Madison County Prosecutor's Office

  • Agency: Madison County Prosecutor's Office
  • Address: 16 E 9th St, Anderson, 46016 IN
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Madison County Prosecutor's Office is located at 16 E 9th St, Anderson, 46016 IN. The Madison County Prosecutor's Office phone number is (765) 641-9585.

Madison County Prosecutor's Office News

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Steve Koester was the guest speaker for the CASA volunteer appreciation dinner in Madison County on Thursday evening. He spoke about the positive difference the volunteers make in the lives of children and how other community stakeholders are collaborating to make Madison County a better place to live.

Prosecutor Rodney Cummings & Chief Deputy Steve Koester both presented on the local drug problem at the Madison County Drug Addiction Summit put on by the Madison County Chamber.

March is Women's History Month!

ATTENTION PARENTS!! Check your child’s phone! The apps pictured below are JUST A FEW of the available “calculator” apps that hide photos on smart phones. Even if you click on the app, a regular calculator pops up. It takes a personal code, entered into the “calculator” before the photos are accessible. Because the app icons look like any other calculator app, it may be hard to distinguish between these “secret” apps and the standard calculator app that comes on most phones. A good rule of thumb is to try and delete it. With the iPhone, for example, the calculator that comes standard on the phone cannot be deleted by pressing and holding on the app. The “secret” calculator apps, however, will have the ‘x’ on it when held down allowing for deletion. If you press and hold your child’s calculator app, and the ‘x’ pops up, ask your child for their secret code! You should also be concerned if your child’s phone has more than one calculator app installed. If you have any questions, you may contact Chief Deputy Prosecutor Steve Koester at (765) 641-9585.

As of today, 26 police officers across the country have lost their lives in the line of duty in 2016. Here is the breakdown: 2016 Line of Duty Deaths: 26 Aircraft accident: 1 Automobile accident: 5 Gunfire: 14 Gunfire (Accidental): 1 Heart attack: 1 Motorcycle accident: 1 Struck by vehicle: 2 Vehicular assault: 1 In addition, 9 police service animals have been killed in the line of duty: 2016 K9 Line of Duty Deaths: 9 Asphyxiation: 1 Drowned: 1 Gunfire: 4 Stabbed: 1 Struck by vehicle: 2 Read more: Read more:

METH MAKER'S CONVICTION UPHELD! Jerry Conn was convicted of several felony counts in connection with his manufacturing methamphetamine at his home in Anderson. The facts showed that he also taught a teenage child how to make meth and the child subsequently became addicted to the dangerous drug. The case was investigated by the Madison County Drug Task Force and the Madison County branch of the Indiana Department of Child Services. The case went to trial and Conn was convicted of all counts. He was sentenced to 17 years with 15 executed at the Department of Correction. He appealed the conviction. Yesterday, the Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction. You can read about the case and the entire Court of Appeals opinion here:

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Steve Koester presented the Office's 2015 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award yesterday to Captain Nick Oldham of the Elwood Police Department. You can read about the ceremony below:

3-4 million children A YEAR witness domestic violence. The effects are devastating.

"Madison County Prevent Child Abuse is a council of concerned citizens and nonprofits helping to educate the community on primary prevention education." Please like & share this page.