Monroe Police Department

  • Agency: Monroe Police Department
  • Address: 233 Tower Dr, Monroe, 46772 IN
  • Chief: Dio Hernandez (Marshal)
Phone: 260-724-7141

Monroe Police Department is located at 233 Tower Dr, Monroe, 46772 IN. The Marshal of the department is Dio Hernandez. The Monroe Police Department phone number is 260-724-7141.

Monroe Police Department News

911 likes, what a coincidence!! Thank you to everyone who supports our page. Have a great Sunday!

Monroe Deputy Marshal Nicholas Yoder graduation from Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

The Monroe Police Department asks you to please please stop for school buses! No destination is more important than a child's life. Tragedies like the one in Fulton County affect and ruin so many lives, from the victims, their families and friends, the bus driver, the witnesses of this horrible scene, the first responders, and yes the driver of the truck. All because something was so much more important than stopping her vehicle for a few brief moments. Remember if the stop arm and lights are on STOP, it's not an option!!!!

A little tip on avoiding a speeding ticket from the Chiscago County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota...amazing.

Passing a bus with it's lights flashing is a deadly risk! Don't let your impatience cost a child their life!

The Monroe Police Department would like to express our gratitude to Deputy Jim Franze, Deputy Bryce Kukelhan, and Decatur Officer Corey Hamm for an amazing K9 demonstration at Monroe Fall Fling today. These officer are an amazing resource to us in Adams County, and their dedication exeplifies what law enforcement is all about!

It Monday night at the Fair and you know what that means! Yep tomorrow is parade night! Just a friendly reminder that the parade route shuts down at 6:30pm and parade starts at 7:00pm. No traffic will be allowed on the parade route after 6:30pm. Those dropping off children who are in the parade will need to do so through the rear entrance of the school. Also no parking is allowed on SR 124 in front of the school. There will be no parking downtown after 5:30pm. Thank you for your help in making the parade as safe and smooth as possible.'s thats that time of year the 4-H Fair is upon us. If you haven't already, make your way down here for a delicious supper provided by the pork producers. A few things to remember when coming to the fair grounds. Please, drive carefully and obey all traffic signals and speed limits. Watch out for increased foot traffic, especially in the area of Polk St by the fairgrounds. Be courteous when parking and do not to park in resident's yards and driveways. Parking will be at a premium this year due to construction at the school so plan ahead. Hopefully everyone will have a safe and fun 4-H fair! Good luck to all the participants this year!

Please remember everyone including pets are safer inside....