Clay City Police Department

  • Agency: Clay City Police Department
  • Address: 111 W 8th St, Clay City, 47841 IN
  • Chief: Terry Skaggs (Chief of police)
Phone: 812-939-2311
Fax: (812)939-0007

Clay City Police Department is located at 111 W 8th St, Clay City, 47841 IN. The Chief of police of the department is Terry Skaggs. The Clay City Police Department phone number is 812-939-2311.

Clay City Police Department News

New ballasts installed at the Police Department by Pastor Terry Cano. God said let there be light and Pastor Terry made it so! Big thanks to Pastor Terry for helping us out. Rich Defore can you forward this to Terry. It won't let me tag him.

Consider this a public warning. We are getting a lot of complaints about people not stopping at stop signs. Not stopping is 6 points on your license and approx $180 ticket. Slowing to a roll is not a stop. For the safety of other and your self. Save your self some money and come to a complete STOP. We will be watching. Be safe out there and have a great day.

Remember parents prom is coming soon. Keep an extra eye on your kids and their friends. Kids drive like your trying to save lives. Because you are yours and mine. Make good decisions be safe make some memories, and have fun!

The question everyone must ask their selves in the mornings. LONG JOHNS OR FLIP FLOPS. Be safe out there and stay warm or cool which ever applies at that particular time in Indiana. Lol Have a great day.

FFA week at Clay City High School. The kids got to drive their tractors to school today. They will be making a lap through town today approx 245pm. We welcome you all to come out and support the kids.

Working in a thankless job officers get use to helping people and only getting that wonderful feeling of helping someone and nothing else. After all, thats the reason most of us do this job. However yesterday a lady called our office. She was from out of town and had came to our town for a basketball game. In this process she lost her apple cell phone. She told the officer that she had an app find your phone. (FYI best idea ever lol) she said the app said her phone was on lankford street. The officer and her talked at great lengths about where she parked and what path she took to get the the elementary gym. The officer headed out armed with directions, cell phone numbers and a desire to find this nice lady her phone(FYI 23° outside). The officer found where he tought she had parked. He walked the route she decribed all the way to the gym. No luck he walked the next block think maybe he did get her directions right. No luck walked other possible routes and the surrounding areas. This discription does not explain all the walking. Lol he definitely got his steps in this day lol any way. No luck. Refusing to give up on this the officer went to the office of the elementary ( which sets on lankford street) one of the night shift custodian had found it in the gym while cleaning. Although the lady was sure she dropped it when leaving her car. Lol. When the lady showed up to claim her phone she had a present for the officer. She had a coaster for his desk with our state and the town of clay city on it. There was also a thank you card. I will attach a picture. I'll tell you we deal with a lot of people ungrateful, unfriendly, rude and some just right down mean. All that can really build up on an officer. However when you deal with one nice lady like this one one all the others fade into the back ground. So we here at the Clay City Police would like to thank this nice lady and all the other wonderful people we get to help. Have a great day and be safe out there.

As vanilia ice said in the 80' ice ice baby ! Please be careful. Everything has ice on it. Even surface that are not normally slick. Even gravel is slick today. Do not go out unless you have to.