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Phone: 765-646-9290

Madison County Sheriff's Office is located at 720 Central Ave, Anderson, 46016 IN. The Madison County Sheriff's Office phone number is 765-646-9290.

Madison County Sheriff's Office News

Neighborhoods may notice an increase in highly visible patrols that are intended to deter mischief often associated with Halloween. PARENTS: Please reinforce with your children...especially teenagers, that there is a difference between adolescent misbehavior and conduct that is dangerous and could injure or kill themselves or others.

Great presentation from MCSD Greg Adams, Alex PD Sgt Steve Puente and not pictured because he loves the spotlight, MCSD SGT Paul Kollros to 20 business representatives learning about Threat Awareness. Great job guys and thanks to MCC for sponsoring.

Think Twice Before Purchasing Gift Cards to Pay Telephone Solicitors - Better Yet - Don't Do It! The federal government this month reported that from January through September of this year, gift cards and reload cards (like MoneyPak) were reported as a payment method in 26% of the fraud reports in which people reported how they paid, up from just 7% in 2015 – a 270% increase. Con artists favor these cards because they can get quick cash, the transaction is largely irreversible, and they can remain anonymous. People report that con artists direct them to buy gift or reload cards at well-known stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and CVS. According to these reports, they demand some specific card brands. iTunes cards have been the top card brand by a wide margin since 2016. By contrast, Google Play cards were not reported in significant numbers until this year. The Federal Trade Commission reported losses where people used gift or reload cards reached $40 million in 2017, up from $20 million in 2015 and $27 million in 2016 Through September of this year, that number is already $53 million (and these are just the cases reported). While individual fraud losses using these cards have held steady at a $500 median loss per incident, people report losing a lot more to some types of scams. Tech support scams are a notable example. When people report paying for fraudulent tech support services with a gift or reload card, the median dollar loss is now $959, up nearly 60% from $600 in 2017. Grandparent scams continue to increase where grandchildren imposters call to say they are in jail and need bail money to get released. Utility scams continue to occur where the utility company reports your bill is past due and without an immediate payment (via gift card) your power will be turned off within hours. Please, recognize these scams for what they are and just don't do it!

Dodgeball tournament benefiting Kids Talk Child Advocacy Center Date: November 3, 2018 Time: 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Location: Park Place Community Center Gymnasium 802 E. 5th St., Anderson, IN 46012 Cost: $20 per person Teams of six required to play: • Can have up to 4 additional alternates per team • Must be co-ed with a minimum of two females and two males • Youth and Adult Divisions available Sign up at Tournament rules for play can be found on the event website. For questions, contact Denise Valdez at 317-402-2231.

Congratulations to Summitville Fire Chief Randy Sizelove, who, at the 2018 Indiana Emergency Response Conference, was named Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year. Chief Sizelove was elected chief in 1995 and has guided the Summitville Fire Department for the last 23 years. His recognition was based partly on his work at uplifting local youth, scheduling events during the year as well as beginning a cadet program to give young adults an outlet. His two children participated in the cadet program years ago,and his daughter tragically gave her life in the line of duty at the age of 17. Chief Sizelove has since established a scholarship in her name that assists children graduating from their local high school. His focus on assistance has also led him to disaster response, and he has served with FEMA on a number of disasters. He has given a great deal to his community and for that I join in congratulating and thanking him for his many years of service.

Two young girls reported missing or runaway from Noblesville walked into the Madison county courthouse this morning and told deputies they were there to turn themselves in for running away. The reasons they left Noblesville have not been verified that the girls are safe and not in any need of medical attention. Any charges regarding the runaway issues will be handled by Noblesville police Department.Department of Child Service s is on the scene with detectives to interview the children. The girls presented themselves to deputies at the courthouse this morning at approximately 945. Why they chose the courthouse is yet to be verified.

