Amo Police Department

  • Agency: Amo Police Department
  • Address: 4925 Pearl St, Amo, 46103-9900 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: 317-539-6030

Amo Police Department is located at 4925 Pearl St, Amo, 46103-9900 IN. The Amo Police Department phone number is 317-539-6030.

Amo Police Department News

***FALL FESTIVAL*** Things are getting into full swing! The weather is beautiful and so are the cars! Be sure to stop by the Amo Police tent to receive some great gifts!

***FALL FESTIVAL***DONT MISS OUT***ALL DAY*** Tomorrow is the big day! Many events in store for the entire family starting at 9a! Be sure to join us on Saturday 9/15 for the Amo Fall Festival. Amazing car show, Food/specialty vendors, games, Touch a Truck "Mill Creek West," and the BLOCK PARTY starting at 6p. Amo Pizza and Amo Fire have joined forces to bring you a special concert featuring the Southern Bridges Band! Be sure to stop by the Amo Police tent and receive some special gifts!

***9/11 CEREMONY*** Thank you to all that donated their time to make this year another great 9/11 tribute/ceremony!

***VEHICLES SPEEDING***SEE STUDY***PLEASE RESPOND*** We have received several complaints recently regarding vehicles speeding through town. Without a doubt, people speed on a daily basis throughout the country. This is a fact that will most likely never change. Residing within a small community, the act of, “Speeding” is more easily identified or apparent by citizens due to the surroundings. As most citizens are aware, it is impossible for law enforcement to always be in the right place at the right time. However, part of our responsibilities includes monitoring traffic for violations of statute or local ordinance. We always try to dedicate a great deal of time in this regard to ensure safety. Last week several hours were devoted, “As usual” to monitoring traffic. Within this time frame, the speed/s of (58) vehicles were documented along Pearl St. (See Below). The result produced an average vehicle speed of (26.72) Miles Per Hour (MPH). It should be noted that the posted speed along Pearl Street is (20) MPH. A few traffic stops were conducted which resulted in verbal warnings, and 1 citation being issued. Granted, different time frames, and different days of the week could yield a different result. However, this result is consistent with what we typically observe during a normal shift, minus the top speeder! The top speed was egregious, and a rarity for us to document. The primary question is, what is the opinion of the community? At what speed does the community feel they should be issued a citation if caught speeding? Technically, traveling above 20 MPH is considered speeding. However, we would like to assume that any reasonable person can distinguish the difference between traveling above the speed limit and, “Speeding.” Therefore, what speed do you feel is egregious, and appropriate to receive a citation if caught? Please respond truthfully and honestly! (MPH) (# of vehicles) (58 Vehicles Total) (Average Speed 26 mph) 15 mph (1) 20 mph (3) 21 mph (2) 22 mph (6) 23 mph (3) 24 mph (1) 25 mph (12) 26 mph (4) 27 mph (5) 28 mph (4) 29 mph (5) 30 mph (1) 31 mph (3) 32 mph (2) 33 mph (2) 36 mph (2) 37 mph (1) 50 mph (1)

***Community Event***

The following was sent to us by a concerned citizen, a bunny was stolen from her hutch. The owner does not have social media so I made this post for her. If anyone finds Polly please call the number listed. The owner has posted flyers around Amo already but I am hoping that the power of social media can get Polly home.

Fireworks from the 2018 Fish Fry. Thanks everyone for another great year. Stay safe.

***ANOTHER GREAT YEAR*** Thanks to all involved who made this year's fish fry another success! #MEMORIES

***CRUISE IN***FISH FRY*** The cruise in and fish fry is in full swing! Come out and enjoy cool cars, great food, games, and live music!

***National Public Safety Telecommunications Week*** April 8-14 (2018) The Amo Police Department would like to say thank you to all the wonderful dispatchers of Hendricks County, and around the nation. It is a simple fact that we could not do this job without you!

***Final Call*** The Amo Police Department mourns the loss of David Gunn Sr, father of Officer David Gunn Jr. Gunn Sr. served the residents of Hendricks County for 20 years as an Officer with the Stilesville and Coatesville Police Departments. The last 17 years of his law enforcement career were served as the Town Marshal for the Town of Coatesville. Gunn Sr. Dedicated his life to public service, and we would like to say thank you! We wish the Gunn family strength in their time of loss.

***Excellence in Service*** At Thursday night's council meeting Marhsal Nelson officially accepted the resignation/retirement of Lt. Jeremy Nohren. Lt. Nohren has served the Hendricks County community for nearly 15 years. He was presented with his shield, and and honored for his dedicated service. Lt. Nohren will be missed by all! We wish he and his family the best in this new chapter. Thank you for all you do!

***Amo Cemetery*** It was brought to our attention that within the past several weeks someone decided to damage property belonging to the Amo Cemetery. As seen in the photos, a vehicle went, "Off-Raoding" and created substantial damage. It is believed that the damage occurred during two separate incidents. If you have any information pertaining to the individual/s or vehicle/s responsible, please contact the Amo Police Department!

***Every 15 Minutes Video*** Please take time to view the production video that was made this week at Cascade High School for the every 15 minutes program. This is a must see!!! Amazing work by all involved!

***EVERY 15 MINUTES*** Every 15 minutes someone dies in an alcohol and impaired related crash. Marshal Nelson along with other public servants have been at Cascade High School all day assisting with the, "Every 15 minute" program. The school day consists of real life scenarios including a fatal car crash, and student obituaries being read every 15 minutes. Students are able to grasp the harsh realities of operating while impaired.

***HALLOWEEN*** Trick or Treat times announced! October 31st (6p-8p)

***AMO FALL FESTIVAL*** Timeline of events! Come enjoy!


Please take a moment and consider if you would be able to help.

***FISH FRY UPDATE*** The weather is beautiful and the parade was great! We even found a little helper to assist with throwing candy, and helped wrangle horses! The band is playing, food is amazing, games are fun, and there is $500 bingo pot tonight! Don't forget the amazing fireworks show at dark!!

***FISH FRY*** Last night was a great success! Tonight is going to be even better! The classic cars are pulling in for the car show/cruise in! Come and join us for an evening of fun!