Edgewood Police Department

  • Agency: Edgewood Police Department
  • Address: 3405 Nichol Ave, Anderson, 46011 IN
  • Chief: Andrew S Ellingwood (Chief of Police)
Phone: 765-642-3200
Fax: 765-642-3246

Edgewood Police Department is located at 3405 Nichol Ave, Anderson, 46011 IN. The Chief of Police of the department is Andrew S Ellingwood. The Edgewood Police Department phone number is 765-642-3200.

Edgewood Police Department News

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE Cassandra "Cassie" Stewart has been located and reunited with family. Amir Holmes has also been located. THANK YOU to the community for your concern , calls and tips that led to us locating Cassie.

Please help us locate Cassie. Believed to be in Anderson Indiana. Maybe the downtown area. If you see her dial 911 or contact the Edgewood Police Department at 765-642-3200. The Edgewood Police Department would also like to speak to Amir Holmes. He may have been the last person in contact with Cassie on Friday.

It was a tough day in South Carolina yesterday: 7 officers shot, one of them has died. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our blue family in SC. We hope for a speedy recovery to the officers who were injured.

Public Safety Announcement We would like to take the opportunity to let everyone know we have had two separate vehicle thefts in our community in recent weeks. We have recovered one of the vehicles, but the other was just taken last night. We have seen an increase in criminal activity in our society, and our community is not exempt from these criminals. Please take the time to secure all of your property. We should not leave locks unlocked, and never leave valuables in plain sight. Please double check your doors, windows, cars, and sheds. We can all help our community by reporting suspicious behaviors and / or vehicles, and talking with our neighbors about things we have seen. Please call our department at (765) 642-3200 if you see anything suspicious. Even the smallest of things should be reported: it may be the phone call that prevents a neighbor fro having a horrible day.

This a little ahead of time but we want to give you plenty of notice. Edgewood PD will take part in the drug take back day Saturday, OCTOBER 27 (remember we are in September now). More info to come the closer we get to the date.

Everyone be aware! The remnants of Hurricane George are going to pass through Madison County this weekend. Rain estimates are anywhere from 2" - 6". Please remember to TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN. If you are driving at night, use more caution if you approach standing water on roadways. Never take a chance. A car can be swept away in just 6" of flowing water. We want everyone to be safe this during the rainfall this weekend and the flooding that will follow.

Parents, here are some apps you need to know about. Are your kids using them?

Awesome job, EFD!

Madison County Central dispatch is accepting applications.

Portions of Edgewood have lost power. A power line at Raible Avenue and Shady Lane has come down and affected power in Anderson and Edgewood. At this time, we are not sure how the line came down or how soon power will be restored.

Found dog at Hawthorne Rd behind the Edgewood School.

It sounds like everyone will be OK. We are wishing all involved at Anderson PD a speedy recovery.

Anderson schools are back in session today. Watch for the school buses and kids waiting at bus stops.

With area schools starting next week, this is a good reminder from the Indiana State Police.

Possibly seen in the Edgewood area. Owners asked us to share and keep an eye out.

As you celebrate the 4th of July, take precautions. It's going to be another hot day.

Before the fireworks started Saturday night, a change purse was given to one of our officers. If you lost a change purse and can describe it, call Edgewood Police at 642-3200. We would like to return it to it's owner.

If you or someone you know needs a cooling center in the next few days, here are the locations.

!!SCAM ALERT!! It appears our area is the target of scam callers again. Many of our residents have reported getting phone calls from persons claiming they are from the IRS. These callers are hoping anyone will pick up, or call back when available. Please do not answer calls from numbers you do not recognize, and do not call the number back if you believe it is a scam caller. These scammers prey on people and hope you do not know the proper protocols for our legal system. Things to remember: #1 If you don't know the caller-DO NOT ANSWER/CALL BACK #2 Do not give out any personal information #3 We do not call you to tell you we are coming to arrest you #4 We do not take payments for bonds over the phone #5 We do not use Western Union, or any gift cards as payment If you think it may be a scam; it probably is. Please educate loved ones to ensure they do not fall victim to these scammers. when in doubt, call your local police and ask for their assistance.

The Edgewood Fire Department has a new piece of equipment to better serve the residents of Edgewood and minimize the risk of injuries to their personnel.