Pittsboro Police Department

  • Agency: Pittsboro Police Department
  • Address: 80 N. Meridian Street, Pittsboro, 46167 IN
  • Chief: Christi Patterson (Chief of police)
Phone: (317) 892-3329
Fax: (317) 892-5632

Pittsboro Police Department is located at 80 N. Meridian Street, Pittsboro, 46167 IN. The Chief of police of the department is Christi Patterson. The Pittsboro Police Department phone number is (317) 892-3329.

Pittsboro Police Department News

We hope all the kiddos (and their parents too!) had a fun and safe time last night trick or treating!

Reminding everyone to be safe while Trick-or-Treating tonight from 6P-9P! Here is a flash back to last year as well as Officer Crouch's childhood Halloween experience. Shout out to #ifowencanwecan who is pictured last year with Officer Crouch in his SWAT uniform and his family!

Trick or treating is tonight from 6-9 PM. Children can trick or treat the Pittsboro Police Cars tonight. Please make sure the police car has stopped and the officer has gotten out of the vehicle before you approach. They will stop when they can. Have a safe and happy halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Pittsboro Police Department!! Remember the Halloween Safety Tips we have posted and be on the look out for our officers working this evening, they will be carrying candy to hand out to the kiddos! Bundle up and take an umbrella just in case!

This is why when they stop, YOU stop. Keep our kids safe!

We have received reports of vehicles passing school buses in town while they come to a stop and pick up kids. This is not acceptable and drivers need to be aware if they do not stop they will receive a ticket, no exceptions. The safety of our children is priority, plan your routes accordingly to avoid the buses or wait patiently. If you see someone pass a school bus, call into Hendricks County Dispatch and report it. If you can't then please try to get the vehicle information (license plate, make, model, color.) Thank you so much to our proactive citizens! Indiana IC Code 9-21-12-1

Chief Christi Patterson, along with Chase from Paw Patrol and Officers Carson and Buchanan spoke to the preschoolers at Pittsboro Methodist Church about Halloween Safety! The children were very respectful and already knew so much about safety! Make sure your little ones are safe while trick or treating this Halloween!

Here at Pittsboro PD we like to start our mornings with some good ol' caffeine! Some of our officers like to get traditional coffee while some prefer the new teas that are being offered! How do you help support your local businesses?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, families and police officers involved in the Pittsburgh shootings.

It may be a Monday, but Halloween is just days away! Keep in mind our safety tips if you venture out for some candy. Weather is looking rainy so make sure you have an umbrella for your little ghosts and goblins!

Although Pittsboro Police Department is happy to answer your questions, if you have an EMERGENCY or are in need of assistance please call 9-11 and not the department phone number. Hendricks County Communication Center will be able to contact officers faster via the radio than we can via phone. Thank you.

Chase stopped by this morning to pick up some Pittsboro PD gear and take the Red Ribbon Week Pledge! Chase has promised to live a healthy and drug free life, you should too!

It's Red Ribbon Week! Talk to your kids about living a drug free lifestyle! Visit redribbon.org for more information and activities on how to be drug free!

Cyber Security Awareness Month Think you are safe online? Think again. Hackers and predators are lurking everywhere for your information. How strong are your passwords? Do you monitor your children when they are online? Do you really know who you are talking to? For more information and a fun quiz to test your cyber safety go to: http://staysafeonline.org https://usa.kaspersky.com https://www.kidzworld.com/quiz/are-you-cyber-safe

This child size hat was located at Fall Family Fun Night and turned in to one of our officers! Please come by the Pittsboro Police Department to reclaim your hat!

Our thoughts, prayers and support go out to Georgia and South Carolina after the loss of Officer Toney and Investigator Turner.

October is also National Stop Bullying Awareness Month. Did you know 1 in 7 students, kindergarten through 12th grade will experience bullying in their life time? Or that 6 out of 10 students witness a form of bullying every day? Or that approximately 160,000 kids miss school every day due to fear of a bully? Let's change these statistics and stop the bullying. For more information please visit: stopbullyingnowfounddation.org tylerclemnti.org

We are only 9 days away from Halloween! Though we want all the kids to have a fun evening we also want them safe. Keep these safety tips in mind while out and about next Wednesday! Trick or Treat hours will be from 6PM-9PM!

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men are victims of severe violence by an intimate partner on average and approximately 20,000 calls are placed to the Domestic Violence Hotline every single day. That means someone you love and care about could be a victim at this very moment. Help put an end to domestic violence, speak up and help those around you who may be a victim. You could save a life. Seek NCADV.org for more information.

The US has lost 118 Law Enforcement Officers this year with the most recent being last night, Trooper Kevin Conner with NC Hwy Patrol. Out of the 118 who were lost in the line of duty, 3 have been Indiana Law Enforcement Officers. Our thoughts and prayers always remain with the families and departments impacted by the loss of their officer.