Highland Police Department

  • Agency: Highland Police Department
  • Address: 3315 Ridge Road, Highland, 46322 IN
  • Chief: Peter T Hojnicki (Chief of police)
Phone: 219-838-3184
Fax: (219) 972-5095

Highland Police Department is located at 3315 Ridge Road, Highland, 46322 IN. The Chief of police of the department is Peter T Hojnicki. The Highland Police Department phone number is 219-838-3184.

Highland Police Department News

Highland’s Crime Watch Program What is Crime Watch? Learn about crime trends in your neighborhood as well as innovative ways that the Highland Police are fighting bad guys during our Crime Watch meetings, which are held every other month at the Highland Police Department. Crime Watch meetings run the gamut-from prevention to law enforcement. The meetings, which often feature guest speakers, spark interesting discussion and there is always plenty of time for questions and answers. We hope to see you at one of our future meetings! When: 6:30pm on the second Wednesday of the following months: January, March, May, July, September, and November. Where: Highland Police Department Community Room, 3315 Ridge Road Information: Call Sergeant Shawn Anderson at 219-838-3184 ext. 4074 or Corporal Brandon Norris at 219-838-3184 ext. 4097.

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips With the holidays approaching, people will be out at the stores and malls shopping for presents. We ask you to be aware of your surroundings and to trust your instincts. Here are some tips: *Don’t let anyone see your cash. *Carry only the credit cards you’re going to use that day. *Keep your purse on your body, not left in a shopping cart or in the car. If you carry a small purse, you can carry it over your shoulder under your coat. *If someone wants your money, let them have it. It really is only paper, it can be replaced, but you can’t. *If you feel like you are in danger, don’t ignore it as being “paranoid”. Pay attention to your sixth sense. *Watch your children at all times. *Have designated meeting times and places if you split up from older kids and stick to it. *Look in your backseat before you enter your vehicle. *Stay away from vans, especially ones that don’t have windows. *Park in a well lit area if you must shop at night. *Carry a well charged cell phone. *Shop where security is provided and where they have a good reputation. *Report suspicious behavior as soon as possible. *Keep your car well maintained, fueled up and keep jumper cables, spare tire, tire iron, jack and any other necessary tools in your car. If you don’t know how to change a flat tire, call for help. *Keep a spare set of keys. *Keep your vehicle locked at all times. *Shop with your friends. There is safety in numbers. *Responsibly carry pepper spray. *Don’t try to carry too much merchandise at one time. It makes you look vulnerable. *If you have small kids with you, get in the car, lock the doors, and then buckle up. *Lock packages in the trunk if going store to store. *If you believe you are being followed, return to the store and ask for security or call the police.

Daylight Savings Time Reminder Daylight savings time ends at 2am on Sunday November 4th. Please remember to turn your clocks “back” one hour. This is also the suggested time that you replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and to test them to make sure they are all working properly. These simple procedures may save the life of a family member or yourself.

Home Improvement Scams Sooner or later, every home needs repairs or improvements. Although most home improvement companies do good work, some do not. Dishonest companies only want to take your money, not repair your home. Many of these companies target older and low-income people. A home improvement scam could start with a telephone call or someone knocking at your door offering to help you with home repairs. Warning signs you should watch for include when a salesperson: *Contacts you first (comes to your home uninvited or contacts you by telephone) *Tells you that you need to make repairs immediately *Talks too fast (to confuse you) and pressures you to sign papers today *Tells you that they are doing work in your neighborhood and claims that they have extra materials left from another job *Offers to use your home as a display home or offers a discounted price or discounts for referrals, but only if you buy today *Tells you something that sounds too good (or bad) to be true. It probably is not true! *Criminals often work with a partner and their ultimate goal is to get into your house Town of Highland employees drive clearly marked Town vehicles and carry photo identification. Before allowing anyone entry into your home, verify their identification. You can also verify contractors and find out if they are licensed and insured to work in the Town of Highland by calling the Town of Highland Building Inspector’s Department at 219-972-7595. Don’t ever hire a contractor that is not licensed to work in the Town of Highland. If ever a person shows up at your door claiming to be an employee from the Town of Highland or another utility such as Nipsco, AT&T, Xfinity, etc. and they are unable to or refuse to provide identification, please call 911 and a police officer will be sent to your residence to verify the identity of this person. Don’t ever let them into your house until you are positive who they are.

We thought all Highland residents would like to know that we had 0 calls of problems during Trick-or-Treat hours this year. Thanks to all who made this year's Halloween and safe and fun time!

