Beecher Police Department

  • Agency: Beecher Police Department
  • Address: 724 Penfield St, Beecher, 60401 IL
  • Chief: Jeffrey L Weissgerber (Chief of Police)
Phone: 708-946-2341

Beecher Police Department is located at 724 Penfield St, Beecher, 60401 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeffrey L Weissgerber. The Beecher Police Department phone number is 708-946-2341.

Beecher Police Department News

Weekly blotter

You might notice BPD officers have stopped shaving this week. The reason? No, not the tariffs on imported steel from overseas, or a lack of replacement heads for electric shavers. Instead, officers will be allowed again this year to make a donation to forgo shaving for the month of November (and possibly December). The money raised will be used to support our holiday shopping program, to benefit yutes in the community. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your evening.

Remember Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend so you'll need to set your clocks back one hour tonight when you head to bed (unless you are always late for all your social engagements - just leave the clocks as is and dazzle your friends with your promptness for the next week or so). In addition take the opportunity to replace the batteries in any smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors in your home as we head into the colder months. Since you’ll have an extra hour this weekend why not take a moment to check and make sure your vehicle is ready for winter driving: •Replace any headlights or taillights that are not working •Refill the washer fluid so you’re ready for the annual salting of the roads •Check the tread on your tires and if your tires are bald or have little to no tread- get some new ones •Since you are already kneeling to check the tread, remember to replace the air in your tires with fresh air (it has the tendency to go stale) •Refill the blinker fluid reservoir, and lastly •Check the flux capacitor for leaks Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your evening.

So child #2 comes home the other night from trick-or-treating and advises me she had 7# of candy (that is a pound sign - not a hashtag for the younger folk) apparently she located a scale in her travels to obtain an official tally. She then proceeds to show me her stash which included Ramen noodles. It appears she had a choice of Ramen noddles, Snickers, or a KitKat at a house she visited. Yep she picked the Ramen. Some things in life make you go hmmmm. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Most of the boo crew (boo as in ghost and scary, not boo - you suck) getting ready to head out and distribute candy to do our part to keep the Chicagoland and NWI dentists busy over the next couple of months. Stay safe this evening and make sure to keep an eye out for the little ones as they cross the streets.

Weekly blotter

Trick-or-Treat hours are 4 pm to 7 pm tonight and it appears we should stay dry for the annual sugar binge. We would like to share some Halloween safety tips for the kids, parents and pets as the spooky evening approaches. We have added extra staff for patrol in the neighborhoods so please feel free to come say "Sup" and trick-or-treat our officers, as they have candy, lots and lots of candy, to hand out to the yutes. Enjoy Halloween 2018, trick-or-treat safely, and call if we can be of any assistance.

I figure some of you might be attending this lecture this weekend. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

From time to time someone will ask the question "When are you guys going to do the lip sync challenge?" The answer is always we are working on it. I envision it looking something like the below video. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

BPD stopped by the Junior High yesterday, not for the free donuts in the teacher's lounge (there weren't any), but for the chance to talk school safety. After the early dismissal yesterday morning, BPD spent the afternoon with staff from the Grade School, Junior High and High School presenting CRASE or Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events training. CRASE training is designed to address the safety of the students, staff and visitors in the event an active threat incident should happen inside the school. Our thanks to Superintendent Brad Cox, and Principals Jack Gaham, Mike Meyer and Nicole Black for adjusting the in-service schedule to give BPD the opportunity to talk with the staff about this topic. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your night.

Weekly blotter

Gooood Monday morning Beecher.

Dixie Hwy is now open. Thank you for your patience.

This little guy was found in the 300 blk of Mallards Cove. He has tags and a purple collar with white bones. If this guy is yours please contact the Police Department at (708)946-2341

The Village of Beecher Police Department is now accepting applications for the position of: Entry Level Police Officer Testing is being conducted for anticipated new hires and to establish an Eligibility List for future hiring needs. Applications are available at: Applications will be online for purchase until 10/3/18 – 2:00 PM The deadline for returning completed applications is: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 by 4:00 PM Note: This is not a postmark date All applications must be returned to the office of: C.O.P.S. and F.I.R.E. Personnel Testing Service ATTN: Beecher PD 200 W. Higgins Road, Suite 201 Schaumburg, IL 60195 You must meet the following minimum requirements: • Citizenship: Must be a U.S. Citizen. • Driver’s License: Must possess a valid Driver’s License at the time of application with the ability to obtain an Illinois Driver’s License upon time of hire. • Age Requirement: Applicants must have attained their 21st birthday by the last date for filing applications (10/3/18). Applicants must be under the age of 35 years on 10/3/18 (and when the final eligibility register is posted) unless exempt by State Statute 65 IL 5/10–2.1-6. • Education: Must have proof of High School Diploma, GED Certificate or High School Proficiency Statement and a minimum of 60 credit hours or an Associate's Degree from an accredited college or university. • Character: Must have no felony convictions and be of good moral character as described in State Statue 65 IL5/10-2.1-6. • Residence: Must reside within a 50-mile radius of the boundaries of Beecher within one (1) year of hire. • P.O.W.E.R. Card: NOTE: Candidates that possess a valid P.O.W.E.R. Card issued between the dates of 4/3/18 and 10/3/18 will be exempt from taking the physical ability test on the day of testing. (MUST provide a copy of card in their returned support packet material and bring card on the day of test.) All individuals meeting eligibility requirements are encouraged to continue with the application process. Additional information will be provided in the packet which can be downloaded at: There is a $30.00 non-refundable application fee. Applications are NOT available at the Beecher Police Department or Village Hall. Applicants must attend the mandatory orientation and test date: Orientation, Physical Ability, and Written Examination: Sunday, October 21, 2018 Registration starts at 8:00 AM Orientation – 8:30 AM Physical Ability and Written Examination immediately following the Orientation Location: Beecher Fire Station #1 711 Penfield Street Beecher, IL All applications are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Village of Beecher, which is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ************************************************** Village of Beecher Police Department Part-time positions available The part-time position involves a variety of police duties including maintaining law and order, preserving peace, preventing crime, apprehending offenders, recovering lost/stolen property, and maintaining custody of prisoners. This position does not advance to a full-time police officer position. There is a separate application and testing process for full-time police officers. Qualifications: • High school diploma or equivalent • Possession of a valid driver's license • Preference will be given to candidates who have graduated from a State of Illinois basic recruit academy and meets requirements for Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board for Certified Police Officer • Must not have been convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors, as defined by State Statute • Must participate in and successfully complete all stages of the testing process, which may include but not limited to: oral interview, polygraph examination, extensive background investigation and post offer physical/drug test • Must be a citizen of the United States • Twenty-one years of age or older • Ability to work evenings, weekends and holidays • Standard shift is 12 hours in length but can vary Wage: $20/hour Applications may be picked up from: Village Hall 625 Dixie Highway Beecher, IL 60401 Application Deadline: Open

