Brownsburg Community School Corporation Police Department

  • Agency: Brownsburg Community School Corporation Police Department
  • Address: 444 E Tilden Dr, Brownsburg, 46112 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: 317-852-5726

Brownsburg Community School Corporation Police Department is located at 444 E Tilden Dr, Brownsburg, 46112 IN. The Brownsburg Community School Corporation Police Department phone number is 317-852-5726.

Brownsburg Community School Corporation Police Department News

BCSC DRILL INFO As part of our ongoing commitment to school safety, Brownsburg Schools will conduct an evacuation drill this afternoon at White Lick Elementary. Evacuation drills are much like fire drills, but after the students and staff leave the building, they move to an alternate site on campus. Students and staff will be aware that this is a drill. Over time, all BCSC Schools will conduct this drill. An email was sent to BCSC families and staff this morning and information will also be communicated prior to future drills. Students will be evacuated to a designated school site and when that is complete, the drill will continue by dispatching buses to transport the students back to school. These activities will be out of the ordinary for a normal school day and it is important to make our community aware that this drill is taking place today. Thank you

BCSCPD is excited to share that we're hiring an additional School Resource Officer! Completed applications are due November 16th, 2018 and can be found online at Please contact Chief Wing with questions about this position at

Fall is upon us, which means it's still dark during staff & student arrival at BHS. The safest place to drop off or pick up your student remains at doors 12 & 14. Dropping students off along Odell or near visitor parking is not only illegal (many signs are posted prohibiting this), it also creates an unsafe environment for our staff and students attempting to park and use the crosswalk at Pete Moore Drive. Let's work together to keep our school community safe! **Note: The attached map indicates that visitor parking can be used for pick up & drop off. To clarify, this is for appointments with the main office or picking up/dropping off during the instructional day.**

Brownsburg High School’s student leaders selected BCSCPD to serve as the 2018 Homecoming Grand Marshals. Thank you, CHAIN link. We are humbled to have been chosen to be part of such a special tradition in Brownsburg. #proudtoserve #whereszeus #mostaskedquestion

Happy Monday! Just a reminder that it is getting darker each morning which means Fall is soon approaching. That also means it may be more difficult to see students who walk to school. Jackets and backpacks with reflective material are a great idea to help keep your walker safe. Drivers, please remember to slow down in school zones and pay close attention around cross walks, bus stops and bus stop arms.

We couldn’t let National Dog Day go by without acknowledging BCSC PD’s K9 Zeus. This German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix loves to work, always keeps the day interesting and has stolen our hearts. Dogs are amazing creatures....unwavering loyalty, devotion, selflessness and service. “Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.” Roger A. Caras

Quick reminder about the traffic pattern at BHS: Parent pick-up and drop-off will continue to be at doors 12 & 14 for this school year. Pro tip: Traffic is substantially lighter at 7:15 and wait times are much shorter. In order to keep students safe, please refrain from picking up and dropping off along Odell Street. Looking forward to a safe year!

Good morning! Over the next couple of days, there will be a number of police cars at West Middle School and White Lick Elementary. Nothing to worry about - we're just training.

Officers K, Wing, Leahy and Flynn spent this week at the Indiana School Resource Officer Association Conference in Michigan City Indiana. Our officers routinely spend their summer and off duty time learning new skills, ideas and programs that benefit the students and families of Brownsburg. It’s also a fantastic time for them to spend time together as a TEAM!

During a walk through of the high school today Zeus picked up an odor that caught his attention. He wasn’t going to stop till he was able to get a really good sniff. He stood at the doorway for a second, tail wagging, and got a good whiff.......of the science classroom where students were dissecting CATS. Check out that blurry was wagging so fast.

The event planned for tomorrow evening (3/5) has been postponed. We will post a new date soon!

Brownsburg Community School Corporation Police Department is pleased to host "Continuing the Conversation" on Monday, March 5th at 6:30 pm. Please join us to hear from Hendricks County Judge Karen Love, a representative from Hendricks County Coroner's Office, and members of the community who work with neighbors struggling with addiction and moving toward recovery. Resources will be shared and a recent graduate of the Hendricks County Drug Court Program will share his story.

This is the face you make when you get your picture taken for the 2017/18 Brownsburg High School yearbook because you LOVE your job and get to see some great students every single day! By the look of his smile, we’re pretty certain that Zeus is proud to serve his community.

Final exams can be stressful. Our BCSCPD officers took a few moments this morning to hand out some holiday cheer and encouraged students to do their best on their exams. We like to call it “Ho Ho Ho from the Po Po”. It didn’t take long to run out of candy canes and the students loved it.

INFO FOR BHS FOOTBALL TRAFFIC: Police officers will be directing traffic at the end of the BHS Football game. Bulldog Way traffic will be northbound only. If you are picking up students, please enter from Odell St and line up in the right lane of Bulldog Way.

MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENTS: If your child is attending the high school football games, we wanted to share with you the expectations that have been communicated with students. - High school football games are considered a school event and all school rules still apply - Students should wear their school issued lanyard and ID - The middle school section is at the north end of the home stands. Students should cheer for the Bulldogs from their assigned location. - Students should have transportation available prior to the end of the game. Thank you for your help in making sure students have a fun and safe evening at Roark Stadium.

Smooth arrival at the high school this morning. Zeus supervised from the driver's seat. We occasionally need to remind him that he does not have a license.

Arrival at BHS continues to improve. One new item beginning Monday: Traffic will not be permitted southbound Stadium to Bulldog. Please continue to be patient with us through dismissal as we work to make this process more efficient.

Important reminder on the traffic pattern at BHS: Parents dropping students off must enter at Tilden/Bulldog and drop off at doors 14 & 15. The Odell entrance to BHS will be CLOSED at 7:15 each morning. Traffic is heaviest from 7:20-7:40, so arriving outside of that window can save considerable time.

Tomorrow, more than 500 students will graduate from Brownsburg High School and BCSCPD's School Resource Officers can't wait to celebrate this event with our community! #staysafe #norain #alittlesunwouldbenice #bulldogproud

With graduation upon us, please help us keep our kids safe by encouraging them to find healthy, legal ways to celebrate this exciting season of life.

Did you know? State law restricts a vehicle from standing or parking within 30 feet of a stop sign and 20 feet of a crosswalk or intersection. Please be aware of this, especially near bus stops. Leave plenty of room for vehicles and safe space for pedestrians.

Keeping students safe is always our main priority. Today officers took time to remove the snow from cars parked in the student lots. We felt that with the large amount of new drivers, making sure they started their drive home with clear windshields would help keep them safe. Since some may not yet have snow brushes, we also felt that it was important to let the students know that they are cared about.

We’re always looking for ways to keep our students safe! AT&T launched the “It Can Wait” campaign and inspired more than 10 million pledges by individuals to not text and drive. They’ve set a goal to get 16 million pledges by the end of 2016. Brownsburg students can participate in the 16 for 16 goal and make distracted driving an issue of the past.! Visit and follow the prompts to create your own “team”, which can be made up of students, friends, family and coworkers – whoever you’d like to encourage to take the pledge alongside you. Anyone who texts “WAIT YOURTEAMNAME” to 50555 will count as one pledge for your team. Come the end of October, the team who has generated the most pledges will receive their own personal Simulator Tour experience, or will get the opportunity to recommend a distracted driving charity to receive a $5,000 donation from AT&T. Make the pledge to give up testing and driving – it can wait!