you will be missed.

Great job Oakwood PD

AirLife great landing at Southwest Elementary School Touch a Truck.

Southwest School Touch a Truck. Thanks for the invite

Tilton Police Department will be selling tickets for this benefit. Capt. Allan Mackiewicz of the Westville Police Department has served the residents of Vermilion County for many years. Now it’s our turn to serve him. If you would like a ticket please contact us by messaging us on our Facebook page and we will make plans to get you your tickets.

Deputy Davis and Deputy Roach are top notch officers. Keep up the great work

Congratulations Connie on your retirement.

We have had lots of messages and people thanking us for posting ordinances on our page. They say they never knew these existed and are thankful for us for maintaining a great Village. A lot have asked about how to file a complaint on a property. Here is a picture of an ordinance complaint form. You can print out and send to Village hall or email it to RSchull@tiltonil.com. You can also request a copy by email and we will send you one or pick one up at Village Hall.

Any grasses or other vegetation on any property within the Village limits cannot exceed 6 inches in height. Any wild saplings or other wild vegetation must be cut ground level. You are required by law to maintain all property up to roadways and even easements such as alleyways. Please cut back all over hanging vegetation from alleyways to allow emergency vehicles or maintenance vehicles to access these right of ways. Failure to maintain your yard will result in the Village mowing your property and place a lien and possibly a suit against the owner of said property. As well as a citation being issued. Any questions or concerns please contact Captain Ryan Schull By email RSchull@tiltonil.com Or contact Village Hall 217-477-0800 and leave a message Please note pictures are examples only taken randomly from the internet.

Any vehicle left standing on public or private property within the Village limits that is inoperable and/or does not contain valid registration is considered a abandoned and will be subject to citation and removal by the village. Any vehicle that requires a VIN regardless of use. This includes watercraft that requires use of internal combustion engine to be propelled, motor homes, campers, recreational vehicles, ATV, motorcycles highways use and off road use. If it requires a VIN number it is against village ordinance to be left inoperable and/or without registration. Vehicles left under a tarp or placed on a trailer will not be accepted . It will be your responsibility as a resident or property owner to remove these vehicles off of your property or places into a closed garage out of view of the public. Any vehicle left on property 7 days after warning will be removed by law enforcement. If you are zoned a garage you will be exempt from this ordinance but also required to have a fence around property to hide all vehicles as stated in this ordinance. Any questions please contact Captain Ryan Schull by email RSchull@tiltonil.com or leave a message at Village Hall 217-477-0800