Roanoke Police Department

  • Agency: Roanoke Police Department
  • Address: 126 N Main St, Roanoke, 46783 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: (260) 672-3202
Fax: 260-672-3202

Roanoke Police Department is located at 126 N Main St, Roanoke, 46783 IN. The Roanoke Police Department phone number is (260) 672-3202.

Roanoke Police Department News

Rolling into Roanoke Car show have been pushed back to July 28th now, due to the weather forecast. Hope to see you all on the 28th.

Texas police officer fires back at IRS scam caller in viral video

Received a call from (206) 451-5848 letting me know that Home Land Security was doing an investigation on me. Well this is a scam. Same number used in IRS scam. Told me to call another number. If you receive same kind of call DO NOT CALL back.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Roanoke Police Department for keeping traffic slowed during this first week of school! MANY MANY thanks for protecting our kids!!!

Hint For the person who thinks the are going east or west but truly is going north or south. You can see Roanoke and the location of the Cop 👮 rock.

Thanks to Moose and Mollies and Sparky Mart. Now with the return or the "Cop Rock" you will receive free ice cream and a free drink. It is still out there. If no one has it by lunch I will give a hit.

Brought in now back out.

For the Roanoke Rock If you find this one and return it to the Roanoke Police / Town Hall you will be given a coupon for a free ice cream at Moose and Molly. You have to post pic and return to Police so we can then put it back out.

Park issue. It just now came to my attention about the park. If we do not know of a problem we can not fix it When we "police" are in the park. People tend to behave. If you have an issue Call. I am sure just about everyone has a phone. Dispatch 260 356 8316. 260 356 8316 888 255 1952 We will gladly go to park. We the police received no calls nor did our dispatch on this one park issue. But it seems Facebook world did.

Scam Alerts!!!!!! Here are just a few of the SCAMs that are taking place around the town. IRS SCAM. Someone calls claiming to be with the IRS and stating you owe taxes to the IRS. If you do not pay the taxes they claim a warrant will be issued for your arrest and you will go to jail. Fact: The IRS would never call you for money. They will send you a letter. Loved one in jail. SCAM. A person calls you claiming to be Officer ?? and states they have your grandson Granddaughter or other loved one in jail. They want you to post a bond for them. Well they will instruct you to get a money order or Walmart cards to pay the fine. Fact: There is not a Police Dept. nor Officer will call you about a loved one in Jail. The loved one would have to call you from the jail that they are in, not a police Officer. You have won. SCAM A person calls you telling you that you have won money or an item. But 1st you must pay the taxes before you can collect your prize. They will ask you to pay the taxes by Wester Union or credit card. Fact: If you must pay for it, it is not free. The bottom line is all of this: If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Police Dept. do not call you for money. IRS will not call you. Do not become a victim. If you have a question, call your local Police station before giving out money

Time for the Golf cars. If a person is wanting to use a golf cart within the town limits you have to do and follow a few rules. You must come to the town hall and registrant your golf cart. Cost is $25.00 for the year from March till Oct. Here are the requirements to Operate your cart in the town. 1. Current Registration with the Town. 2. Valid DRIVER’s License 3. Proof for Financial responsibility (Insurance) 4. Operation time ½ hour before sunrise and ½ hour after sunset 5. Slow moving sign on back of cart 6. You cannot drive on side walks 7. If person is less than 18 years of age no more than 2 additional persons under 18 year of age allowed in cart. 8. Can only operate on town streets, cannot operate at all on US-24 at any time, cannot even cross US-24 by State Law. 9. No more people allowed that there are seats build into the cart. 10. No trailers being pulled by cart. 11. NO letting child Ride on Lap.

Pup at Roanoke fire dept

Bryant Larrowe wrote on Roanoke Police Department's Timeline. Mar 17, 2017 10:13pm My brothers were involved in an accident today a very serious one on 114 and I'd like to thank all the heros at the Roanoke police dept, fire department and the Indiana state police and also the unknown motorists that witnessed the accident that called 911 you all kept my family together today and for that we are forever grateful!

Hello to All, Spring is here and I hope you all had a warm winter. As the weather warms and we all come out of hibernation here are a few things it keep in mind for the coming warm weather. 1. While driving around there will still be some frost in the morning, so watch those stop signs. 2. With the warm weather, our kids will be out playing more. (those who are not hook on the games and internet, remember those times, out till it got dark playing) so please watch out for the little human dart coming out on bikes and between parked cars. 3. Our cars, Roanoke is a great place and safe, but please keep your car door lock, so all your stuff is there in the morning and we will not have to meet 1st thing in the morning. 4. Your grass will start to grow, so please break out the mowers and don’t become that neighbor who doesn’t mow your yard. After 8 inch in height you will be getting a knock on the door from me. Along with that if you notice your neighbor has not mowed you might want to walk next door and meet your neighbor and see if you can help. 5. Our office number is 260-672-3202 if you might need anything. Thanks for your time and let us all work together to make Roanoke the place to live and raise our families. Jim Wood Marshal

Tanks to relentless power sports used in new squad

Thanks Rex

That the Roanoke Police range.

These two young men came into the office Friday afternoon with their mother and made our day a little brighter on a gloomy day for all police officers. Thanks you

Good afternoon all. Well summer is here and the grass is growing. Keep in mind that you cannot have your grass any taller than 8 inches or you will receive a letter from the Town and the Roanoke Police asking you to cut your grass/weeds. After 10 days, we will have someone to cut your lawn and you will be billed for it. With that being said, if you see your neighbor have trouble with keeping up with the lawn, what if you went next door and asked if they may need help. I do know that this might sound odd now days, but give it a shot, you might find out who you neighbor is. Also school is out, so keep an eye out for the little kids running around, they more than likely are not looking out for cars. Also if you see kids out running around late at night, when most would think they should be home. Don’t worry about calling the department and we can always drive by and make sure they are OK. It takes a village. Last but far from least, if you were not aware Larry White R-2 is retiring from the Department at the end of this month. The 30th of June is Officer White’s last day. Officer White has been with the Roanoke Police Department for the last 8 years. Wish him good luck and God’s speed. Our replacement for Officer White will be Officer Jeremy Goff. Officer Goff has been a Roanoke Reserve Officer for over the past 10 years, so welcome him aboard as our new full time Officer

Keep an eye out for Runners tomorrow AM Saturday the 16, the 10k, 5K and mile run is tomorrow start time is 9:00 AM . Please be aware of this for the runners safety.