Greenville Police Department

  • Agency: Greenville Police Department
  • Address: 9706 CLARK STREET, Greenville, 97124 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: 812-903-0233

Greenville Police Department is located at 9706 CLARK STREET, Greenville, 97124 IN. The Greenville Police Department phone number is 812-903-0233.

Greenville Police Department News

An update from Greenville Town councilman Andy Lemon! This is great information and great work by all the involved communities. Councilman Lemon wrote, I am happy to announce that Animal Control services are being offered in Greenville once again! The vote was passed by the Animal Control Board tonight in New Albany. This has been a project of mine for several months and required work by various community leaders; President Greg Redden of the Greenville Town Council, our amazing attorney Heather Peters, County Councilman Brad Striegel, and Commissioner John Schellenberger. I'd also like to take a moment to thank Randy Hoffer of the Animal Control Board who took the time to listen to all parties involved and explained the situation to his fellow Animal Control Board members. This is a great day for the animals in Greenville. In the next couple of days, there will be a post on the Greenville website at explaining the specific Article 5 services that will be provided to the residents of Greenville. In other news around town... For the last two months, I've wondered if anyone noticed the white flashing beacon light on the cell tower in town. It was a constant annoyance at night from my backyard. I did a bit of research and found that the white beacon light is suppose to flash during the day and transition to the red light at night. However, there was work performed on the tower during which the red light failed to reactivate. Thanks to a couple in the community, they were able to contact the cell tower owners and the owners stated that they would turn the red light back on in the evening. I know several residents will be happy to hear the commercial property owner at the corner of Voyles and HWY 150 has decided to sale. If my spray paint reading eyes do not deceive me, it would appear the owner has the property listed for the price of $11,168 and will entertain all cash offers. I view this as a great opportunity for someone in our community to purchase the property at a substantially reduced price (the last sale price was $65k in June 2017) and purpose the facility into something clean, productive, and beneficial for our Town.

Today was yet another sad day in the Indiana Law Enforcement community. Thoughts and prayers for the officers family and the Terre Haute Police Department. Thank you David Gomes and Heather for your donations. Also thank you everyone else that assisted in this process and Thank you to Chief Bender for the great partnership.

Thank you to everyone in regards to the previous post. The individual has been identified and has been in contact with us. Again thank you.

This is very sad. I pray for his family and for the Louisville Metro Police Department and all of his fellow brothers and sisters. We shall always be grateful for the ultimate sacrifice made by this hero.

The Greenville Police Department will be selling two (2) used Crown Victoria Interceptor cars. 1 is a 2004 and the other is a 2005 they have approximately 120,000 miles on them. All emergency equipment will be removed unless purchased by a PD,FD or any other emergency services. If interested please leave a SEALED OFFER with your name, amount, and contact info In a unmarked envelope for the vehicle your interested in at 9706 Clark St. Greenville IN 47124. If you would like to see the vehicle in person contact us and we may arrange a meeting. April 10,2017 at the Town Hall meeting is when the offers will be viewed and chosen. Pictures will be posted and the vehicles are available for in person viewing as well. Disclaimer: We hold the right to refuse sale to anyone believed to use the equipment for illegal purposes and/ or it does not meet a desired amount for purchase.

- Crime Alert 11/28/16: 11/28/16 2:46 p.m. - A theft report was taken in the 9800 block of Cooks Mill Rd - Georgetown. A utility trailer was stolen from the residence. 11/28/16 2:09 p.m. - A theft report was taken in the 4900 block of Clover Pine Drive - Greenville. Tools were stolen from a construction site. Please share this information with your neighbors and friends.