If you are leaving town….. *Contact the Highland Police Department support services office at 219-838-3184 to put your residence on a vacation checklist. Our Highland VIPs will physically check the security of your home while you are away. This is a free service to our residents. *Make sure you lock all of your doors and windows, including your garage. *Put your lights/radio/TVs on timers when gone for an extended time. *Make arrangements for your mail and newspapers to be picked up by a neighbor or contact the post office and carriers to hold their delivery until your return. *Have someone shovel your driveway and walkways in the winter to make your residence looked lived in. *Have a neighbor park their car in your driveway to make the residence look lived in. *Take in your trash cans. *Inform a trusted neighbor or relative to also check on your house. We hope that you follow these tips to protect your residence while you are away on an enjoyable vacation.

Trick or Treat hours for Highland are today from 5pm to 7pm. Please drive with extra caution this evening while our children and residents enjoy the Halloween Holiday!

When to call the Police Many people hesitate about calling the police, even when they are faced with circumstances that, upon further reflection, are highly suspicious. Some people think they are bothering us, some are not sure what they are seeing, but fortunately only a few don’t want to get involved. Most people want to help and want to do the right thing but they aren’t sure how to do so. Use the following guide and your good common sense and judgement. There are highly trained and experienced communications personnel at the other end of the phone line to ask you questions and help decide the right thing to do. For emergencies and crimes in progress, call us on 9-1-1. For non-emergency situations still requiring a police response, call 219-660-0000. Try to remember: what the suspect looked like (height, weight, hair color, eye color, scars, tattoos, etc.), what the suspect(s) were wearing (describe clothing from top to bottom), the suspect’s direction of travel (north, south, down the alley, or which road), vehicle description (color, make, model, plate number and state if possible). However, never put yourself in harm’s way while trying to get a description of a suspect or suspect vehicle. Your safety is the most important thing. Lastly, if you see something that doesn’t look right, say something by reporting it.

Press Release On Saturday October 27, 2018, the Highland Police Department participated in the National Drug Take Back Day. This is a day that is promoted nationwide in an effort to have citizens properly dispose of unwanted and expired prescription and over the counter drugs. On Saturday, citizens dropped off a total of 219 pounds of prescription and medications during a 4 hour period of time. Over the past 6 months, citizens have dropped off a total of 675 pounds of prescription and over the counter drugs (including Saturday’s event) to the Highland Police Department for proper disposal. The Highland Police Department turned over these collected prescriptions and medications to the D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Administration) for their proper disposal. We would again like to remind our residents that we have a drug disposal box in the lobby of the Highland Police Department that is available 24 hours a day/365 days a year for citizens to drop off their unwanted and expired prescriptions and over the counter drugs. People should never put these drugs in the trash or flush them down the drain. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this worthwhile event.

Press Release On Thursday October 25, 2018, the Highland Police Department, with the assistance of Local, County, State and Federal law enforcement agencies, concluded a several months long investigation that culminated in arrests at two local massage parlors in Highland, Indiana. The investigation was initiated after the Highland Police Department received complaints of possible prostitution and human trafficking at these two locations. Charges will be presented and additional information will be provided once charges are accepted.

Starting November 1st, you may notice some of Highland’s finest sporting beards as we participate in the “No Shave November” campaign to raise cancer awareness. Officers who donate at least $50 will be allowed to grow beards for the month of November. Wristbands will also be available for anyone wishing to make a $10 donation for a very worthy cause. All monies raised will be given to The Cancer Resource Centre in Munster, Indiana. Our goal is to raise at least $2,000. Donations can be dropped off at the Highland Police Department. Please make checks payable to the Cancer Resource Center if you are writing a personal check. Any questions on this worthy cause can be directed to Officer Conley, Corporal Norris or Sergeant Anderson at 838-3184.

Annual Drug Take-Back Program On Saturday October 27, 2018, the Highland Police Department will be participating with the Drug Enforcement Agency as a drop-off site for expired and unneeded medications from 10am to 2pm. The Highland Police Department is located at 3315 Ridge Road. Should you have any questions, please contact Ken Balon at 219-838-3184.

Do you know this person? He is suspected of stealing groceries at the Strack & Van Til in Highland. The incident occurred on Wednesday October 10 at approximately 1:00pm. Store video shows him grab a cart and select groceries, placing them on the top of the cart. The suspect then entered a different aisle where he concealed the items into his buttoned shirt. Shortly after the suspect exits the store and ran out of sight on foot. Suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his 30's with brown hair and about 180 pounds If you have any information or recognize this person, please call Detective Potesta at 219-838-3184.