Jama Donovan, Senior Director at Children's Bureau Inc, and Kathryn Heman, Director of Department of Child Services for Madison County, present Madison County Sheriff Scott Mellinger with Project Lifesaver equipment that was recently purchased through funding approved by Department of Child Services and administered through Children's Bureau Inc. Children’s Bureau, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization that has served children and families since 1851. It offers an array of services to help families overcome the challenges that sometimes lead to unhealthy behaviors and threaten a child’s well-being. "One component of Community Partners for Child Safety is to collaborate and partner with the community. We are excited to partner with Madison County on this child safety project" Donovan said. The support provided assists in furthering the agency’s mission of preserving families and protecting Indiana children. “We should take advantage of every opportunity to partner with like-minded agencies that seek to protect Hoosier families,” Heman said. “This is a shared mission, and we can’t do it alone.” Sheriff Mellinger said the support was used to purchase 10 Project Lifesaver transmitter bracelets and one Project Lifesaver receiver. Project Lifesaver fits children and adults at-risk of wandering away from caregivers with transmitter bracelets that emit a radio signal specific to that bracelet. Public safety agencies respond anytime a child is reported missing. When that missing child is a Project Lifesaver client, special receivers operated my Emergency Management are used to search for the transmitter signal worn by that client. Since transmitter bracelets can be reissued and reused, "this award will benefit generations of kids for years to come,” Mellinger said. Other services provided by Children's Bureau Inc. can be viewed by accessing their website at

Sheriff Mellinger addressed the crowd at Honor the Badge event on Sunday at the Paramount. He expressed thanks to the event committee for working so hard to show appreciation to all first responders and dispatchers.

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Another fine job by the Madison County Drug Task Force.

Firearm Shooting Safety An increase in the number of service calls from residents concerned about firearms being discharged too close to rural homes prompts this message about firearm shooting safety. Every week, sometimes several times a week, deputies respond to neighborhoods where residents report random gunfire is occurring. We’ve had occasion where homes or cars have been struck by stray bullets. Most cities and towns in Madison County have local ordinances that prohibit the discharge of firearms within their borders. That is a safety measure associated with the density of homes and people that live in those places. Madison County does not have a similar ordinance for unincorporated rural areas of the county. This does not mean that because there is no county ordinance, a firearm can be discharged everyplace else but inside city or town limits. Gun owners and gun users are responsible for the safe storage, handling and discharge of firearms anyplace they happen to be. They must consider various safety factors before discharging a firearm in rural areas…including on private property. Factors to consider include: 1. Proximity to other buildings, people, public utilities and rail and roadways. 2. Size and velocity of the ammunition round. 3. Geography and terrain. (hills, mounds, trees, other natural barriers) 4. Targets that create the opportunity for ricochet or deflection of a round 5. Special happenings in the area that could change any or all the above. The list above is not all inclusive. Indiana law does not allow the discharge of a firearm in any location where the circumstances make it reckless to do so. Gun users are responsible for recognizing those circumstances. Lastly, since we're on the topic of firearm safety, I want to stress the importance of regular training for any person who carries a firearm on their person. It could save your life.

In advance of heavy rainfall and possible flooding this weekend throughout all of Madison County and central Indiana, the Madison County Highway Department has begun filling sand bags for local residents. Sand bags will be available starting at 2:00PM and can be picked up at the Madison County Highway Department located on W 8th Street at Dale Jones Road. Sandbags are for residents of Madison County. The NWS is forecasting 4"-6" with some isolated areas receiving more rainfall amounts. The ground is currently saturated, holding ponds, and creeks are full. As a result, any additional rainfall will lead to low land flooding first, followed by larger creeks and rivers flooding. We expect to have road closures in the common areas where flooding occurs. As a reminder to all residents, Turn Around Don't Drown. As little as 6" of moving water can sweep away an automobile risking the lives of everyone on board as well as the lives of emergency first responders. All motorists should heed Road Closed signs and when driving at night, you extra caution as high water may be difficult to spot.

Sheriff's deputies are investigating an automobile accident from August 29th on 200W just north of Anderson. The driver of a vehicle fled from the scene prior to the deputies arrival. In the attached video is a man investigators would like your help identifying. It is unknown if he is the driver of the vehicle or if this is unrelated. The vehicle involved in the accident was a maroon 1998 Pontiac Grand Am.

CRIME ALERT - Overnight Break Ins During nighttime hours early Thursday morning, unknown individual(s) entered vehicles and at least one house in the area of State Road 9 and County Road 900 South (McGray Drive). This area is south of the 9 and 67 intersection south of Pendleton. Residents or delivery drivers who may have seen anything suspicious during the early morning hours are asked to call police at 765-646-4025. Residents or businesses who have television surveillance coverage are asked to check their footage for anything that may be of value in identifying those responsible. Neighbors are reminded about locking vehicles while they are parked overnight in drives and verifying garage and other exterior doors are closed and locked before retiring for the night. Report suspicious activity quickly to 911.

