Gaston Police Department

  • Agency: Gaston Police Department
  • Address: 107 N Sycamore Street, Gaston, 47342 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: (765) 358-4005

Gaston Police Department is located at 107 N Sycamore Street, Gaston, 47342 IN. The Gaston Police Department phone number is (765) 358-4005.

Gaston Police Department News

Just posting this for clarification- this Facebook page is managed by the Gaston Police Department in Gaston, Indiana. Several new followers have us confused with Gastonia, North Carolina. Any information regarding the missing child should be forwarded to that agency. 704-866-3320


A huge thank you to the American Legion, Town of Gaston employees, Chaplain Michael Osborne, and the citizens of Gaston for today’s celebration of Ammo and his service to the community.

Thanks to Jake Osborne for making this for us!

K-9 Ammo EOW 7-19-18

Accurate forecast for Friday.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Hamilton Township FD.

While the status of the police department is unknown, we have still made a commitment to support the Organ Trail, and we will fulfill that commitment- either as police officers or citizens. Please consider supporting us by supporting the Organ Trail the next two weekends.

The Gaston Police Department is dedicated to the safety of the citizens of Gaston, and anyone that visits our town. We spend countless hours in service, unpaid, to fulfill our oath. We will continue to do so until we are unable. Thank you for your continued support.


As strange as this may sound- there are two White and brown Havana rabbits at the police department, hanging out in the driveway. Is anyone missing a few?

Way to go Hussung!!

Wes Del schools are on lockdown while the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department investigates a threat. All students and staff are safe.

Gaston Police Department Reserves are excited to partner with Organ Trail this October to bring an amazing haunt experience to Gaston. Make sure to check them out and come see us next month !!

Rest easy brothers, we'll take it from here.