Haubstadt Police Department

  • Agency: Haubstadt Police Department
  • Address: 103 S Main St, Haubstadt, 47639 IN
  • Chief: Lloyd Jones (Chief of police)
Phone: (812)768-6451
Fax: (812)768-5120

Haubstadt Police Department is located at 103 S Main St, Haubstadt, 47639 IN. The Chief of police of the department is Lloyd Jones. The Haubstadt Police Department phone number is (812)768-6451.

Haubstadt Police Department News

I hope everyone had a great time Trick-or-Treating this evening. Weather was awesome! Feel free to do it on Halloween, just make sure you have a boat. 🚣‍♂️⛵🌨☂️ Happy Halloween From HPD!

Happy Thursday Folks! Due to the threat of rain, the Town has decided the relocate the Downtown Trick or Treating to the Old Gym. Setup is available Tonight from 7:30-9pm or 4pm tomorrow. The event will be from 5-7pm. See you there!

I'm Lost, can you help me find my owner?

We would like to keep the community informed about the railroad crossings, however we are not getting any notice of further plans. The railroad blocked off the Maple Street crossing again about an hour ago. State Road 68 is still open as of now.

**Reminder** Golf Carts, ATV's or Side x Sides will NOT be allowed on SR68 due to Railroad crossings being closed on Maple, Gibson and Haub.

The Railroad crossings at Maple, Gibson & Haub will be closed within the next 30min as of 8/2 at 6:56pm. SR68 & 1100S will be OPEN. Please allow extra time for morning commute due to the increased traffic on SR68 and 1100S. Be aware of speed limits, local officers will be patrolling these areas. At this time we don't know the expected opening date of the closed crossings. That is all the information we have at this time. If we hear of anything else, we will post it. Thank You!

$15 can save a life! It's very important to make sure the address is visible. When seconds count, trying to locate the address is never a good feeling for Emergency Responders.


We had a pretty good turnout tonight for the women’s self defense class put on by members of the Princeton Police Department. I appreciate them coming down here to do this class. They will be doing other classes in the near future in various places in Gibson County.

Coming to Haubstadt on December 12th. Contact them on their page, Princeton Police Department Self Defense. This will be held at the Council Chambers behind the Town Hall.

I was notified by CSX that they will begin changing track later this month. This has been moved up from an earlier plan twice now. I was told by a representative that they will start in Fort Branch and move South and shoukd be closing Maple St, Gibson St, and Haub St around Dec 1st. They expect those crossings to be closed a couple days and will then close SR68 and 1100 South after that. They say the sections of track are a specific length which makes them close so many streets at a time. Just wanted everyone to be aware this is coming. There should be more notices in the papers when it gets closer. I also saw a post from County Highway Dept and it appears they were told something different on the work. Whichever is correct, it is happening soon and crossings in town will be closed at different intervals.

All Southern Gibson County Schools will be closed Tomorrow (11/10) due to threats. We currently don't have any specifics at this time.

I believe Haubstadt Fort Branch Road will be closed tomorrow to finish up the road work. I'm not sure on the time, but I'm sure it will be during the commute to work.

We have had many calls in the past month regarding the diseased fox running around all over town. As of 2:30PM this afternoon, it was exterminated beside the railroad tracks on North Main Street.

Unfortunately several scams are going around in reference to the Texas Hurricane. Please be aware that Indiana State Police and other Police Departments are not calling and asking for donations. If you donate, Please research who you are donating to, and be aware of various other phone scams that are going around. If you think it's a scam, its usually a scam. These folks who do phone scams are very good at getting money from people and once it's given out, the odds of getting it back are slim to none. Finding a church, police department or various other businesses who have set up donations is a safer way to donate than over the phone.

A large tree limb has fallen on top of power lines on East Elm Street. Vectren is aware and trying to get crews there to take care of it. They estimate that people a large area around it may be without power for another 3-4 hours. Areas without power include the banks and Dollar General.

Weather Sirens were set off Accidently. No weather issues at this time.

I have had a few people ask me what an Approved Helmet is. Under the new law..."Approved Helmets" are those that meet U.S. Department of Transportation standards. Also know as DOT helmets. If a helmet doesn't meet the DOT specifications, they are still subject to the $500 citation. Inside or on the back of the helmet, you will find a decal that says DOT. If the helmet doesn't have the decal, It's most likely not an Approved Helmet. All DOT helmets are required to have this decal. The decal will look similar to this:

Hope this helps clarify:

On July 1st the new "Play For Kate" ATV Helmet Law will go into effect for EVERYONE under the age of 18. The Operator or Passenger under the age of 18 will be REQUIRED to wear a DOT approved helmet while using a ORV (Off Road Vehicle) on ALL Roadways and Private Property. If the ORV is being used for Farm Use this law does not apply. If it's being used for other than farm use, the law will apply. This new law is for ALL vehicles designed for Off-Road use such as: ATV's, Side X Sides, UTV's, Go Carts, Mini Bikes, Dirt Bikes and other motorized vehicles designed for Off-Road. With this new law, the operator is ultimately responsible and could receive a citation, but the ADULT who is responsible for the ORV can receive a citation as well. The citation is $500 per occurrence. Important: At this time, this will include children who are properly buckled into a car seat. (I'm hearing they are discussing some changes on this, but at this time it will be part of the law) **This law does not require children under the age of 18 to wear a helmet on Golf Carts**

Tonight, June 16th, at the Haubstadt Sommerfest, someone found a military ID and Privilage card belonging to a Jacob Hardin. If anyone is familiar with him, please advise him to contact the Haubstadt Police Department at 812-385-6616 so we can return it to him.