Leaving your grass clippings in the roadway is dangerous for all vehicles, especially motorcycles. Wet or dry clippings compromise the traction for vehicles, particularly in curves. Motorcyclist face enough hazards as it is. Be courteous and keep the roadways clear. You could be civilly liable should an accident occur.

I had the pleasure Monday of answering questions from members of the newly formed Neighborhood Crime Watch covering the Blair, Hartman and Fairview neighborhoods of north Anderson. This is the third formal neighborhood watch group formed for neighborhoods in unincorporated areas of Madison County. A fourth is in the planning stage for a neighborhood in the southern half of the county. Neighbors asked questions about traffic safety, home security, and firearms laws related to personal and away from the home. I informed residents that patrol deputies are responsible for patrolling over 450 square miles of the county and most of the time that was accomplished by only four or five deputies. While deputies respond to calls as quickly as they can, I stressed to residents that when crimes or suspicious events occur in their neighborhoods, residents play an important role by obtaining suspect and vehicles descriptions, license plate numbers and noting their direction of travel. Sharing this information quickly with 911 dispatchers is vitally important. Alert neighbors willing to get involved was credited recently as the reason suspects in a drive-by shooting were quickly apprehended just a short distance from the scene of the crime. Neighbors provided a vehicle description and direction of travel which deputies already in the area were able to use to locate and stop the armed suspects. It is wonderful that more neighborhoods are organizing to help protect themselves against being victimized. The Madison County Sheriffs Department stands ready to assist neighbors and neighborhoods. Calls can be directed to our Community Policing number at 765-646-9250. I also encourage residents to join their neighborhood network on This private social media platform is an excellent way to communicate with your neighbors and to receive direct messages from me when crime trends are developing or a real time event is unfolding that has an impact on public safety. Sheriff Scott C. Mellinger

Message from Sheriff Scott Mellinger: Many people are disturbed by reporting this week of the discovery of two human bodies in public areas in or near Madison County. Residents can be proud of the many dedicated professionals at the Sheriffs, Prosecutors and Coroners Office who worked tirelessly long hours to recover those victims and bring this case to a quick conclusion. Work remains to be done but we are confident that those responsible have been arrested. I want to reassure residents that while these murders are unsettling, and no doubt innocent families have been forever hurt and changed, these were not random acts of violence. The general public can take comfort with that knowledge and the fact that those responsible are in jail.

Can you believe it's back to school time already? Take a minute to read these six safety tips for drivers. Greetings Neighbors and Friends, Where did the summer go? With children heading back to school, we at the Madison County Sheriff's Department wanted to share these safety reminders with you. 1. Watch your speed in school zones! Be aware that school zone speed limits may vary in hours and speeds. Be sure to follow the posted limits. 2. Slow down in residential areas. Watch for children crossing the street and congregating near bus stops. 3. Slow down when approaching children riding bicycles. They can turn in front of you without warning. 4. Do not pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload children. Traffic in both directions on undivided highways must stop when students are entering or exiting a school bus (the red flashing lights and extended stop sign arms are your cue to stop). On a divided roadway, all traffic behind the school bus must stop. 5. Be alert! The area 10 feet around a school bus is where children are in the most danger of being hit. Children walking to and from their bus are usually very comfortable with their surroundings and more likely to take risks, ignore hazards, or fail to look both ways when crossing the street. 6.. Always stop when directed to do so by a school patrol sign, school patrol officer, or designated crossing guard. For more tips on school safety, check out the National Safety Council's Back to School Safety Checklist: If you have other tips not included on this list, feel free to share them with your neighbors by replying to this post.

Hello all Scams just keep growing! Current scam here in our community is someone calling from "Rockingham Jail in North Carolina". The caller uses a child's voice to say "hello grandma (or grandpa), I'm in jail in North Carolina and I need your credit card number to post bail". Stay alert out there! Don't fall for these scams please!


First of all, our deputies are out there every day and night doing great things. I simply do not get to see their work in person very often. Last night deputies, with huge help from Alexandria PD, located a 20 yr old ,with significant mental health issues, who had “run away from home” about 90 minutes after it was reported. He had walked about 1/2 mile through fields trying to avoid being observed. These LE personnel treated this young man with tremendous care and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Update on search for Christopher Moto. He had 3 active warrants prior to the 911 call this morning.. The search was suspended as of 12 noon. K-9 was exhausted and we had searched within ½ mile twice in all directions. We are currently following up leads from the public and from suspect’s family and acquaintances. Many thanks to Chesterfield PD and Fire/EMS, Richland Township EMS. Madison Co EMA for the assistance this morning.