Remington Police Department

  • Agency: Remington Police Department
  • Address: 33 N Indiana St, Remington, 47977 IN
  • Chief:
Phone: 219-261-3133
Fax: 219-261-4055

Remington Police Department is located at 33 N Indiana St, Remington, 47977 IN. The Remington Police Department phone number is 219-261-3133.

Remington Police Department News

Just a reminder to everyone that North Railroad Street between Ohio Street and Indiana Street is not a one way road. Parralel parking goes with the flow of traffic. That means your passenger side tires are parallel with the curb not the drivers side. A friendly reminder so as we will not have to enforce parking laws/ordinance.

Weather advisory for our area. Travel carefully.

I would like to take a moment to thank the officers and others that worked with me through all the ups and downs in 2017. A big Thank You to Deputy Sanders, Powell and Buschman for the help and service they gave in 2017. Also a Thank you to all the police and sheriff's officers that helped and stood side by side with us in 2017. See you in 2018. Thank you to the ones that work behind the scenes; Jasper County Prosecutors Office, Jasper County Probation, Jasper County Courthouse, Jasper County Sheriff's Dept personnel., Jasper County Dispatchers, Jasper County Corrections Officers, DCS, Remington Fire Dept., Remington EMS, Remington Town Board, Remington town employees, the families of all these fine people and all the citizens of Remington. See you all in 2018. If there's anyone I forgot I apologize...THANKS. Marshal John Schuetzenhofer

To all the emergency responders working this past week out in this very cold weather we appreciate it. This is a photo I took while working an accident at -13 degrees and -27 wind chill. That makes work much harder. Be careful and dress for the occasion.

The Remington Police Department and its officers wish everyone a happy and safe New Year's Eve. We look forward to having another safe and happy New Year in 2018.

To the victims, families and friends this awful incident has affected we have you in our thoughts.

Northbound I-65 closed south of the 201 Remington exit. You will want to avoid. Northbound traffic is shut down for clean up.

Remington Water Tower Days starts tomorrow and one of the most questions asked is about golf carts. Friday and Saturday all golf carts will be allowed as long as they obey traffic laws and fall under the Remington town ordinance. This does not include utility vehicles. Utility vehicles will be operated off road only unless registered through the state BMV. Golf carts only. Drive safely and have fun.

Tornado warning until 7:45 pm. for Remington area.

Thoughts and prayers to the Cyr family. No loss is easy when it hits this close to our Emergency Response family. Anything we can do to help we are here. God Bless.

I have been asked and have heard; why so many traffic stops going on in the area? Just one example of why we have picked up on traffic enforcement in and outside of town. This was a 55 MPH speed limit. We are out there to protect all traveling the roadways. Please drive safely for yourself and all around you.

I65/24 overpass shutdown for accident investigation please try to avoid this route for travel.

Recently there was a picture posted of a subject in Remington that was mentioned possibly related to the Delphi case. We have located and confirmed the subject in the video/ photo and do not have reason to believe he is involved. Thanks to all involved in getting this cleared up. Be safe and be aware. Please pass this on.

The Remington Police Department is honoring the short life of a former firefighter, town employee and friend John Flinn. With honor and respect to the Flinn family we are sorry for the loss.


Today starts the true first day of patrol for Deputy Kaleb Sanders. Deputy Sanders was recently hired and just completed basic training for patrol duties. We have a lot of hard work ahead but looking forward to it. Congratulations Deputy Sanders. 🚔

The Remington Police Department Department would like to put out a warning for a scam/theft. Over the weekend an elderly person let a white male and white female into the residence who stated they were there for home care and assistance. While they were inside the residence the female distracted the elderly and the male party removed items from the residence. They were driving a silver pickup truck. Any information would be very helpful and please pass it on to your elderly family and friends so if a similar situation arises they do not let them inside.

We have had two reports of property taken out of vehicles in town. Just as a reminder to lock your vehicle and do not keep any personal identification, money or credit cards in open view. With the warmer weather people are out walking more and unfortunately not all are out walking with good intentions. Thank you and be safe.

2017 is knocking on the door so I want to take a minute to thank the officers that worked for me this year. Chris, Mike and Cole I appreciate the hard work that was done and it was done professionally. This department had its busiest year in calls. THANK YOU. I also want say Thank You to all the first responders that we had the privilege to work side by side with this year. Also to the people that not many see such as Corrections Officers, Dispatchers, Prosecutors Office and court house employees. It takes us all to make it work. Thank you. Probably the biggest Thank you goes to the people of Remington. With the support you shown us this year it made it easier to do what we do. I personally THANK YOU ALL.

We wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas.

Thank you Tri County NHS for the card gifts today. You're welcome and Happy Holidays to you all.

Police and Fire Squads hanging out together. I wonder if they joke back and forth like the guys do when we are in the same room together?

Happy Thanksgiving. If your travelling this weekend be safe and enjoy family and friends. If your staying home enjoy family and friends. To all officers on duty today be safe.