Rockton Police Department

  • Agency: Rockton Police Department
  • Address: 110 E Main St, Rockton, 61072 IL
  • Chief: Stephen Dickson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 815-624-8881
Fax: 815-624-4955

Rockton Police Department is located at 110 E Main St, Rockton, 61072 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Stephen Dickson. The Rockton Police Department phone number is 815-624-8881.

Rockton Police Department News

Regardless of misinformation you may have seen elsewhere, Trick or Treat hours for the Village of Rockton are Wednesday, October 31 from 5:30-7:30 pm.

Rockton officers delivered gift baskets today to Winnebago County 911 Dispatchers in appreciation for their hard work and dedication. The baskets were provided from officer donations and assistance from Rockton Sanctuary Spa.

Thank You Walmart for your continued support of the RPA and LE community!

Canceled: Found.

A big Thank You to Erica Smith at Rockton Sanctuary Spa for her continued support of the RPA and LE community.

Treats delivered today by Piper Calvette. Thank You!!!

Proud to be associated with Pastor Dan..

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Thank You sponsors and patrons for your support today at Blues & BBQ!

2018 RPA Blues & BBQ Pics. Feel free to tag and share. Thank You!

Please join us today! #rocktonpd #bluesnbbq

Blackhawk Blvd is now open to through traffic. Side streets are closed until repave on them is complete.

9 year old Charlie from Mrs. Leitner’s 4th Grade Class at WPES. Charlie’s father won the silent auction prize at the Lions Club Wimpy’s Silent Auction Event this past December. Rockton PD would like to thank you for supporting the Wimpy’s Fund. Hope you have a great day Charlie!

Brian and Noah from the Roscoe Schnucks Grocery Store met with Officer Emily Harrison and Deputy Chief Matt Hollinger today. Schnucks delivered cases of water and energy drinks for the Rockton Police Department as part of their “Hydrate Our Heroes” campaign. Thank you Schnucks and your timing was perfect!

Last night a woman made a Facebook post about being followed at the Walmart on Tuesday evening by three men. At the time of the post I could find no record of the report and said so. I later learned that she did in fact report this last evening (Thursday) and the officer had not entered the report as she was following up today. It turns out it was not as serious as originally portrayed based on video. However, the reporting person felt is was unsafe and eventually called us. Its our job to check it out. I apologize for any confusion regarding her honesty or validity of her post. I have instructed officers to get this information entered immediately, even if preliminary in nature so it can be verified. In any case, if similar things happen to you, please call 911 and report it to us immediately. Chief Dickson

Thanks to Talcott Library for the pizza today at lunch! We appreciate it!

The vandalism incidents this weekend included vulgar and racist words and pictures. The officers of Rockton PD took this damage personally and worked hard to determine those who were responsible and submit them for justice. At the time of the news release, the investigation was still in progress. Supreme Court rulings do not allow us much latitude on pretrial media. And, the States Attorney is the sole Agency that decides what, if any charges are placed on arrestees. We can only recommend based on the evidence. However, WE DO NOT condone, approve or tolerate any of the described activity, any time, any place. I thought that was understood, but apparently not by everyone. I would like to say more, but this is a pending case and everyone deserves a fair trial and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Chief Dickson

Rockton Police have made arrests in a series of home and vehicle spray paint vandalism that occurred in the Pine Croft subdivision on July 28, 2018. Arrested were four juveniles ranging in age from 14-15 years old that live in the area. Officers are continuing the investigation to determine if the same four are responsible for damage to mailboxes in the Wright Place Subdivision earlier this summer. The four were referred to the Juvenile States Attorney’s office for charging. They have been released to parents.

Our hearts go out to our Brothers and Sisters in Milwaukee PD today for their loss...