For parents and students at Beecher Elementary you will notice a new face this year on crossing guard duty. Please welcome Katie Gersch to the intersection. Katie takes over for Sherry Murray who hung up her stop sign after many years of dedicated service to the students and district. Thank you Sherry for all the morning and afternoons spent in the elements helping the yutes cross Penfield Street and Grade School Drive safely. Rumor has it, we may see Sherry filling in occasionally if Katie is out. Sherry will continue to serve the community as a member of Beecher EMA. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

As you head westbound in the 500 block of Penfield Street this afternoon, you might notice a speed trailer sitting on the north side of the road. Now the only job of the speed trailer is to give you a heads up on how fast you are traveling as you approach the Grade School (pretty cool, huh - no stress with red and blue rollers in the rear window and wondering if the officer will (or won't) write you a speeding ticket, just a friendly "hey, you there in the 1975 burnt orange Ford Pinto you're traveling 32 mph in a 25 mph zone). A big thank you to the Lemont Citgo Refinery for the donation of the speed trailer to our agency. If you have a speed issue in your neighborhood and would like the speed trailer to pay your little slice of heaven a visit to say hi, slow down, contact us at 946-6388. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Weekly police blotter

Congratulations parents, you survived another summer and now your day has arrived - the 1st day of school (you know what I'm talking about). BPD was on hand at the public schools this morning to greet the students and staff for the start of the school year. Ah the energy, new clothes (mom always got us boy Toughskins jeans - indestructible they were) and school supplies that signals the start each August of a new school year. A couple of things BPD would like to remind everybody about: 1) School Buses - when that big ole yellow mode of transportation (or the short bus) has the flashing red lights on, don't pass - you will be issued a citation and if convicted may face a license suspension - please don't do it. If the lights are flashing yellow that's a clue the next color you will see is flashing red, so prepare to stop (I know, I know, yellow on a traffic light means speed up, but kids are involved here, prepare to stop). 2) School speed zone - The school speed zone of 20 mph is from 7 am till 4 pm, Monday - Friday, when school is in session and the kids are present (walking to school, on the playground, or activities outside the building). 3) Cell phones - remember get your head our of your apps. Unless your device is hands free, cell phones are illegal in school zones. Save yourself a wad of cash and leave the phone alone while traveling through the school zones. One day down, approximately 175 more days in session until summer break. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Press release:

***********Cali has located her missing family and is on her way home*********** Need the assistance of FB nation today. This good looking lady was located at Walt's/Prairie Crossing Subdivision a short time ago. She had no collar and no chip, but was wearing a harness when located. Vet staff believes she is about 10 years old. Please share and see if we can locate the missing family. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

BPD spent the morning at St. John the Evangelist School teaching Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) to approximately 30 individuals that included office staff and teachers. Time was spent discussing options and best practices to Avoid, Deny, Defend their classrooms and students in the event an active threat should occur at their school. Several drills were also run which introduced the teachers to the sound/smell of gunfire in a building and how to swarm an intruder. So why is BPD at St. John the Evangelist when it is not inside the village limits? Well several yutes from Beecher attend school at SJE and we are always happy and willing to travel anywhere to assist if invited (so if your child is attending school in Hawaii or Europe, feel free to reach out to us with an invite). If you, or your place of employment, are looking for CRASE or ALICE training for dealing with active threat incidents please feel free to contact BPD to schedule a class. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your evening.

New graphics for BPD squads have arrived! A vote by department members earlier this year selected the new design and it replaces the black and white design which has been in use since approximately 1992. A more simple and modern look was selected which incorporates our badge and the thin blue line of law enforcement (sure to get thicker once DD opens). Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your day.

Approximately 200 + Chicago area LEOs, including Chief Smith and Corporal Sipple, spent the day in Tinley Park at Andrew High School for Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) training hosted by the Chicago Division of the FBI. The training addressed protocols for the rapid recovery of missing children and best practices including dealing with the investigation, evidence, the media, and management of these incidents. In addition, departments were introduced to the resources available for local agencies from the FBI to assist when children go missing. Hopefully these two wasted their day and BPD never has to use the information discussed today, but hope is an expensive commodity, it makes better sense to be prepared. Be good to each other, stay safe and enjoy your night.