It is with regret that the Highland Police Department announces that Officer John Swisher had to retire from the Highland Police Department on September 22, 2018. Officer Swisher had been a horrific car crash while he was on duty on December 10, 2016. During his shift and while driving his patrol car, he was hit head on by a suspected drunken driver. Ofc. Swisher suffered life threatening injuries from this crash. Sadly, after many surgeries and much rehabilitation, Ofc. Swisher is unable to perform the duties of a police officer and had to seek a disability retirement. On Sept. 27th, a retirement reception was held for Ofc. Swisher and was attended by family, friends and co-workers of Ofc. Swisher. Ofc. Swisher would like to thank everyone for all of their prayers and get well wishes he has received during his ongoing recovery. Everyone at the Highland Police Department wishes Ofc. Swisher a continued recovery as he moves on to the next phase of his life. We will miss working with John and he will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

The Highland Police Department would like to remind everyone that on Sunday Sept. 30th, the 19th Annual Victory for Veterans Memorial Motorcycle Ride will be taking place. The event kicks off from Wicker Memorial Park in Highland at 11:30am and is sponsored in part by the North Township Trustee’s office. The ride will likely cause some traffic disruptions between 11:30am and approx. 1pm as it makes it way throughout Lake County and then returns to Wicker Memorial Park via westbound Ridge Road. Motorists in Highland should expect delays all along Ridge Road from Cline Avenue to Wicker Memorial Park. Should you have any questions, comments, or complaints, you should contact the North Township Trustee’s office at 219-932-2530 ext. 331.

The Highland Police Department would like to give our residents and businesses a progress report on a few programs we have been involved with recently. Regarding our aggressive push on reciprocity violations (those with out of state license plates on vehicles whose owners have resided in Highland for more than 60 days), our team of officers have issued 232 notices since the last week of June. As we have explained before, officers then follow up on each vehicle after the 60 day notice was given. As of today, we have already issued 23 citations for the reciprocity violations. Our team of officers will continue to cite those in violation after their 60 day notice timeframe expires. We will also continue to issue notices to any new vehicles we regularly see with out of state plates. In addition, the Highland Police Department has assigned one of our officers to be our dedicated Code Enforcement Officer. Lance Corporal Chris Balbo has been assigned to this position since September 2nd. Lcpl. Balbo’s main focus is to work on quality of life issues that affect our neighborhoods and business districts. Some of the areas he will focus on include abandoned/junk vehicles (vehicles with expired registration plates, vehicles with no registration plates and vehicles that are not operational due to flat tires, etc.), vehicles parking in the grass, vehicles blocking public sidewalks, tall grass, and other property related violations. Since September 2nd, Lcpl. Balbo has issued 44 violation notices for abandoned/junk vehicles in Highland. After a vehicle is tagged, the vehicle owner has 5 days to either correct the violation or they must remove the vehicle. If the owner does not comply, the Highland Police Department is forced to impound the vehicle at the owner’s cost. Should anyone have any questions regarding code enforcements issues, you may contact Lcpl. Balbo at 219-838-3184 ext. 4066 or via email at cbalbo@highland.in.gov.

Railway Safety Week is September 23-29 this year. https://oli.org/about-us/news/rail-safety-week-2017


Due to a ruling from the Indiana Supreme Court, Indiana police departments are no longer able to issue citations to railroad companies due to trains blocking railroad crossings for longer than 10 minutes. The court ruled that due to a 1995 Federal Statute, states are prohibited from enacting any regulations that govern railroads. Therefore, the Highland Police Department is no longer able to cite the railroads for blocking railroad crossings in the Town of Highland. Should you have any complaints or questions regarding this ruling, we suggest you contact the USDOT Federal Railroad Administration Region #4 office at 1-800-724-5040 to voice your concerns.

Commander John Banasiak on today's show talking about what's new with Highland PD

PRESS RELEASE Over the last few weeks, the Highland Police Department has taken police reports from various businesses that have had employees who have had their personal property stolen while at work. These thefts have occurred when the business has had various repairmen inside the business working in either the storage/utility room areas or employee breakroom areas of the businesses. Those repairmen have then had access to areas that the employees store their purses or other valuables and these items have been stolen. The Highland Police Department strongly urges our businesses and those employees to secure their valuables while at work and to try and keep a watchful eye on those persons doing work inside your places of business. As always, a quality security system including video cameras is always suggested for any business or residence.